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Essay on Science and Religion- Important to all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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This is an age of science. But religion is a belief in higher unseen controlling power. They have a reciprocal relation. Science is the most in formidable truth in human history. Perhaps, this is the most obvious reason some people would like to prove the authenticity of religion by illustrating scientific theories which are otherwise completely incompatible with religion. Religion has its own appeal to mankind. But science and religion are two incongruous subjects.

Science & religion: Science deals with the material world that we know, religion is concerned with a divine order that we imagine. Science believes in things that can be proved. Religion deals with ideas that cannot be proved. Science depends on reason, religion on the institution.

The scientist bases himself on material facts; religion takes its stand on spiritual ideas. The scientist works in the laboratory of the material world; the religion teacher probes into the recesses of the inward mind. The goal of science is an achievement and that of religion is realization. Hence there exists a hostility between the man of science and the man of religion.

The basis of civilization: Modern civilization is based on science, In every sphere of modern life, science is an inevitable and integral reality. It is beyond one's imagination how many people are nowadays under the influence of science and technology.

In the material world, we cannot remain isolated for a moment from science. But humans have to lead a spiritual life in addition to their material lives. To a human being, nothing is as true as death. We do not know where we have come from and where shall have to go. In a materialistic world, science gives us everything we need. This contribution is beyond any doubt.

History of theology: Scientific theories do not have any paradoxes, any controversy or any contradictions. Unlike the philosophy of science, religion is divided into thousand ways of faiths, based on millions of different roots. The history of theology talks about monotheistic religions.

All old religions including Hinduism preached in their prime of many gods and goddesses. But present almost all religions preach the Oneness of God. Both science and religion have ambivalent impacts on human life.

The repercussions of science such as a threat to global warming, depletion in ozone layer etc. and modern lethal arsenals such as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, ballistic missiles etc. can be dealt with by science itself.

The degeneration of these courses of science could be prevented by more scientific researches, Although religion brought peace in human souls which are, however, pathetically vulnerable to the fears of death and other mysteries of life.

The follows of religion can by no means be averted. One way to keep out interdenominational contentions out of the society is to make a state secular. But several particular religions often bar a state from being secular. Thus a state patronizes science for the sake of the people. But when she patronizes a particular religion, troubles are unleashed.

Man's beliefs: It has to be admitted that man believes in religion absolutely, It would be impossible for him to take the material world seriously and life would cease to function. Fortunately, a compromise is made; the man pays lip service to religion and God and then gives himself up to worldly things. This leads him to practice unconsciously a whole series of deceptions. He lives a kind of double life.

He condemns worldly goods and devotes himself to accumulate riches. He preaches love and goes on making wars. He believes in immortality, yet continues to regard death as evil. His religion teaches him to worship God within himself, yet he makes a display of it. This sort of disparity between belief and action or theory and practice would be unthinkable to science and may be said to damage human character permanently.

Fundamental opposition: Science and religion seem to go on side by side but there is a fundamental opposition between science and religion. Religion would be sought by men as long as there remains a feeling of helplessness before the uncertainty of an incalculable future. In his adversity, in his aging, man feels the necessity of turning to something for some sort of help and solace.

Hence science and religion will maintain their paralleled courses which, however, will never converge. It has been the case since man sought ways of gaining objective and knowledge. The only respect in which man has advanced or changed is this the modern man does not persecute the man of science as his curious, self many ancestors did in the past, although he may not like his materialistic gospel of life.

Conclusion: It is the religion which once hindered scientific developments. In Europe churches executed many researchers and scientists. There are other stories of science and religion together. I lot of books has been written to amalgamate science and religion out to no purpose. So the more we keep religion a lot from science, the better it is for mankind.

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