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Essay On Deforestation- For all level students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Deforestation is one of the most serious problems all over the world & tremendously in our country. It means the act of cutting down or burning the trees of an area and it is increasing rapidly day by day. Men & trees are closely associated. They cannot be separated. Men get oxygen from trees & trees get carbon-di-oxide from men. They depend on each other for existence. So the people of the whole country will face a great problem in near future.

The most common causes of deforestation are cutting & burning down the forestland. People cut down trees for the sake of agriculture & habitation. But it has a negative effect on our environment.

Deforestation causes serious damage to the soil. Various types of birds & animals are leaving the place. Trees give shelter to birds & beasts, prevent soil erosion & beautify nature. It spoils the ecological balance. It is needless to say that forest is the most important & suitable place or home for the wild animals & birds. If people destroy trees according to their will, the beasts & birds will gradually decrease. And ecological balance will gradually be disturbed & imbalanced. So to speak, the effects of deforestation on human beings are positively terrible. The climate becomes unbearable & brings a great havoc to the people of the country. There is also a lack of oxygen in the air. That's why, people suffer from various diseases like heart disease, bronchitis & so on. Deforestation also leads to serious soil erosion. So, the riverbed is filled with sediment & causes frequent floods.

Deforestation is really a national problem. People of all classes should come forward to solve this problem. The green revolution is to be made successfully. The illiterate people should be made conscious & alert regarding the bad effects of deforestation.

It is the fundamental duty & responsibility of all the inhabitants of the world to keep the environment balanced. We should prevent deforestation. Otherwise, our environment will face an ecological disorder in near future. Without keeping our environment balanced, we cannot expect a secure world for the next generation.

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