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Essay on Season I Like Most: For All Students

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In Bangladesh there are six seasons. Each of these seasons stands out with its own characteristics and appeals. But as a matter of fact, everybody chooses from among them only one as the most favovrite to him or her. Likewise, there is one season I like most—the Rainy season. My liking may differ from others' in this regard, but I have specific explanations to justify it.

The months of the Ashar and the Sraban consist of the rainy season. But the reality is that this season spreads itself through the month of Aswin-including about four months in all. This season is characterized by continual rainfalls. During this season the flora and the fauna of an area that were previously unbearably tormented by the scorching heat of the summer gets new life and youth. New lively buds come forth out of dried seeds; the dried and thirsty throats of men and animals get the blessed touch of the thirst-quenching heavenly water. The sky is almost always cloudy, looking pregnant with heavenly blessings. The cracked soil comes back to life with firm commitment to grow more trees and crops. There is life everywhere. Nature, clad in green trees shrubs and herbs all around, devotes herself to her own prayer. Rivers, ponds, and canals, excited by the fulsome presence of boutifulness, leap out of themselves to overwhelm the earth. Everywhere the presence of serenity cleanliness and chastity is seen in nature. In a word, everything seems to be reborn.

I like this season most for a number of reasons. Firstly, this season brings life to us, to the whole nature. But for its mercy, nature would have to dry up and die; men and animals would have to starve and die of thirst; nature would turn into a lifeless desert, devoid of all her beauty and charm. But fortunately, the rainy season revives everything, redecorates nature's withered face with countless deep-green leaves and wildflowers. Secondly, this season is the only season which makes the dirty world clean and holy by washing away filths and dirts. The environment is rendered superbly hygienic. The atmosphere is endowed with a tonic effect. And healthiness being a part of and pre-condition to beauty, the goddess of beauty touches everything around with her magic beauty-wand. As a result, an affluence of beauty is seen all around. Thirdly, the rainy season makes me feel, think, and imagine, when I remain sitting on my chair in the narrow balcony, and the rains fall incessantly causing a rythtmic sound, overwhelming the conscious layer of the mind and leading it into the sub-conscious, I have the rarest opportunity of feeling the past and the present at the same time. Then I feel like seeing life in its numerous uniappened alternatives. I leave myself in the hands of wayward imagination. I become care-free, can feel the inner truth and beauty of life in its perfect form. I feel the thirst of the flesh, the religion of the blood and the bones. I happen to think of love-the only goal of life. A romantic inner atmosphere energizes me from within. Temporary flashes of unmaneuvred images swing before my eyes—those images are formed of what I have always desired and loved most. They can be felt, smelt, and seen. Time halts for a moment, as it were. Then it seems that the entire values of life are to be found in such short but sef-sufficient moments.

Much can be said about this benefit of the rainy season, and yet little will be expressed. This season makes, me a poet, if for the time being. And this, in my opinion, is why I like it most. The thought-arousing capability of this very season has created great poets like Kalidash, Biddapoti, Rabindranath and many others. Truth to tell, it besmears almost everyone's heart with a soothing balm of pleasure which, with its temporary sparks of creativity, makes his/her heart wide and tender. Keeping this aspect of the capabilities of the season, it can be said that it brings life not only to nature and bodies of human beings and animals, but also to people's minds. It quenches the thirst of the body and increases that of the mind.

There is another reason why I like the rainy season most. Here I refer to the opportunities of journeying by boats. A journey by boat in the rainy season along a river or 'beel' or canal is far more interesting than in any other season. Such a journey can give one the opportunity to enjoy the real beauty of Natı re. And perhaps everyone will believe the notion that to know one's country best one should first feel and enjoy the natural beauty of the country, whereby one can truly love one's country.

I must say that I like other seasons more or less. And what is more, I also dislike some aspects of the rainy season. But its merits and capabilities attract my liking more than those of any other season. And that is why I like the season most.

Season I Like Most Essay-2

(Introduction, My favorite season, Description, Disadvantages, Conclusion)

Essay on Season I Like Most - Winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It comes after the late autumn. It begins from the middle of November and lasts up to the middle of February. It covers the two Bengali months- Poush and Magh. In winter, the days are short and the nights are long.

To me, winter is the best of all seasons in the year. There are various reasons why I like winter best.

In winter, we get various kinds of vegetables and fruits in plenty. To speak the truth, these are comparatively cheap in this season. The vegetables that are grown and supplied in plenty are the beans, tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages, turnips, potatoes brinjals, radishes etc. They add to the variety of our taste and palate. During winter fishes too are available in plenty. Home-made cakes, date-juice, fried rice etc. add to the enjoyment of a winter morning in our villages. The molasses made of date juice, the most palatable Bengalee food is available in plenty. Orange, one of the desirable fruits found in this season is cheap. Various types of flower such as marigold, sunflower etc. bloom. We can work hard. Our body does not sweat. We are not easily tired. We can digest all types of food better this season. There are crystal-like dew drops on the grass which look very beautiful. The roads & streets even open meadows are not visible in the morning due to mist and fog in this season. A warm bed at night in winter gives us great pleasure and comfort. We wear warm clothes and feel comfortable when going out. Winter is a dry season. We can move about freely. The roads are dry. It is free and easy to walk along the dry roads. The sunshine is very pleasant in the morning and afternoon this season. We find this season in the most appropriate time for holding picnics in the open air. We can play many outdoor games such a cricket, badminton, tennis etc. this season. The rain can not mar our joy and pleasure. Moreover, epidemic diseases do not break out in a serious form in this season.

It is a painful season for the poor who can not manage warm items of clothing. Vagabonds and destitute suffer greatly from cold. Nature looks dull and gloomy. Leaves of trees fall off. Most of the birds migrate from here to there.

In the end, we can say that other seasons have their usefulness. But think that winter gives us greater comfort and pleasure. So I like it best.

Season I Like Most Essay-3

Introduction: Bangladesh, the darling child of nature, is supposed to have six seasons-- Summer, Rains, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Let me first narrate the good and bad sides of the seasons clearly. Each season has its features, advantages and disadvantages. Despite these, I like summer -- the first season of the year. This may seem strange to all but it is a fact for me.

Characteristics of summer: Summer is the first season. It is not an unmixed blessing. The sun in this season grows intensely hot that becomes unbearable. People feel easily tired of it in summer. What with the hut, the sweat, the dust and the flies at times, it is positively maddening. General health usually remains good. The suffering and humid heat at noon are usually compensated by the refreshing air that blows at evening. There is thundershower that brings the temperature down and gives pleasant respect.

Why dear to me: Summer, the intolerable heated season, makes itself dear to me by compensating highly. Mango, the first fruit, is available. There is a joy of a football game. When sea-breeze blows. I feel refreshed. I go out with my ball and play with my friends. It cools the body and soothes the mind. The sweetness of ice-cream, cold drink, and cool edible things are so delicious that it cannot be desirable. I can sleep under an electric fan, tree and open sky at night. Schools and colleges remain closed in this season. As a student, I can find myself in a very happy mood. I can enjoy the long vacation and find a scope of spending time in gossiping. I can find time to swim in the river. I can learn seriously the havoc caused by malaria in this season. It gives me an opportunity to serve sick people.

Features: The day this season is longer. There remains a long time to play various games. Parents do not create pressure for studies as schools remain closed. Sometimes, it rains heavily. We can bathe in the rainwater. When the fields go under water, fishes of different spices are available. It is also interesting to catch fish in the rain. Various types of fruits ripen in this season. We can have their fastest. When the heat of the sun becomes scorching /unbearable; even the naughty boys do not run in the sun. They become self-controlled for fear of being attacked with cholera -- a deadly disease that breaks out in this season in an epidemic form. The moonlit night of this season has a special attraction. Children can listen to tales told by their grandmothers sitting around them. They get themselves cold enjoying the air and a gentle breeze blowing from the south.

Its influence: This season has some influences. So I don't deny that the heavy rains that make the green fields greener against the background of an overcast sky have a greater charm for a poetic mind. Many poets have composed poems on the season and have depicted its features to our knowledge. The passing of the wild beasts through the dried leaves makes us charmed with a rustling sound. Then the silence of nature disappears. The cry of the jackals in the bush is very dear to hear.

Men and animals: People wear short shirts and thin clothes this season. They use umbrellas overhead when they go out in the sun. Children go to school in the same manner. Many times, sweat comes out. Then they mop it with handkerchiefs or pieces of clothes of extra-nature. This scenery is very charming. Buffaloes in a herd go into the river and remain there for long until or unless they become cold. This scenery inspires me to know how they lead their life on earth.

Merits: All classes of people may have either more or less experienced this season. They find many natural gifts available.

Demerits: The summer comes with scorching heat. People suffer from various diseases. Poisonous snakes are seen here and there like the rainy season. People do not find any taste and interests of food or any other edible things.

Conclusion: Despite all its demerits, I like summer most out of my own reason and justification. On the other hand, it is not called the king of all seasons. Its breezes is a very refreshing experience.

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