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Female education in Bangladesh Essay for all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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The overall state of female education in Bangladesh is not yet satisfactory. In the past, Women were on the boundary of their houses. They usually spent their time doing their household chores. They were deprived of education. But the situation has been changed now. Nowadays, they are admitting into schools, colleges, and universities. The rate of literacy in our country is about 60% whereas female literacy is about 40%. Female education is necessary for getting an educated nation. Because an educated mother can give an educated nation. There are many advantages of female education. A child will never remain illiterate if his/her mother is educated. An educated woman can play various roles in the family. She can impart himself in different business and jobs. As a result, she can contribute to the family income. However, the government should do something* educate the female.

Female Education

Female Education

Female Education Essay or Education for Women

Topics:: (Introduction, Prejudice regarding female education, Importance of female education,
Female education in Bangladesh, Conclusion)

Men and women are equal and integral power for a nation. That is, education is equally essential for both. We know that ignorance is a curse for all but education is power. If a country neglects female education and keeps them uneducated, she cannot establish herself as a powerful nation.

Some people are directly opposed to female education. They think that mentally, physically and intellectually women are inferior to men. There are religious prejudices also. They opine that women are born to be confined to household-works, rearing of children and serving the husbands. So women need no education at all, but these people should understand that without education women would not be able to perform those duties properly. Hence the prejudiced and the orthodox people should be made aware of the underlying sense of female education.

The importance of female education beggars description. We should bear in mind the glaring example of Napoleon who said to his nation, "You give me good mothers, I will give you a good nation.” Actually, the future of the child depends on how one is taught by one's mother in early childhood. It is true that the education of a mother is naturally transmitted to the children. Besides, educated women can help a nation's development in various sectors as such research, teaching, hotel management, tourism, nursing etc. If women are educated, the entire society will be benefited. After all, the nation will gain prosperity.

There is a wise saying of Napoleon,

"One educated mother is more powerful than one hundred soldiers".

We can see that women in the developed countries are independent. They compete with men in all spheres of life. Unfortunately, women in Bangladesh are neglected. They always receive less importance in every sphere of our life including education. So, we should change our outlook regarding female education. We are fortunate that the government has made primary education free and compulsory for all who are five to seven years old. The Government is also supplying books up to class V free of cost. In order to build a good nation Govt. has taken this noble initiative.

There is a great necessity of female education for a nation in every nook and corner. We all should try heart and soul to encourage the universal female education for the interest and greater welfare of the nation. Otherwise, real development and prosperity will be hampered at every step of our life.

Female Education Essay

Good mothers give birth to good children, and good children eventually make good citizens, or, broadly speaking, a good nation. This is a truism, and what follows from it is that a nation
can be educated only when all the mothers of the nation are educated. This, obviously, necessitates giving emphasis on female education.

Female education is, as has already been referred to, educating the female citizens from their early age. In Bangladesh in the recent years, the special emphasis has been put on this issue. Primary education up to class eight for girls has already been made compulsory nationwide. This, indeed, is a big step towards the overall amelioration of the socio-economic, cultural, and other psychographic conditions. But it is a matter of great regret that the system is not working desirably well. Anyway. the measure taken by the government is praiseworthy.

To look back to statistical data, in such a developing overpopulated country like ours the literacy rate is only 32.4 percent. Roughly, the number of female citizens are almost equal
to that of the male citizens. But regrettably, only a very small portion of this 32.4 percent are female persons. This gives a premonition towards more degeneration of the society day by
day. But we can not let it happen. And that is why we have grown in ourselves the perception that our women should be

we want to better the next generation. The measures were taken by the government so far are effective, The allowances, stipend, and free education facilities, for example, have inspired many poor parents to school their daughters. As a result, the number of female students is increasing day by day. But, unfortunately, the campaign is not being very successful owing to a number of causes; namely, lack of mass propaganda on the part of the government, ignorance of
many parents, traditional belief that women should not be educated too much, religious dogmas, and so on. As a whole, the female education program will ultimately become a near-success, but it, in the meantime, will cost too much in terms of time and the degeneration of the nation.

The female education programme is to be boosted up, then the government together with other non-government organizations and educational institutions has to launch more and more consciousness~building programmes. Some other motivating factors may also be included in the programme such as giving priority to women candidates in some selected jobs. The moot point is that, somehow or other, we have to educate our female citizens. We have to be; up and doing in building up an educated new generation. And 'to do that, we have not only to create good mothers but also to utilize the vast human resource base of ours that comprises our women.

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