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Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity Essay; An essay for all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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There are ups and downs in life. But most of the time what attracts our attention most is the adversity that we have to face. Consequently, offten we become "one-eyed", so to say, and feel more unhappy in life than happy. Happiness, actually, is dependent on how we translate the reality into our inner feeling.

If this proposition is true, then, what follows from it is that whether or not we are happy depends a lot on how we define happiness. Adversity is a must, and, therefore, we must try to be happy in all types of adversity. But how? —the peace-seeking mind may ask.

In fact, the happiness of life is dependent not only on the exuberance on livelihood but also on the attitude we possess toward its. It depends on our experience of reality. Nobody can avoid adversity, but he or she must overcome it by going through it.

It is perhaps because our feeling and attitude are relative in a sense. If there were no darkness, could we perceive the existence of light? If likewise, there were no adversity in life, we could not perceive the intensity and sweetness of happiness. Thought from this point of view, adversity can be considered a boon.

We can explore further the uses of adversity in life. The world is very complicated. Our interaction with society and the environment is, consequently, very sophisticated. Here, we must proceed towards the future in light of the experience we gathered in the past. A complete stranger in any time-bound sociopolitical system cannot but get shocked at the crudeness of reality.

That is why one needs to bravely face--and if possible, overcome-adversities. The manly confrontation of what we call adversity gives us experience and strength. Such experience produces in us an awareness of what may occur in life. Thus we can get prepared in advance to take the challenge of any incident that may come later. The result is invaluable; we can adapt oursalves to any kind of situation.

The conducive effect of the experience of adversities extends itself to national life as a whole. History promulgates the extraordinary success of those nations which have undergone harsh realities and bravely faced them. It is, undoubtedly, their brave confrontation of the adversities that has made them fit for the sweet results they are enjoying now.

So, adversity itself may taste bitter, but its uses are very sweet indeed.

Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity Essay

Introduction: Life on earth is full of struggle. It is a relentless battle. Man is the warrior. He never admits any defeat come what may. He possesses great self-control, perseverance, self-reliance, confidence, and determination. He is never afraid of misfortunes, failures ill-luck or heavy odds. He takes them as challenges and ultimately overcome them by dint of his strong character and strong will force.

Remarks of great men: Great and heroic souls are never afraid of adversities and misfortunes. In disguise, they regard them as blessings. Without being disappointed or nervous, they sharpen their determination, courage, and ambition. For them the uses of adversity are sweet. Here an example can be cited in a relevant way that Thomas Carlyle was the Scottish author in the 15th century.

He left the manuscript of his great prose epic "The French Revolution" to his friend for reading. He left it useless on the floor. His maidservant used it in kindling fire thinking it to be a useless bundle of wastepaper. The rewriting of the manuscript out of memory was very painful labor for Carlyle. He was determined and engaged himself in rewriting it without any reproach of complaint.

He completed it and felt much delighted. He proved that a real hero, a bold warrior and a genius would never be down cost in the face of adversity and misfortune. He always believes that adversity makes a man a real man in such an odd and difficult situation. Misfortune is like a strong school teacher who always remains strict to the students in case of home tasks and preparation for such a teacher.

Example: Odds, misfortunes, and adversities make a man bold, determined, iron-willed, heroic etc. in all his deeds and actions. The holy prophet (sm) had to run through misfortunes, odds, adversities, and adverse situations to preach the Oneness of Allah and ISLAM as well. He never deviates even a single inch from his path in the face of all obstacles. He succeeded later by virtue of his strong determination, struggle and a firm coníidence in Allah.

We can cite some examples of some persons which help us realize it in the truest sense. Columbus discovered America. Faraday mastered the secret of electricity. Thomas Alva Edison made so many inventions through odds, misfortunes, adversities etc. with their boldness, the iron will, strong determination, self-confidence, and courage.

Advantages: Struggle does not fail to bring with its storm, thunder, lighting, and misfortune. A true warrior will always face them with exemplary self-possession, calm and patience. The greater are the odds and struggle, the sweeter are the victory and honor. Success is never for those who take things easily and lying.

Strength is the other name of sufferings and adversities. They arouse the latent powers of a warrior which would have otherwise lain hidden, dormant and useless. They are troublesome. difficult to overcome and bitter initially but their uses are always sweet and beneficial. No great thing can be accomplished without a struggle, toil, and pain. The best example of adversity is found in achieving the independence of our country.

The Freedom Fighters after struggling for nine months gained freedom from Pakistan. The result of the nine - months long struggle is sweeter to us even than honey. During the hours of crisis, what was finest, purest and noblest, the freedom fighters found its fullest expression and at last, they gained freedom for the country.

How to face it: Adversities, misfortunes, odds etc. to their heels when they are faced with boldness, courage, determination and strong willpower when they are faced with boldness, courage, determination, and strength,  and determined souls. Only the brave deserve the fair-- best fortune. Behind misfortunes are hidden the great triumphs and victories which only the brave and bold can gain. Tool and types of equipment are important but the men who use them are more important for playing the decisive role.

Conclusion: The path of success and victory is not only steep but also difficult and thorny. It is the crushed flower that gives forth the richest, sweetest, and rarest fragrance. pangs, sufferings, misfortunes, and adversities sublimate our soul and ripen our judgment.

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