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A Rainy Day Essay-Suitable for all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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A Rainy Day Essay - Introduction: The day when it rains in torrents throughout the whole day is regarded as the rainy day. The rainy day is a particular day not in a particular season because it may have no relation to the rainy season. It has some peculiarities which are quite appropriate in the truest sense of the term.

Nature of Rainy Day: The rainy day as the term indicates is full of rain. Nature on this day becomes gloomy and pale like that of a disappointed person. The so-called person out of disappointment finds no clear ways and means to remove his pangs of sorrow. Likewise, nature fails to assume a smiling appearance or to express itself in the glimpse of pleasure. It begins raining heavily since dawn or before the day breaks. The sun regarded as the god of the dogmatic people is not visible through the deep clouds. The day looks donjon for its remaining neither dark nor darkness.

Disadvantages: The rainy day has some disadvantages. The roads, paths and walking ways in the fields become muddy and slippery for heavy rainfall or drizzling. People, without holding umbrellas over their heads, can't go out to meet up their urgency. The working class of people like a day laborer, poor farmer, marginal farmer, rickshaw-puller and other belongings to this class remains sitting idly within the boundaries of their houses. The day seems to be hanging heavily on them. It brings a heavy loss to them. The day laborer cannot earn even simply a kg of rice to satisfy their hunger. Then the adverse situation compels them to starve for the whole day.

People's spending the day: People spend and enjoy the rainy day in various ways. A difference is found between the solvent and insolvent people. The students cannot attend their school. Their classes remain suspended. The family members are bound to idle away the day in holding idle talks. Many men spend the day playing at cards, ludu, carom, chess, and other room limited games. The naughty boys are seen playing in the playground. They do not get bored as the elders/holders do in the rainy day. The rich and the solvent people find an immense pleasure. The new couple can enjoy the charms of the day. The rich people arrange a royal dish like khichuri and biriany. The babies tease their mothers in different ways. Out of whims, they feel bored sitting or sleeping for the day without going outside.

Peculiarities: The frogs and toads cry loudly praising the hymn () of nature. For heavy rainfall ponds, tanks, ditches, wells, pits, and hole go underwater or are of full of water. The frogs play here and there near the ditches and ponds. Earth warms known as the plow of nature come out and move at their suit will. Birds and beasts remain in their nests and dens. They roar and twitter at times. Sometimes, it rains with thunder-shower in the form of gusty wind. The cattle remain tied to the stakes with ropes in the cowshed without food. The owners cannot go out to feed the cattle with grass, hay, and straw. The chickens do not leave the chicken house. The sky on a rainy day remains covered with dark and thick clouds. The rainbow can somehow be seen in the sky. The lightning in the sky is seen and the roar of clouds are heard. The night seems to be appearing before afternoon. The villagers can find a chance of catching untimely appeared fishes in the rain.. Having filled their pots with different fishes the villagers return home shivering in cold.indade

Advantages: The rainy day is a boon and blessing to the delinquent or malingering students or especially the naughty boys. The rainy day, if it comes to happen in the monsoon of mango and berry, brings an unenjoyed charm to the children. They run towards the mango orchard/ trees to pick out the fallen mangoes neglecting the rain and the strong prevent of their parents. Some plots of land may remain hard and unplanted. They become suitable or fit for working for the heavy rain. The hoarded filths are washed away by the rain. then the environment becomes clear and people feel comfortable for breathing. The whole day remains cool because it lessens the heat of the day,

Conclusion: No day is an unmixed blessing. The rainy day has its both advantages and disadvantages. Despite these, it is a particular day when it rains. Heavy or a day-long rainfall is the main feature of the rainy day.

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