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Essay on AIDS | Important for all class

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  • May 21, 2024
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AIDS standing for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrom is a deadly disease that makes human beings unable to resist it. It is caused basically by a virus called Hepatitis V. This is the most tragic incident in the history of mankind.

Causes: Man gets attacked with this serious diseases by sexual intercourse with an opposite gender who is infected with AIDS; sharing the needles or syringes of the person attacked with AIDS; transferring HIV from an AIDS infected mother to her issue during pregnancy; shaving with the same razor.

The HIV virus once got into human body lasts as long as twenty years. It cannot be destroyed by taking/applying antibiotic drugs, inoculations, and alcohol but it leads the infected person to death's door very slowly and painfully.

The HIV includes pneumonia, headache, nausea, endless bleeding, non-recovery or incurable wounds, thron troubles, fever, jaundice, weakness, lack of appetite etc. The AID infected person can under no means realize that he is affected or infected. Such a stage called stage 1. It is also termed as HIV interaction stage.

At the second stage, the virus begins multiplying and destroys the vital immunity and mechanisms of the infected body. The third stage is of full-blown AIDS that destroys the Immunity system. Very systematically for the patient becomes normally serious. It also kills the white blood cells of the human body which are vitally important for fighting diseases.

Its spreading: AIDS is spreading like jungle fire all over the world and is taking its toll. The youngsters of today are getting addicted themselves to drugs and pre-marital sex. Women are also falling victims to this fatal and deadly disease for illegal sexual intercourse with others. Lack of sexual knowledge is also responsible for AIDS. It is hard to cure AIDS. It is a challenge for medical science. It remains unsolved, incurred, untreated.

How to check it: AIDS needs proper checking to save the people Now some AIDS tests have been developed. The Fourth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific was held in Manila. The conference urged the nations of Asia and the people to marginalize drug users, sex workers, the gay community and those related even individually to the deadly diseases so that its further spread could be prevented.

About 180 delegates attended the conference which concluded in the following ways. Every country in Asia and the Pacific must collect data on its behavioral, socioeconomic, and epidemiological vulnerabilities to HIV and AIDS.

It must devise a national plan for controlling AIDS. These nations should stop rejection of infected persons with AIDS. Safe sexual tendency must be practiced using condoms. Homosexual behavior and tendency and multiple partner sex must be stopped and avoided. Prostitution centers must be closed. The country must Intervene it. Proper medical checking up of every sex worker and the customer must be made mandatory.

Warning: The experts of both the Govt. and NGOs have been ringing the alarming bells towards AIDS. Dr. Nafis Sadik, the special envoy to the UN Secretary-General for AIDS in Asia also pointed out the same shortcomings while presenting herkey-notepaper in a seminar organized by Khan Foundation on Gender Equality and Access to Health. Services. She stressed the need for creating a wide-scale awareness among the common and savage people about the deadly disease.

The visit of Dr. Nafis Sadik is rightly timed as Bangladesh remains vulnerable with wide-open borders to let the deadly virus arrive unnoticed and unsuspected in various ways. We now endorse her views when she said. "As reproductive health is a necessary factor for AIDS/HIV transmission from mother to child, the discrimination against women has to go.

From her deliberation, it appears that there is little or no alternative to the imperative to ensure gender equality political leaders and the Patriots must come forward to the national health policy." As for AIDS a policy providing the required guidelines for an action plan should properly be implemented.

Conclusion: We now understand prevention is better than cure"- goes the wise maxim. Hence man is able to fight against this deadly disease by dint of great willpower. The issue needs careful attention from the individual, the nation, and the medical.

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