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Discipline Essay & Paragraph For School and College Level Students

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Discipline means obedience to specific rules and regulations. Man cannot live alone. He has to live in society. So, he cannot do whatever he likes. He has to abide by the rules of society. This obedience to rules and regulations is called discipline. Discipline is necessary for every walk of life. It is necessary at home, schools, colleges, and office. We have to have discipline in every walk of our life. Discipline is more valuable in the army. Every soldier must follow certain rules and obey the orders of the commander. Discipline makes one a good citizen, too. So, it is necessary that we practice discipline from our childhood. Discipline can lead a man to progress and prosperity. If there is no discipline in one's life, he is sure to fail. A family, which has discipline, is always happy. So, we should have discipline in our life.

Discipline Essay and Paragraph

Discipline Essay and Paragraph

Discipline Essay For School and College Students

Topics: (Introductioiscipline in nature, Importance, How to learn, Licence and freedom, Conclusion)

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - We act according to certain rules and principles at all educational institutions, at home, in public life and everywhere. Discipline is the habit of action according to some rules an regulations. To abide by these rules and regulations perfectly everywhere may be called discipline. The word 'discipline' is derived from the Latin word 'DISCIPULUS' which means disciple. It has also another Latin origin ‘DISCERE' which means to learn.

A society without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. The whole universe is governed by strict laws. The sun, the moon, the earth, and the planets move according to certain laws. Had there been no discipline in nature, the world would have been destroyed.

Discipline is of great importance in every sphere of life. We can not prosper in this world without it. The peace or happiness of a family depends on the disciplined conduct of its members. In childhood, we do not know what is good for us.

If we do as we like, there will be disorder and chaos in the society. Consequently, we shall be ruined, A nation can not rise if people do not understand the value of discipline. If there is no discipline in the schools, colleges, universities, we can not learn our lessons well. Discipline is an essential condition for the progress of national life as well as human civilization.

We must first learn the lesson of discipline at home. The younger one should follow the elders. The educational institutions teach discipline. The students must listen to the teachers in the classroom. In the battlefield, every soldier must obey the commander. It can also be learned in the playground. All the players must obey the captain.

Discipline implies freedom but not license. In society, one can not do whatever one likes. If he does so, freedom becomes license. Obedience to rules does not make a personal slave, it makes it possible for him to enjoy freedom.

Thus, we find that discipline is necessary for every walk of life. Indeed, it is the backbone of character. Those who try to bring us under discipline are our friends. Those who allow us to do what we like are our enemies. So, we should follow the rules of discipline from the very beginning of our life.

Essay On Discipline

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Introduction: Discipline means obedience to specific rules and regulations. Man cannot live alone. He has to live in society. So, he cannot do whatever he likes. He has to abide by the rules of society. This obedience to rules and regulations is called discipline.

Learning Discipline: Someone must learn discipline from his early life. Schools and colleges may be the appropriate places of learning discipline. Family can be another very effective place for learning discipline. The parents also have a responsibility of guiding their children in learning discipline. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of their educational institutions. This learning to obey the authority will enable them to learn the rules of discipline in their future places of work.

Importance: Discipline is necessary for every walk of life. It is necessary at home, schools, colleges, and office. We have to have discipline in every walk of our life. Discipline is more valuable in the army. Every soldier must follow certain rules and obey the orders of the commander. Discipline makes one a good citizen, too. So, it is necessary that we practice discipline from our childhood.

Discipline and Nature: The nature around us also maintain strict discipline. Every day the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon maintains a cycle. The planets go around the sun on their specific orbits. Seasons change one after another. All these things are proofs of discipline in nature. Discipline is the law of the universe.

Conclusion: Discipline can lead a man to progress bars) and prosperity. If there is no discipline in one's life, he is sure to fail. A family, which has discipline, is always happy. So, we should have discipline in our life.

Discipline Composition

Topics: [Introduction Discipline in nature, Discipline in student life, Importance Of discipline, Conclusion]

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Man is a social being. He has to obey some rules and regulations of society. It is called discipline. Discipline is the prerequisite of happy and planned life. It brings prosperity in life. It is an ornament of human life and the key to success.

Discipline is the first law of nature. The sun, the moon, the planets, and even tiny insects follow the rule of nature. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The planets move around the sun in a disciplined way. The seasons of the years come one after another in regular turns. If there is no discipline in nature, the world will destroy. Discipline is also found in the human body. Various organs of the body co-operate with one another.

Discipline is very important in student life. If a student does not lead his life in a disciplined way, he will surely fail in life. The nation cannot expect any better thing from him. Student life is the proper time of practicing discipline. It is the time of sowing of future life. So, discipline is essential to student life.

Discipline is very important in every walk of life. To maintain peace and order discipline is the must. Otherwise, chaos and confusion happen. Without it, a house becomes a madhouse. A school, college or university cannot go a single day without discipline. A disciplined nation climbs at the top of success. On the other hand, without discipline, a nation goes towards destruction.

In the long run, it can be said that discipline is a must in all spheres of our life. Without it, our life becomes a life full of sufferings. So, we must be disciplined.

Value Of Discipline Essay

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Discipline means subordination to the existing objective rules and laws of the external environment so as to ensure overall harmony among things and their interactions. All creations human or non-human-have to maintain some rules and regulations to match with the entire system with which they interact.

If they did not maintain those rules, there would be anomaly in the system they belong to. And this is equally important for both humans and non-humans. But, fortunately, Nature has automatized the obedience to these rules for the nonhuman world. Therefore, when we talk of discipline, we only concern humans and human institutions. For this purpose, however, examples can be cited from the non-human world.

Every non-human creation of the universe obeys the rules of its own discipline. For example, the earth invariably continuously moves around the sun; the rivers flow up and down; the seasons of the year come one after another; and so on. Likewise, every member of the animal world strictly obeys the rules that it is supposed to obey to be in harmony with the system it interacts with. From these and various other unmentioned examples, we can easily conclude that discipline is imposed on us by nature herself.

If, however, we look at the human world, we also see the existence of such discipline that is imposed on us by nature. But, in addition to it, we have to follow various other sets of rules that are made and followed by ourselves. Such rules prevail in every span of our life. Especially, when we want to move systematically with the current flows of the aggregate activities of the society and, at the same time, want to make any progress, we must create some rules and follow them. Our deliberate subordination of such rules is called discipline.

Discipline helps to manage ourselves: our time, activities, institutions. If, for example, students want to perform well and advance rapidly toward the desired goal of life, they must discipline themselves according to the rules of the school, college, or university he/she reads it. Without discipline, soldiers could not be made soldiers, employees of a company would not work to the fulfillment of the corporate objectives, the streets of the modern cities could not aviod the traffic jam for a moment.

Without discipline one train would unmistakeably collide with another or the airport would no longer remain a safe place for planes to land. In a word, discipline must be there for everyone to work systematically towards the achievement of any goal whatsoever.

It is worth mentioning in this connection that people can be disciplined in two ways-positively and negatively. And accordingly, discipline can be said to be of two types; namely, positive discipline and negative discipline. When people are encouraged to behave in a desired way by providing them incentives or by exposing them to the feeling of achieving something for which they are working or behaving the way they do, we are said to follow a positive disciplinary approach.

When, on the other hand, people are made to behave in a specified way or manner by threatening to penalize or punish them if they did not behave that way, then we are said to follow a negative disciplinary approach. Virtually, in this approach, people are encouraged to behave in a specified manner because they are discouraged to behave in another prohibited manner.

It is to be emphasized that we should follow the positive approach as frequently as possible. But all human beings are not equally amenable to rules and regulations. There are some people who are not actually self-motivated to behave in a specified way. This necessitates the use of negative motivation also. In practice, both of these two methods are applied simultaneously to discipline people.

In conclusion, we must say that discipline virtually controls our whole life. Only discipline can ensure an uninterrupted progress for human beings. Therefore, we need to maintain it in every span of our lives. And what is more important, the best way to do it is by disciplining our selves by our inner impulse. We should always bear in mind that, without it we all would live in a world of chaos.

Essay On Discipline In Life

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Introduction: Discipline means to obey some rules and regulations. It also implies the subordination of one's personal will to the control of some superiors and external authority. It is also essential to work in a collective and a co-operative manner.

It is more than ever necessary in the educational institution for young people who are by nature full of high spirits which make them full assertive and impatient of restraint. e Teachings: Rules and directions are meant to fix the hours of work and play the forms of conduct and behavior.

The students should be taught- each is for all, no one for oneself. In other word—the individual must sacrifice his self-will to the demands of corporate life. Unless their natural ebullience or waywardness is held in some sorts of the check, their minds cannot be directed to any purposeful ends. In such a state they may go astray. Hence every educational institution must have a minimum set of rules and regulations.

The Competent figures: All men in society are not competent. Obeying discipline they become so. Hence discipline is to be regarded not as an end but a means to an end. Where initiative is discouraged, originality is satisfied and mechanical conformity to certain codified directions is the be-all and the end-all of life, it is off the mark. But true or real discipline is the voluntary restraint that one accepts in order to enjoy freedom. One who obeys orders is alone fit for commanding others in every sphere of life.

Curse of indiscipline: To regard discipline from a negative standpoint is quite wrong. It does not mean an affair of a mere denial of personal liberty or freedom. But freedom is utmost important for the healthy growth of a youthful mind. The object of discipline is not a denial of freedom but its proper direction and regulation is a must.

Unchartered freedom is likely to degenerate into license. The proper attitude should be to enforce the observance of rules in order that the individual tendencies and whims may not interfere with other works in any way. Rowdyism in the college corridors, disturbances in the classroom, refusal of the library rules, disobedience to the constituted authority etc also affect the general order seriously.

Whatever rules are presented or orders are passed must voluntarily be respected. But to its contrary, or if they are not, they have to be enforced by the authority, if necessary with fine and punishment. Such an action never appears to be accepted with good grace. We know that true or real discipline is also a creative process.

To liberate the mind is its ultimate object. One becomes so habituated of thinking and acting that one can develop an orderly attitude of life by spontaneously accepting a prescribed code of conduct. The enforcement of discipline must be accompanied by a recognition of its proper end. This is not only to act as a check on the errant student but also to be an intelligent guide to correct conduct, The student involved must be persuaded to find that he should not exercise any right himself unless he is at the same time conscious of his duties and responsibilities to others.

In a corporate life and society, it is necessary to subordinate his right in the discharge of his duties. Without strict discipline, an institution may become a madhouse where the members can do anything out of whims. The institution remains full of chaos and confusion and the students are bound to go to the dogs or to lose themselves in course of time. Discipline does not beget them academic certificates but provides them to enjoy a regulated and healthy life.

The Discipline in academic: Today we are passing through a period of acute and undesirable restlessness. Rules and routines in academic life have become too mechanical and often meaningless. What we think today will lead to action tomorrow. We have allowed things to drift for too long.

The society at large is becoming more and more intolerant, even violent. Rational and disciplined order need creating a good atmosphere. Once the realization develops the acceptance of discipline becomes easy and voluntary. It need not be rigid as the discipline in the army, but something easy-going and yet not loose/flexible at all.

Usefulness: Man is born in a disciplined way. But his rearing up needs a strong disciplined place. Academy of any kind teaches the goers discipline. There are some hard and fast rules in the academy. So discipline should be maintained all through one's academic life. Education without discipline is not perfect. A disciplined academic life leads the nation towards justice, honesty and truthfulness. So perfection can be attained if there is a strong discipline in academic life.

Conclusion: Discipline helps a man lead a perfect life. It saves a man from being corrupted. It teaches a man to live a peaceful life. The world is a cosmos if there is discipline. On the other hand, if there is no discipline, the world becomes chaos. So for smooth run discipline is desirable in every sphere of life.

Discipline essay

Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Introduction: Discipline means to obey some certain rules of nature and society. It has been ensured for men. All objects of nature always go by discipline.

In Public Life: Discipline in public life is a must for leading the nation towards development. It is to speak that the recent outbreak of 'plague' and the wrong signals that this limited epidemic sent across the world, was not an act of the Creator as some might like us to believe but the regretful result of unpardonable negligence on the part of civic authorities.

Discipline in public life tries to ensure peace and harmony with all and sundry on earth. It offers impetus to the forces of development, progress, and prosperity. No country under the sun can afford to play duck and drakes with the duty known/called discipline. The steady slide in discipline among elected representatives of people manifest itself more often than not in state legislatures where less light and more heat is generated over issues of public interests.

All talk of equity and social judgment/justice becomes a cry in the wilderness or pompous promise if the power fails to comprehend and carry out the dictates of discipline at all costs and in all situations. With discipline as a way of life, all sorts of plans, policies, and programmes are bound to bear fruits. When people in public life or in private enterprise make a mixture of discipline, aspirations and achievements will go astray or go in vain or nip in the bud.

The woeful way the routine calls of duty and discipline by salaried/paid public servants were given a goodbye is a matter of crying shame for one and all. On the other edge, the heaps of garbage in towns and cities were allowed to get rotten and their removal left to ragpickers speaks volumes of the callous attitudes towards discipline.

Sometimes the drama of the absurd is enacted in such a way as all decency of debate and deliberation are thrown to the winds and only lung power becomes the norm of the proceedings. Defections, floor crossing, abductions etc are a painful painter to the near collapse of discipline in public life.

Importance: Discipline has a great importance in all spheres of life. It is the only route that can escort or lead people to the rightful place among the comity of different nations on earth. With discipline in public life under a cloudy sky, the entire socio-economic momentum is brought to a grinding halt. If there prevails any sadistic approach towards discipline, nothing can come to rescue people from being indisciplined.

Then some bigger calamities may overtake them (people) in near future. The remedy of many ills that are always affecting people today lies not in tall talk but in the restoration of discipline in public life. Discipline for any country like Bangladesh is standing at the threshold of economic breakthrough and a stupendous store of opportunities. Discipline in public life especially for the ruling class and the ruled is an essential ingredient.

Historic events: The historic event focuses on the necessity of discipline in public life. On having been reduced to ashes during the Second World War, now Germany and Japan have become economic giants. Both the countries have come to occupy their present economic supremacy by dint of their unstinged faith in their rules and the ruled in the golden principle of hard work and discipline in their private and public life.

Conclusion: Discipline, in fact, teaches people unity, integrity, responsibility and many other essential things by maintaining law and order. Hence it should be the order in public life with an unswerving attachment to it.


Discipline Essay & Paragraph - Introduction: Discipline means training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control of rules or orders. In short, it is spontaneous obedience to superior authority. It is a valuable lesson to learn.

Real meaning: The real meaning of discipline is to obey some certain rules for a fine life in society. It teaches a man to lead a fine life in accordance with rules without creating any disturbance to others even at the weight of a mustard seed.

Its necessity: Discipline is necessary, in the first place, for one's moral life. Self-indulgence is a natural temptation (610a) for all men. Our senses seek easy satisfaction. But if we give way to this craving, we will, in course of time, think of nothing but this. It Is an easier path to lead ahead of the life of pleasures like a bed of roses, but ultimately this leads to misery. Therefore we must keep our passion under the fullest check.

We can do this in two ways, – first, we must accept a noble ideal. Man is greater than all animals because man is ready to sacrifice the pleasures of life for a noble cause. Secondly, we must accept the guidance of our respected leaders. To submit to the orders of this leader is no shame. At school, we must submit to the order of the teachers; on the playground of the captain and at home of our superiors. We should remember a wise maxim to maintain it, — "He alone can command who knows how to obey".

In intellectual life: Discipline is equally necessary for our Intellectual life. This intellect must function under the strict control, Wit is to do any real work. All the intellectuals have felt the necessity of discipline. For example, if a man is unable to fix his attention on any who accepts discipline in the intellectual pursuits, he is sure to achieve some work of noble note". Discipline is necessary for our spiritual life.

The spiritual activity must be guided According to a system. This is religion. Every religion focuses on discipline. If discipline is not maintained in religious life, life will not be perfectly religious typed. To practice religion discipline is a must.

In spiritual life: Discipline is of supreme importance in the military life — in the battlefield. The order of the commanding officer has to be obeyed, come what may. For the soldiers who march towards the battlefield, the motto is- "There's not to reason why; there's not to make reply; there's but to do and die."

For the young man who responds to the call of the country, there is the supreme need of subordinating his own impulses and desires to the direction of the leader. After all, to accept discipline is always to be on the road to success. It develops our higher virtues of a higher nature. Self-control, obedience, single-minded devotion to duty, the capacity for self-sacrifice – these are the virtues fostered by a sense of discipline.

In practical life: Discipline is necessary for practical life, lest life should be spoiled. It is not slavery. It may at first appear severely painful but will soon make one used to it. But obedience 'may have to be rationalized on rare occasions and should not be done by ignoring one's conscience. It has a higher object in view, The slave shows blind subservience to the master's will. True discipline lies in a conscious and spontaneous subordination of one's self to the achievement of some higher purposes.

Conclusion: Discipline must not be mechanical; for man is not a machine. It cannot mean the negation of independent judgment. To accept discipline is by no means very pleasant. It means a surrender of personality that is risky. If we place before us something higher than mere self, discipline will only be willingly but cheerfully accepted. It has an uplifting effect on the character.

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