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Essay On Cyclone- Suitable For All Class Students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Floods, droughts, cyclones etc. are the natural calamities of Bangladesh. The word 'Cyclone' is derived from the Greek word 'Cyclos' a circle which means whirlwind. Generally, cyclone means a kind of moving storm. It always changes its direction and blows at the rate of 60 kilometers or more per kilometer. When very strong winds whirling around the center of the storm moving at a terrific speed with an anti-clockwise motion in the northern hemisphere and with a clockwise motion in the southern hemisphere, a cyclone occurs.

Low depression in the Bay of Bengal is the main cause of cyclones in Bangladesh. This depression prevails on the ocean first. Then it gradually proceeds with much speed towards the land. The region that it touches becomes dark. The sky becomes cloudy. The flow of wind begins suddenly and the temperature rises. Such an environment forecasts that a cyclone is going to take place. Soon the sound of the wind becomes as loud as the roaring of a lion. Rains begin to pour in torrents with flashes of lighting and thunder.

The cyclones that occurred in Bangladesh in recent years especially in 1960, 66, 77, 85, 88 and 91 were indeed terrible. We remember the cyclones of 1988 and 1991. The coastal areas are usually the prey to cyclones. Most hard hit areas are Hatia, Sandwip, Urierchar, Chokoria, Cox's Bazar, Bhola etc. We know from our records that the cyclone of 1970 caused the death of ten lakh people.

Cyclone moves at a terrible speed. Houses, trees, crops, buildings are leveled to the ground. A cyclone often brings with it dreadful tidal bores. These huge sea-tides wash away everything - men, women, household things and animals. Ships and steamers are sunk due to it. The tragedy caused by the cyclone cannot be described exactly in words.

Man is a helpless puppet at the hands of the forces of nature, though science has conquered nature to some extent. As nature is still more powerful than science, we shall have to take precautionary steps to stop the destructive effects of the cyclone. Advance warning of storms or cyclones will be needed and proper steps should be taken to ensure maximum safety of life and property.

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