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Essay on Loneliness- Suitable for all students

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Loneliness refers to a state of being alone. It is a moment when one feels sad because of being cut off from one's near and dear ones either physically or psychologically. The extreme case of physical loneliness would be solitary confinement in a prison or being marooned on an island like Robinson Crusoe, Alexander Selkirk, etc.

Loneliness is to be clearly distinguished from solitude as unlike the latter, it is always an unwelcomed feeling to which one is subject out of some external or inner compulsions. It is beyond one's control whereas many persons would occasionally prefer enjoying solitude, far from the madding crowds.

Grounds of loneliness: Man faces increasing incidence of loneliness because of the fast changing social and economic conditions of modern times. It is a comparatively recent phenomenon: Close quite primitive groups bring out a precarious existence by hunting wild animals or eating wild fruits would not experience loneliness as they would always engage collectively in life-supporting activities.

Later settled agricultural communities were land-based and had a little occasion for feeling loneliness for the individuals had strong ties with their families and village communities. They were alone neither in their joys nor in their sorrows as both the conditions brought them together for intensifying the joys and reducing the sorrow by sharing.

In industrial society : It is only in industrial societies that loneliness has emerged as a growing phenomenon. A job- seeker has to leave his village and occasionally family to seek his livelihood in some factories in a town or in some construction activities away from his home.

He is cut off from his familiar environment and has to start his life in a new place. He may not find any friend or relation with whom he can talk or share his problems. Even the employed have to migrate to other cities in search of better job opportunities and have to undergo the periods of loneliness before they build up a circle of friendship in the new places.

Introverted people: Circumstances apart, there are certain individuals who, because of their introverted nature, cannot come out of their shells and interact with their colleagues, neighbors or classmates. They do not take initiatives to make evidence towards them.

They build up a reputation for being cold and indifferent to others. So in much so that others stop approaching. them. Even in the time of need, such introverted people cannot request others to help them and thus remain all alone.

Pre-occupation of opinions: Some people are so much preoccupied with their high opinions of themselves that they consider it beneath their dignity to make even formal aquaintance with their neighbors. They remain absorbed in their own business, cognition, and thoughts even when they are not actually engaged in some works. But they forget that they are also social beings and need others approval for maintaining self-esteem or positive image of. themselves.

Organizational hierachy: In modern society, most people work in organizations and occupy a certain position in the non-organizational, hierachy. Those at the top position of their organization tend to consider themselves top even among their relations and neighbors.

They cannot shake off their rank even in non-organizational environment. They are condescending and patronising others naturally in resenting this behaviour as they may also be occupying significant or important positions in their organisations.

Top-ranking person: Since at the very top, there is only one position in the organization, the top man feels quite lonely, unless he makes an effort to win over others, he is likely to be isolated, his organizational subordinates may hesitate in mixing with him for fear of annoying him particularly if he is a man of fixed notions.

Psychological aspect: Loneliness may often grow out of some psychological compulsions. A person may suffer from an inferiority complex that he is unwanted or unloved. He will naturally avoid routine contact with others for fear of being repulsed or rebuffed. He will feel secure only when he is alone. He who cannot enjoy a company, cannot enjoy real happiness which consists mostly of interaction with others or in getting appreciation or approval from others.

Conclusion: Loneliness is both pleasing and boring. Circumstantial loneliness causes no pains but forcide lonelines is bordom. But the person who has seen death from close quarters finds the true and real meaning of life.

Similarly, a person who has undergone the experience of loneliness for a substantial time, keenly feels the joy of social interaction such a person realizes the true dimension of security and relaxation, one experiences in the company of one's family members or dear friends. Experiences of loneliness strengthen social ties and convert even loners into social beings.

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