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Essay on Air Pollution || Suitable for all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Air is one of the five elements of our environment namely earth, water, fire, and other. It is a natural gift and a free asset. For breathing all living beings and biological organisms require pure air for breathing. No biological organisms can live and thrive without it. Air contains some gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, carbon mono-oxide, ozone, and other gases. Only oxygen is the vital need for human survival and also for animals life.

Causes of air pollution: There are many reasons which cause air pollution. Industrialization, urbanization, excessive exploitation of resources, vehicles, smoke, mills, and factories are, in fact, responsible for air pollution. Vehicles use oil and fuel which produce a lot of smoke. This smoke gets mixed with air and pollutes it.

Man makes the fire to cook food, burn bricks, melt iron and other metals. This fire cannot help producing smoke that pollutes the air. Bad smell coming out from waste materials, garbages, human wastes, rotten things, and polluted water also pollute air seriously.

Some unhygienic gases contaminate the air. The most offending culprits in the industry for air pollution are compressors, generators, grinders, force draught, fans, etc.

Where occurs: Air pollution occurs in industrial areas, cities, towns, Brickfields, mills, and factories. It also occurs in natural devastating areas.

Dangers: Air pollution affects extremely to biological organisms. By inhaling and breathing polluted air, they fall victims to illness, anemia, pulmonary. disorder, deafness, severe psychological and psychosomatic diseases, and hyperactivity.

Polluted air makes living beings feel seriously suffocated and choked. The consequence and result of air pollution is completely catastrophe. We are falling to prey new diseases and epidemics. Plants and trees are seriously extinct or destroyed for want of pure air supply.

Measures for air pollution: To check and control air pollution a few effective measures can be taken. The vehicles must be checked for pollution control. Smokeless vehicles should be allowed to ply through the roads and rivers. Industrial pollution must be compelled to blow within the premises of the industry only. The other industrial units must follow it else they should be served legal notices for shutting down the plants.

Air pollution-controlling equipment must be manufactured, supplied, and used in mills, factories, and industries. The technology for air pollution control should be developed. All firms should be compelled to use the types of equipment ensuring complete control over air pollution. The polluting industries must be shifted or taken away from the urban landscape to a safer place.

Conclusion: Air pollution must be prevented lest the world should be unfit for living. With this end in view, the Environmental Protection Act should be made, passed and implemented to make air free or pure from being polluted. People should be made full of awareness of the bad-effects of air pollution. The conscious citizens must become fully alert to the menace of air pollution and join hands with the govt. agencies for controlling it.

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