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Reading For Pleasure Essay: For All Class Student

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  • May 21, 2024
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Even water taken on the doctor's advice tastes bitter. Likewise, even the best book read to pass exams reads hard and dull. So reading for educational purposes and reading for pleasure are not the same. The same thing will read different if it is read for these two purposes.

Reading for pleasure is traditionally defined as the reading done with a motive of getting pleasure, especially pleasure through imagination. But pleasure may also come from knowledge. Knowing something is an immense pleasure when what is known is useful or important. So, reading for pleasure refers to all types of reading done in order to enjoy either through imagination or through the acquisition of knowledge.

People do not seem to get bored by a book when they read it for pleasure. But it is true that they then pick up books different from what they would have to go through if they were to get the favour of their teacher or to pass exams. Generally it is seen that people mainly read books of stories, novels, and poems for this purpose.

But the choice is not limited to these theree genres of literature. Some people, especially those with sound educational or intelleclual backgrounds, read books on various subjectsincluding highly technical ones— just for pleasure. This type of pleasure is, however, established mainly on the thirst for knowledge.

Reading for pleasure is unquestionably a good habit. Over and above giving us pleasure, this habit gives us knowledge, insight, wisdom, control over mind, and other abstract higher human qualities. Best of all, it creates a boundless personal world in the mind of the reader.

The more the number of people in a country who get pleasure in reading, the more the probability that the nation will advance fast in every line. There are, for example, far more people who find pleasure in reading in the developed countries like the USA, the UK, France, and Germany, than there are in such developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Srilanka. This fact exemplifies at least one reason why those countries are developed and these are not. Therefore, our aim should be to interest ourselves in reading as much as possible.

One thing, however, should not be left unmentioned. We should build up a habit of reading everything with pleasure-- even our textbooks. This will not only make the learning process easy and comfortable, but this will enable us to learn more than how much we normally think we can learn. In fact, reading for pleasure is closely related to reading with pleasure.

Essay on Pleasure of Reading- 2

Reading For Pleasure Essay - Introduction: Pleasure is a great motive force. There are various means and sources of pleasure like traveling, angling, visiting important places, playing different of various games-both indoor and outdoor, gossiping with fellow men etc. But the pleasure found in reading is the best one.

Man's desire: Man is by nature a pleasure seeker and with this end, in view, he cultivates reading as a hobby. Man after hard working and toiling wants to find repose and seeks amusement or enjoyment. Though bread and butter is a basic need for man's survival on earth, reading is also necessary to satisfy his mental hunger to be healthy mentally.

Various sources of pleasure: Man finds many sources of pleasure but the pleasure available in reading is the best one. It provides him with a wide range of pleasure for there are stories, novels, dramas, plays, newspapers, magazines, fictions, biographies, travel books, history books and so on and so forth. Man finds enough room of every taste and liking. If one likes reading novels, there are detective novels, novels of adventures, novels based on pure fantasy, imagination, history, novels dealing with rural and urban life, complexities, human conduct science, and technology etc.

Reader's conception: The reader knows that books of any kind are written by authentication masterminds, writers and authors. In their writings, they represent or depict the essence of human wisdom, experience, performance, and hard trying achievement. Books always contain thoughts, conception, ideas and imagination of the intellectuals. The true and the real reader can find an unenjoyed enjoyment in reading books of the best authors.

Various reading places: One can enjoy reading at any time at any place, at any moment without any hesitation. When we are alone, books may provide us with the best companionship. Books are always at our company and at our disposal. We can enjoy reading books in the train, in the bus, in the boat, in a solitary room, in the garden, at the street corner, in a library, at the time of sleeping (especially before sleeping at bedtime) etc.

Usefulness: A legend or a moral of an event tells, "Reading makes one a full and complete man providing correct idea and conception." Bread and butter enable man to survive on earth by quenching or, satisfying hunger but it cannot give pleasure, idea, conception of the unknown, unseen and unimagined things. This is the pleasure that guides a man to read books. Books reflect human society holding on an apparent mirror.

They bring us in contact with great minds of both past and present. Books elevate us, purge us of our faults, instill in us noble and high thoughts and urge us to gain something nobler, higher, better and more sublime. The today's friend may turn traitor and cheat (foto) to deceive us tomorrow while books remain even faithful, reliable and cannot do any harm to us. Books always remain unchanged come what may and what might be with the passage of time. Reading also provides us an unthinkable recreation which is not only healthy but also recreative.

Reading multiplies our pleasure and lessens boredom and sorrow. In the days of strain pain, stress blood pressure and heart problems there can be no better way of relaxation, entertainment, and refreshment than reading making us absorbed in a new word and keeping us tension-free.

Reading habit never allows a man to be alone, sad and companionless as the characters of novels, stories, poems, biographies are always there with him. Milton, the English poet, called books, "precious subjects life blood of master spirit." Hence we can have a firm faith in God and books which will never deceive or leave us in danger and lurch.

Selection of books: Reading widens our mental horizon, broadens outlook, learning and sagacity. It makes us real human being, gentle, manly and knowledgeable. It refines language and expression, enriches vocabulary and imagination by giving wings tofly.

on Influence of bad books: Reading is pleasing, no denial but selection of good books of the best author is important or the crux of the question. There are both good and bad books. Bad books degrade and vitiate human minds causing immense harms. The cheap, obscene and immoral books should be kept at arms and length. Advice should be solicited from the learned, wise, elders, teachers and well-wishers in selecting books.

Conclusion: To conclude there are pleasures of reading only good books which can bestow upon us the best of benefits and pleasures. Human companionship may sometimes be unwanting and imitating. But books make no such demand on. It brings satisfaction to men of emotional temperament. Hence books are our never falling or leaving companions.

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