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Essay on Co-education- for all level students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Co-education means education of boys and girls in the same educational institution and at the same time. In the primary stage, co-education has been the rule in all countries. In the university also, it is nowadays the rule almost everywhere. It is also felt that university students who have attained age and developed intelligence and a proper sense of their duties and responsibilities should be treated as matured and responsible citizens.

Problems: The problem of co-education in the second stage was in the past a debatable subject. At this stage students are in their adolescence; free mixing between the sexes in this period of life, it is held, may disturb the normal development of their mind. This is more so, as at this stage the students are apt to be emotional and excitable.

Economic reasons: In a small but populous country like Bangladesh, at least for economic reasons, co-education is advisable. There have been arrangements for separate benches and girls in the classes, and separate playgrounds outside for boys. There have been men and women teachers, who can make the task of enforcing discipline and general supervision easily.

The objection to co-education was largely due to the conservative social prejudices of the people, fostered by the purdah system. But the tempo of modern life is fast breaking these barriers down. Co-education is now a widely accepted practice, more a rule than an exception. So the number of co-educational institutions is now on the increase.

Economic factor has been helpful in ensuring this social development. Late marriages compel parents to educate their daughters, while the economic needs of the family income, in order to maintain a higher standard of living. Hence is the number of separate girls' institutions is very few and co-education has become unavoidable.

Proposal for different types of educations: Opponents of co-education have based their arguments chiefly on the view that · girls should have a different type of education from that imparted to boys. They argue that the sphere of a girl's activities will, in the long run, be the home, and therefore their education should seek to turn out good mothers and housewives. This argument is now considered to be reactionary.

Women have, in most progressive and democratic countries, been given equal rights and opportunities and they have given a good account of themselves in winning in lair competition with boys.

Our constitution, in this respect, is as progressive as any, and our women have filled and are filling highly responsible posts with dignity and success.every big city and millions of people get their news, messages, and amusements over their wireless or, radio sets.

Family diversion: Broadcasting affords a pleasant family diversion. Nothing can be more charmingly domestic than to sit around the radio with one's parents, brothers, and sisters. They can easily listen to the musical programme, theatrical and other interesting topics and relays. One can take the pick of the items from the programme of almost any country in the world.

Broadcasting has made us citizens of the world in a very real sense. In this age, when one has hardly the time, one saves some amount of time listening to the news on the radio while having one's early breakfast. The newspaper with its peculiar appeal, can never be superseded, but it can be kept over for a more care-free period of leisure,- on the way to the office if one has a car, or in the intervals of the day's work. It is pleasant to be greeted every morning with that cheering.

Educational program: The wireless or, radio can be used for educational purpose, besides entertainment. There is so much to be learned these days – progress going on everywhere, in all departments of life, and all over the world. Indeed, it is difficult to remain thoroughly up-to-date in this fast developing world.

The wireless or, radio station helps us in some measures to keep pace with this world of progress. The radio' selects, condenses and gives us bits of important information. It has programmes to suit all types of listeners of all age groups. Thus for the common man, the radio has been a real teacher, a compendium book of knowledge for the ear.. 9

The nation's propaganda: The radio, however, largely is for propaganda by the government. To tell what people should or should not do, it controls in an increasing measure the daily life of individuals, the radio is now a handy medium for the government. Under such conditions, the radio acquires the importance of it now, beyond its very wide war-time use.

To think that the radio is meant only for the average and common man is a mistake. Even the intellectuals will find much in it to be interested. great thinkers, great scientists, great poets often speak to us through the radio.

An adjunct of broadcasting is the growth of television in which you can not only hear a man speaking but see the man speaking.

Importance: Broadcasting plays an important role in most respects. People can know everything through it. In America, in Ceylon, in Australia and in many other countries like Bangladesh, commercial advertisements are allowed to be put up in the air for money. So the radio has brightened the home; the sick bed it has cheered, the young mind it has instructed, and the trade it has set going.

To free the radio from the control of the ruling Coalition Govt. or party in power. Broadcasting either on radio or T.V. should be made free. The Ministry of Information should have no control over it. It will broadcast all the news, information and advertisements at its own suit will without remaining under the influence and control of any governing body related to politics. The information ministry should not instruct it to broadcast the ministry affairs only.

Conclusion: It is now expected that the Radio and TV would henceforward be more impartial in catering to the common people.

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