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  • May 21, 2024
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Any dwelling place man lives in can not be called a home. That can simply be called a house. A house has to be provided and enriched with some family affairs, warmth of family relationships and such-like things to make it a home. Considered from this point of view, the home I live in is a perfect home, a sweet home indeed.

Perhaps the reader will want to know why I call the house I live in a home and what things there are in it. To begin with, I must tell you that I have a relationship with my home as though it were a living being or rather a small self-sufficient system of man-man-material relationships.

My home gives me comfortable accommodation, shelter, security, love, and affection. I live with a family consisting of nine members. They are my parents, three brothers and one sister, my eldest brother's wife, and my grandmother.

The house is a big one. There is a separate room for each of us. The house is made of brick-a two-storeyed building. The entire house covers a land area of ten 'kadthas.'. That is why the rooms are fairly large, the drawing room being the largest of all. There is a slice of land in front of the house. We made this land into a beautiful flower-garden this year.

The existence of a little pond in the midst of the garden adds to the beauty of the entire home. There are no children in our home. But our beautiful youngest sister adorns the home and gives it a personality. It is said that a home without a beautiful girl or woman is not a home, indeed. I may gladly inform you that within a few months we will have a new member in our family. To speak straightly, a child is coming to our eldest brother and his wife.

We have a goodwill for being an educated family. My mother is very hospitable and loving. She loves all the friends of ours like her own children. As a result, our home is often crowded with our friends. But this does not hamper the peace of the family or the tranquility of the atmosphere.

Do you think that only what I have described so far make up a good or a sweet home? We do not think so. We can not think of our home without animals. We have three cats, two dogs, and some birds. The birds live in a big cage placed in the garden. Their cage is so made that they can roam about freely all through the garden. Our home is a living example of unbreakable love between man and animals.

Happiness really depends on the mental satisfaction of people, rather than on the exuberance of wealth or money. We are a well-off family, but not a very rich one. We spend what we earn. Yet we are happy and satisfied. We enjoy what we have and never become anxiously greedy for what we do not have. Our parents brought us up that way. I belive that this is one of the reasons for our being a happy family.

Every member of our home has full respect for others. These mutual understanding, sympathy, patience, a sense of belonging, and satisfaction have built up a solemn atmosphere of a sweet comfortable home.

Wherever I go away to perform my mundane duties, I always cherish in the mind the sweet hope of returning home. When I am away from my sweet home, I am homesick.

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