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Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph

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Are you a student? Are you looking for the Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph for the different competitive exam. Here We have provided different types of paragraph and essay for different level students.


We received our independence in 1971 after a bloody war that killed 3 million people. The independence of our country was declared on the 26th March 1971 A.D. Hence the 26th March is observed as our Independence Day. Every year the Independence Day is observed all over Bangladesh with due solemnity (72-7214) and honour. On this day the national flag is hoisted on all government buildings and offices. The President, the Prime Minister, the Chief of Army Staff, The Opposition Leader and different important and key personnel of the government place floral wreaths at National Mausoleum (109) at Savar in the morning. People of all walks of life also show respect to the martyrs of the war by placing flowers and floral wreaths at the National Mausoleum. Meetings, discussion programmes, seminars and cultural programmes and shows are organized all over the country to discuss and show the significance (679) of the day. Fairs and exhibitions are also held at different places on the occasion of the day. Newspapers and magazines bring out special issues. The TV and radio air special programmes highlighting the importance of the day.

Independence Day Paragraph & Essay For Students

Man is born to be free. When he loses his freedom, he starts protesting. To get the freedom, he can do anything even he can sacrifice his life. After the 200 years of British colonial rule, We Bangladeshi People became the ruthless victim of Barbarous Pakistani for 24 years. For the sake of independence, Bangladeshi people started the liberation war on March 26, 1971. After the nine-month bloody war, Independence is attained in exchange for three million lives. A new nation was born. A new country has emerged on the world map. Bangladesh is free and sovereign country now.26 march was the glorious day when the journey of independence started. This day is recognized as the Great Independence Day in Bangladesh History

Bangladesh Independence History 1971

The dream of the independent country of Bangladesh started after 1947. In 1947 we become free from the British. In August 1947 India was divided into two different states namely India and Pakistan. British government divided these two countries for the sake of Religion. After that the then Pakistani Rules started the oppression of different aspects of life. It includes economic exploitation as well as Cultural exploitation. In the year of 1948, Pakistan’s First Government Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan though most of the People of Bangladesh speak in the Bengali language. People of Bangladesh burst into the protest in 1952. The students violated the section 144. The Pakistani Invader fired on the procession. Rafiq, Salam, Barkat Jabbar had sacrificed their lives for the sake of mother tongue. After that. The Bengali Language gets recognition as state Language. Now, 21st February is celebrated internationally as mother language day.

Bangladesh independence war

Bangladesh independence war

In 1966 historical 6 points had been raised to demand freedom and ownership of Bangladesh. In order to prevent mass protests, the Pakistani ruling group has been operating on the independence of the people through military rule, tyranny, and persecution. In 1968, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Now the father of the nation of Bangladesh was arrested in a false and organized 'Agartala conspiracy case'. Because of mass protection of Bangladeshi people, Pakistani Government was forced to leave Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

In the General Election of 1970, The Awami league won by the massive difference. The ruler of Pakistan couldn’t take this easy. They started claiming different things. Meanwhile, on 7 March 1971 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called a huge gathering at the Racecourse grounds of Dhaka. In the historic speech of the rally, he called for the 'struggle of independence, the struggle for the liberation of this struggle, and the struggle for the liberation of this struggle', whatever he has, jump to the war. Such a great call was awaited for the Bengali people so long ago.

Bangladesh Liberation war Genocide

Bangladesh Liberation war Genocide

Speech of 7th March During the eve of 26th March

Operation Searchlight

On the dark night of March 25, the barbarous Pakistani Pashtun started a ruthless massacre of the unarmed and sleeping Bengalis. According to Asia Times, "Indians are bastards anyway". In the meeting with the senior army officers, Yahya Khan declared: "Kill three million Bengalis, they will see our hands licked." As planned, the Pakistani Army launched Operation Searchlight on March 25, which was aimed at crushing Bengali resistance. As part of this, the Bengali members of the military were disarmed, the students and intellectuals were destroyed and ordinary people have killed arbitrarily throughout Bangladesh.

On the night of 25 March, Bangabandhu was arrested and taken to West Pakistan. Before the arrest, on 26 March, he announced the independence of Bangladesh. In his absence, other organizers of the war of liberation formed a temporary Mujibnagar government and formed a strong movement against the Pak army. The united struggle of all the people, the all-around support of the friends, the positive role of the world media, in addition to the exchange of thirty lakh martyrs and the honor of two lakh mothers and sisters, Bangladesh finally became independent.

The objective of the War of Liberation was to achieve self-control and establish a non-communal, welfare-oriented, humanitarian, progressive independent democratic state. The freedom war started on 26th March 1971 and we gain our freedom on 16th December 1971. Independence of Bangladesh is declared on 26 March that’s’ why we called this day as an Independence day of Bangladesh or Shadhinota Dibosh And 16th December we got the victory. So it is victory day for Bangladesh or Bijoy Dibosh.

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