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My First Day At College essay-For all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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The first of anything impresses us most. That is why we hardly ever forget our first love, our first success, our first friend. Likewise, we can not forget our first day at college, the day that symbolizes the transition period from one life, so to say, into another. I can not, for relevant reasons, forget the day. It comes to my mind again and again with those alien but lively feelings, those impressions, and sights and sounds.

As soon as I stepped on the college campus, a strange feeling electrified me, as it were. This was the first time that I took in a full breath of freedom. The congregation of numerous unknown faces, however, bewildered me somewhat. But soon afterward, the thought that I was going to be one of them made me feel happy. I tried to have a bird's eye view of them. They were many. Then, out of inexplicable enthusiasm, I rushed into the playground. Seasoned trees were standing aloft, giving soothing shadow over couples of students who were gossiping: some sitting, some standing. I looked at the vast three-story building.

Canteen, common-room, discussion-room-all these marvelous things! I felt free as a lark; so much freedom I had never had before. Just then, almost spontaneously, I happened to visualize the narrow boundaries and inviolable restrictions of school life that held me tight within some limits. But now I felt, as it were, the real being of myself.

Some special features of the college, however, attracted me most. I found that we would not have to sit motionless in one classroom all through the periods. Each day there were two breaks, one of half an hour, and another, fifteen minutes. Moreover, all the classes were not to be held in one classroom only. We would have to change our classrooms two or three times a day. This mobility, no doubt, instilled into us students new refreshments and instigation. Another attraction was the common room. In our college, by the way, separate common rooms were maintained for boys and girls. There were arrangements for various indoor games in each of those common rooms. The discussion room, to cite another example, was a very special attraction. We were supposed to sit in each of these rooms by small groups to discuss the tough subjects. This way we did our homework too. During this discussion, we enjoyed an informal environment. The very first day at college, I was inexplicably charmed by the opportunity of building interpersonal relationships by way of such informal discussions. Besides these, other attractions included the play-ground and the canteen.

As to the classes, I was much thrilled by them. They seemed to be innovative to me. Because, in all the classes, student participation was highly encouraged. Not only that, but students' opinions were also valued by the teachers.

The first day at college I was exposed to a new world-a world of freedom, of responsibility, of consciousness. Though much could not have been felt and understood in a single day, a good deal was learned and felt. This was the first time that I strongly felt the tie of group cohesiveness. I found myself in the midst of a wide variety of free-minded boys and girls. It seemed to me that I, for the first time, stepped into a new world where knowledge, consciousness, and confidence get merged.

Another thing cannot be left unmentioned. The consciousness that I felt the very first day of my life at college gave rise to a sense of responsibility-responsibility especially of myself. I could understand that this is the time for me to build myself up. To that purpose, I have to protect myself from all evils and develop myself well enough to reach the goal of my life.

The feeling and experience that I had the first day at college are well active in me even today. It is said that the first impression of anything lasts the longest. I am no exception to this fact. Many pleasurable and unpleasurable things have occurred since, but the memory of that day is still alive in me.

My First Day At College essay-2

Introduction: Everyone, under the sun, has many first days of life. The impacts of all the first days do not last long. A few of them remain ever fresh in memory. I had a long cherished desire for studying at a college. The chance happy came upon me after I had passed the SSC Examination. When for the first I went to college and got myself admitted into the college, then the first day began in life. In fact, my first day at college began to include a new chapter in my student life.

How I feel: When I attended the class first, I felt a little nervous. The class was new and I had a new experience. I was not confined to the same room, I used to be at school. A college going student is constantly on move like lecture hall to the common room. common room to the library, library to the gymnasium, library to seminar etc. I had to move in a cyclic order within the college campus during the college time. It was a sensational new life, a feeling of youthful vitality. Among us, there were some students looking gravely and philosophically and went from class to class. No less thrilling to me were the classes. The roll call, the lecture delivered on various subjects, the peculiarities of one, the education of another, strict disciplined enforced by the third--all these provided me with endless gossip and discussion.

Difference between school and college life: In school life, I used to take all the books. But in college life, it would not be kept all the books all the four or five hours of my stay in the college. I had my off-periods daily which I spent in relaxing, reading newspapers at college common room or flipping through the pages of periodicals. I was charmed at the sight of the common room which was even better furnished with means for healthy indoor recreations--carom, table tennis sets etc.

The thrilling: The first day was generally a day of exploration like that of Hillary and Tenzing. Students in their off-periods move here and there and the teachers overlooked them. The seats in the classroom are nicely arranged and the teachers delivered lectures on their respective subjects standing on the platform. There remained a pin-drop silence in the whole classroom. I could get a chance of peeping at the principal's room, the teachers common room, office room, and the library room. Every room seemed to me to be a new experience. I entered the office of the College Union. It represents as a symbol of our academic freedom and a democratic institution. I would soon be sharing in these amenities of college life. Simultaneously, I would have to assume larger responsibilities with a greater liberty. Observing everything I realized that I was to be the master and maker of my own life and destiny. I was free to drop a class and to waste a period in the common room without having any accountability. There would be none to ask me why I did not prepare my lessons; few to take me task if my mind honored elsewhere, while work was going on in the class. I could do everything at my own cost.

The college-going students: In school, such a facility and liberty are not provided for students as they are mare children. A college student is more adult than a school student. He knows the ways how he can determine his life and career as well. He becomes responsible. He has a great responsibility for being a man in the future. A college student is not put into within the four walls under the heavy pressure of teachers and guidance. Man can experience himself from different places and situations. Hence no knowledge can be gained without college.

Conclusion: The first day at my college was the first day of my new life. It taught me many things. I got a chance of meeting or being introduced to many new and unknown faces. The experience I gathered on the first day would never be faded away from my memory.

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