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Cinema is one of the most popular inventions of modern science, especially that type of it known as the Talkie. to see shadows on a screen, imitating the drama of life even to the point of talking like real men and women, — that is, indeed, and achievement. At the beginning of the century, it would have been unthinkable.

Not only has this miracle been achieved but even natural colors are nowadays convincingly reproduced. Today in Bangladesh, there is hardly any city or town that has not its cinema-hall. The cinema in Bangladesh has become a major industry besides being a popular means of amusement. In point of production, it occupies a position next to Holywood of the USA. It has come to be the cheapest and the most popular form of amusement.

Its vulgarisation: The cinema is, to a certain extent, pushing aside the theatre and jatra. While technology has perfected its imitation of life, it diminishes the human appeal. Since the cinema presents to us human dramas, its usefulness will depend on the quality of life that it seeks to dramatize. Unfortunately, cinemas often ignore higher ideals and motives to make it a commercial success, by screening dramas that appeal to the vulgar tastes.

Sill, sentimental romance, impossible and absurd situations, corrupt music, scenes of crude sex appeal are often the stock-in-trade of cinema-pictures. There is, however, the Censor Board to prevent vulgarisation of the cinema. But the majority are not vulgar. After a hard day's labor, people go to the cinema for a few hours to relax their jaded nerves.

Surely this does not mean that they want vulgarity or are unable to appreciate the great things. Again and again, it has been proved that for the right type of films, there is never a want of spectators.

Its influence: Properly guided, cinemas might have an all-pervasive influence on national life and character. Instead of creating a relish for impossible romance, they might lift our minds from the vulgar to the sublime by the projection of the ideals for a complete life.

They might educate us by representing great scenes from history and biography. They might supplement the knowledge that we derive from books by illustrations taken from life. They might even create fairy-world fantasies. It can be a unique medium of mass education and enlightenment if it is efficiently organized.

Its uses: In all developed and developing countries the cinema is used for educational purposes. Films are specially made to present truths of history, Curie's Radium has been depicted in a cinema.

Thus abstract lessons of the book-world have become concrete realities of a world in cinema, that has a loan of films for VCP shows in colored TV sets to educational and cultural institutions. Further, where illiteracy is high, as it is in Bangladesh, the cinema might be a splendid aid in our campaign on behalf of adult education.

Conclusion: In order to use the cinema to the higher needs of a nation, there must be a Board of cultured men ready to enforce a high standard of excellence. Educational films for the instruction of the young as well as the illiterate should be encouraged. The life of a great man on film will be more popular than that of the imaginary hero of a melodrama. Then cinema must be made an instrument of culture, a moral force, and a standard of taste.

Essay on Film

Introduction: Everything on earth has more or less influence over time. The inner instincts of a man are keen to something for some reasonable reasons. He is sharply influenced by them. Films are entertaining the sources of entertainment, pleasure, and enjoyment. Hence they have an influence over all people who enjoy films.

The mighty film: Of all films cinema is one of the mighty media. It is a popular means of cheap and easily available entertainment. Thousands of men and women enjoy films in cinema houses/halls. Their influence on the audience, viewers is deep and abiding. The viewers or the audience have their liking heroes and heroines. They have become sick of them.

Films have an influence on our social, national, personal, individual life as they provide mental recreations. They are now an important topic of discussion among the people.

Relating papers: Newspapers, magazines, and pictorials are full of articles, comments, reviews, pictures and features related to films and people are connected with them. To enjoy films has become a craze among the youngsters. The spreading of television has also popularised films all over the world. Besides, entertainment and amusement, cinema is also a fine source of education, instruction, and information.

It helps to spread awareness of social evils and their remedies. The actors and actresses show us the ways and means of eradicating superstitions, blind beliefs, prejudices, and other unwanted and unsought evils. It is a good means of forming public opinion on social, political, and national issues. Thousands of people are employed in the film industries as cameramen, Technicians, music directors, singers, editors, spot boys, distributors, etc.

Educational films: Educational films help students in increasing their knowledge. By screening good purposeful and cultural films we can mold and build the character of the young men and women in our country. All good and decent films may go a long way to bury some social evils like dowry, casteism, communalism hatred, untouchability etc.

Influences of films: More films of today are full of cheap songs, light plots, sexy dances, scene of sexual abuses, violence etc. Many crimes are committed daily because of the influence of films. These films have increasingly been used as an instrument of destruction and disintegration of human personality.

The movies are responsible for crimes such as theft, burglaries, kidnappings, murders, assassinations, hijackings, cheatings, juvenile delinquencies, etc. These are displayed on the screen to provide amusement to the viewers.

Films are a very potent means of influencing the masses. The vivid, concrete images and visuals leave permanent or unforgettable impressions on the minds of the viewers. People in greater number are falling victims to the unhealthy, baseless, and undesired influences of films.

To understand things through reading needs education, books, mental preparation, attention, and individual efforts but films make instructions easily digestible by blending them technically with pleasure and enlightenment.

Some social obligations: It is the need of the hour that films should no longer be allowed to become the school for scandals. Filmmakers should follow social obligations. The scenery depicting women as victims of rapes or fornications, sexual abuses should consciously be avoided to save the youngsters.

With a view to earning a lot of money and becoming rich overnight, the film producers should not aim at making a fast buck at the cost of values, principles, moral and accepted social behavior.

Conclusion: Films display various things which make the youngsters feel interested in the influence of films should not be ignored.

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