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Modern Technology Paragraph & Composition- Suitable for all students

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  • June 12, 2024
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Modern technology plays a big role in our lives today. It affects how we live, work, and learn. Understanding modern technology is important for students. The following essay on modern technology is suitable for students in classes 5 to 10. It explains how technology has changed our world and its benefits and challenges. By reading this essay, students will learn how modern technology impacts their lives and the world around them.

Modern Technology Paragraph & Composition

This is not only an age of science but also an age of technology. Both science and technology are closely related. The dreams of yesterday have become the realities today. Modern technology plays a vital role in all respects and aspects of life. It is becoming a part and parcel or indispensable part of all operations in agriculture, industry, transport, communication, information entertainment, space. underground etc.

New Vitals : From the Stone Age upto the Hi-tech Age the human race travelled a long distance. But today it finds itself on the threshold of new discoveries, invention and explorations of unparalleled excitements. Modern technology has opened new vitals of opportunities for us.

The Technology pattern: Under the towering tutelage of technology patterns of employment are getting more and more daunting and rewarding. The pattern of employment in the fast changing scenario both at home and abroad would have remained static but they would be molded by the demands of market forces under the single or so to speak overall umbrella of technology.

Employment opportunities may shrink for those who are rolling stones, but vastly expanding for those who keep pace with the turns and twists of technology in day to day human quest; aspirations and achievements. As a result, patterns of employment need holding degrees or diplomas in liberal education.

But those who are claiming to be the jack of all trades but they are the masters of none, they may not find the going as lucrative us the demand for those who are experts and specialists in their respective aspects, The way technology is entering into our lives, finding employment with the ordinary or general degrees would not be a child's play.

A change in attitude towards work and lifestyle enables enterprising professionals to start an independent set up in a comfortable home. The educated women, under the rapidly increasing influence of technology, can become compatible and co-operative to their own husbands whose business operations are generally piloted or, done, and maintained from residential premises.

New mechanism: We are now rapidly moving into a world where there will be mills, factories, and industries without workers, agro-based productions without farms of farmers. In agriculture, farm mechanization has drastically reduced the farm labor force. Computerized robots are being used in farms for more production.

Conclusion: Until recently, the craze for government jobs was a compulsive obsession with most job seekers. The same mania drove the best brains to the higher echelons of administrative services. But now the outlines on the horizons of employment have changed drastically and dramatically. Now the steering is in the reverse gear and the most ambitions are looking towards the corporate sector.

Whereas the new thinkers perdict that rapid techonological developments generally lead to unprecedented job retrenchments worldwide, and the resulting employment crisis is structural in nature and may get increasingly worsened in the foresecable future. The present technological developments amount to the Third Industrial Revolution. The first industrial revolution in the 19th century was characterized by coal and the steam engine. The Second Industrial Revolution in the 1920s by oil and electronic name, the third is driven by information technology and the new biotechnologies. The technology is advancing fast and production is rising or increasing ambitiousbut jobs are being lost.

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