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A Book Fair Paragraph for Class 5, 6, 7, and 8

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A book fair is a fun event for book lovers. It has many different kinds of books. You can find storybooks, textbooks, and more. Visiting a book fair is exciting and educational. This paragraph will tell you about the joy of going to a book fair. It is perfect for students in Class 5, 6, 7, and 8. You will learn why book fairs are important and enjoyable.

A Book Fair Paragraph

There is a great importance of a book fair in the cultural activities of a nation. Nowadays, book fairs are becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh. These are held in different cities and towns on different occasions of national significance days such as 'Ekusher Boi Mela' in the Bangla Academy Campus. Every year a book fair (exhibition) is arranged in the campus. Book fairs are now held in district towns also. In a book fair, some publishers set up stalls. Book lovers such as the teachers, the students, the poets, the writers, the service holders and, some common people crowd there to make their choice and buy books from the stalls. The stalls are beautifully decorated and lighted in order to draw the attention of the customers. Books of different tastes are displayed in the stalls in an attractive way. The distinguished authors personally remain present in the stalls. Consequently, the readers can have a chance to meet their favourite authors. However, a book fair spreads the message that books are our best friends and companions. In fact, a book fair enriches our outlook and makes our life more meaningful.

My Visit to Book Fair

My Visit to Book Fair

A Book Fair Essay

Introduction: In Bangladesh there are two main book fairs per year: the Dhaka Book Fair sponsored and arranged by the National Book Centre, and the Ekushe Boi Mela arranged by the Bangla Academi. The former was started from January 1, 1996, and the latter had started long before. Both the book fairs are famous and have attracted the attention of book lovers countrywide. The Dhaka Book Fair, by the way, has been internationally known and will most likely be very popular within only a few years.

Background: The Dhaka Book Fair is, as has already been mentioned, arranged by the National Book Centre. It starts on the first day of January each year and normally lasts for fifteen days. This book fair, unlike the Ekushe Boi Mela, encourages the involvement of book commpanies or publishers from all over the world. This new feature of this book fair has, undoubtedly, made it more enriched and attracive. While the Ekushe Boi Mela with its long tradition is also very famous for its venue and traditional value.

My visit to the book fair: On January 10, 1996, I visited the Dhaka Book Fair. No sooner had my car reached the parking place that I could easily see the light, hear the humming buzz of people. I was thrilled with pleasure. I bought tickets for me and my friends and got into the fair. What a sight! Oh, unforgettable. It was the night. The stalls and pavillions wore baroquely ornated with light and various types of designs. First, we visited a number of stalls. Each stall was enriched with various types of books. We also visited some foreign book-stalls. The accumulation of their books fascinated us all. I bought seven books from a number of stalls and pavilions. My friends each also bought some books of their own choice.

So many books! So many stalls! So much light and decoration! So many people! That the fair was a success was proved by the number of visitors. Hundreds of people visited the fair all day long from 11 am. to 8:30 p. m. The visit to the fair broadened my experience and added to my pleasure.

The necessity of the book fair: Book fairs like this is very essential for people of such a developing country like Bangladesh. We all know that the literacy rate of our country is around 31 percent, a very small figure. Again, those who are literate seldom read books of their own accord. Such fairs, obviously, increase the number of readers and book-lovers. The nation which does not read books cannot prosper. We need to read more and more and learn accordingly. We all should know more than what we do. We should know what we know as well as what we do not know. Knowledge actually makes us wise enough to be happy in life. And book fairs go a long way in building such consciousness.

Conclusion: Book fairs are an excellent idea of the modern age. We all should bolster the establishment of book fairs more than two times a year. We all should buy books and read them.

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