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Drug Addiction Essay- Suitable For All Class Students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Addiction is one of the most fatal curses that have fallen on today's youth. The addicted person is gradually attacked and decayed mentally and physically by the toxic effects of drugs. Consequently, death eats up the life in him/her; she lives a dead life until she really dies. Therefore, drug-addiction is a great problem not only to a person or family, but also to the society.

What drug-addiction is: Drug-addiction is the taking of various drugs illegally and being addicted to it for their toxic and addictive effects. Though the addicted person may not perceive it, drugs gradually destroy the normal activeness of his/her brain.

The mysterious effects of drugs make the user feel as if s/he were roaming about freely in a care-free imaginary world. His/her feelings and likings are fully conquered by the apparent happieness and transient pleasure that the drugs give. As a result, the users can not understand that they are being tickled by nothing but death itself.

A number of drugs can be named which are widely used by people all over the world. These include bhang, ganja, hashish, morphine, LSD, mariguana, cocain, heroine, and so on. Heroine, however, is playing the greatest and toughest role in leading our young generation astray.

Why addiction: There is no doubt that drug addiction destroys the inner beings of people, filches away their ability to live a normal life, and buys out their invaluable lives by offering them some very transient and wild pleasure. Yet, why do people take drugs? To speak on the perspective of our country, the reasons are many.

Firstly, some people want to make a try out of mere curiosity. Being instigated by the evil enticements of their friends, they want to have a taste of the so-called nectar. But, unfortunately, they are caught for ever. There is no way out for them. The adhesive evil influences of drugs have already engulfed them for ever. Secondly, some people wildly want to escape from life's tortures, depressions, anxieties, and unbearable oppressions.

Various social, family-related, or personal failures may compel them to feel so. They are afraid of the reality; they do not want to face it. Life burdens on them a huge amount of torments. As a result, they seek pleasure in the bottle of wine or in the smoke of heroine or in other drugs. But alas, they buy a moment's pleasure at the cost of life.

Thirdly, some young people, seeing that their parents are not living a happy life and have burnt the incense of their happiness and life's essence in the pyre of bitter conjugal life or separation, take a negative attitude towards life and its existence. Depression and bitterness dry up the lively meadow of their tender minds. Life deceives theni, very coylessly. Then they indulge in drug-addiction and seek salvation of the soul therin. But death rescues them for good.

It must be mentioned, however, that sometimes innocent, foolish young chaps are ensnared by greedy rich drug-dealers. They want neither death nor addiction. But the wickedness of some avaricious dishonest businessmen cause them to die a premature death.

The Consequences of drug addiction: The consequence of drug-addiction is certain death. But it is no normal death. That death is characterized by agonies and pains. Addicted people are deprived of the opportunity to die at a time; they die little by little. The deadly effects of drugs damage the nervous system of the brain with the result that their memory power begins to collapse. The whole body becomes inactive.

But since addiction always needs to be fueled, addicted persons cannot stay away from drugs. The more they take drugs, the more they become dependent on them. A time comes when they feel that it is drugs which are giving them life. Thus they continue taking more and more drugs, and drugs go on envenoming their bodies more and more. They use drugs; drugs use them. At last drugs win the battle. The addicted people die.

If we look at other consequences of drugaddiction, we must say that it is even more destructive than death. Those who once become drug-addicted, become almost mad to get the money needed to buy more drugs. This, in the first place, necessitates them to squeeze their family wealth and money.

When they fall short of money, they take up arms and fall on people. Thus, they hunt for money illegally, which cause others' distress, even death. Thus people's lives are threatened, peace is broken in the community. The system of law and order degenerate. The whole society suffers.

How this problem can be solved: A number of effective measures need to be taken to solve this problem. Of them, the first and foremost step is to ensure that no drugs can be smuggled into the country. If there is any deficiency in the law in this regard, it must be reconsidered. Simultaneously, the young generation of the country is to be made aware of the dangers of drug-addiction.

They must be warned against its consequences. The selling and taking of drugs should be declared punishable, and exemplary punishments must be given to the big guns of the society who are involved in the drug selling activities. At the same time, rehabilitation centers are to be established for those who have already become addicted, and thus their lives have to be saved. And most important of all, those who are involved in drug smuggling must be socially and politically boycotted.

Conclusion: Drug-addiction is a relentless curse for the society. We all should join hands with one another to form a peaceful society where nobody will be addicted. We must bear in mind that only such a society can progress and develop.

Essay on Drug Addiction : A CURSE 2

Essay on Drug Addiction - Introduction: Addiction of any kind is a curse or a cause of rum. It means to be addicted to taking intoxicant. It degrades an addict to the level of beats or takes to death's door. Of all addictions like smoking, taking tobacco in any form, drinking etc. drug addiction like taking heroin, morphine etc. is the most dangerous and most life killing.

Reasons: There are many reasons behind taking drugs or being drug addicted. Unemployment, frustration, the disappointment of Any expected target, lack of social and human rights, mental wibulation of any sort, over rapaciousness, over greed, bad company exploitation, poverty, injustice, heredity etc. are the responsible factors of drug addiction.

Unemployment: Ours is a developing country. Her most people particularly educated young boys and girls are unemployed. They have job facilities to be provided.

Poverty: Poverty is a curse. It makes people frustrated, inactive and surpasses people to advance further.

Mental tribulation: Mental tribulation also indicates the mental format for any sort of reason. When a man cannot find any solution to problems, he is at a loss as to what to do. Both exploitation and injustice bring the victim mental torment.

Disappointment: Disappointment in any respect causes mental torturing at any moment.

Bad company: The influence of a bad company is not less serious. Mixing with it, an unaddict becomes addicted to intoxicant.

Heredity: Heredity is a factor which either leads the generation to the path of right or misleads them to the wrong way. Its Influence cannot be ignored. An addicted father cannot have control over his children. To get rid of these young boys and girls take up drugs to feel fine, free and relaxed following their fore

Drugs: Various types of drugs are used and taken by the weledicts. All are not of the same quality and same valued. Drugs available in our country are the heroin, chassis, morphine, choros, opium wine, sedative pills, pathedin, phencidite, nix, etc. Of them, heroin is the best known and most dangerous.

How addicted: At the beginning young boys and girls con in touch with their addicted friends and take drugs out of fun ar curiosity. Gradually they become addicted. Then they are influenced by their instincts and cannot give up taking drugs.

How are drugs available: Drugs are available like day commodities. Smuggling of drugs is one of the best ways. Ope drug selling is strictly restricted or prohibited but the authority knows that the addicts can easily manage them buying from the underground world or black marketers. Now drugs are smuggled an over the countries in the world. Reports say one kg. of heroin sells about one crore taka. There is also an international smuggling body to supply drugs to different countries through their borders.

The symptom of an addict: The addicts can be found out from their symptoms. They become fickle manded, drowsy, lin and thin, hot-tempered, indifferent, unmindful restless, peevish, crabbed and thoughtless.

Dangers: Drugs bring a heavy loss of health. They make the addicts appetiteless, abnormal, impatient, intolerant, unsocial, inhuman, cruel, heartless and bankrupt. The addicts do not take care of their families but keep ties with other family members, respect their parents, superiors, and teachers. They lose their human qualities, fellow - feelings, friendship etc. But taking drugs makes the addicts become terrorists, hijackers, ruffians, robbers etc.

They are seen in the blind avenues, at the street corners, and in the crime points. The addicts do not behave humanly and politely even with their parents, wives and children, let alone unknown passers-by, pedestrians and people. They generally lie in wait like the cats which lies in wait for the rat. The addicts do not have control over themselves let alone their wives, children, and families.

Many a time, the addicts being over addicted lay beside the road uttering obnoxious words. When they are unable to manage money to buy drugs, they move about madly. Then they don't feel hesitated to involve themselves in harmful activities.

Remedy: Necessary steps need to be taken immediately to prevent the addicts from taking drugs in order to save them. Love and affection, to value their status, to meet up their demand are the best antidotes to save them from being addicted. They should be given to understand the importance of their roles on themselves or on national development.

The smuggling of drugs should be stopped are controlled with an iron hand. The smugglers should be given a capital punishment. A preventive committee should be formed to keep a watchful eye over both smuggling, drug selling, and drug Taking. The unemployed people should be provided with jobs so that they can earn their livelihood. Necessary arrangements for keeping them tension-free should precisely be made. More serious addicts should be hospitalized for proper treatment.

Conclusion: Drug taking always drags the addicts towards an immature and uncertain death. If the country remains drug-free, the countrymen of all classes and tastes will live a very happy life.

Essay on Drug Addiction-3

Essay on Drug Addiction -Introduction: Drug is a necotic or substance that seriously affects the structures and functioning of living beings. Drug addiction is an imprecation to the addicts at any age and any time. Drug addiction is not a new thing. It has increased alarmingly during the last 50 years.

Reasons/causes of drugs: Every action has some causes behind. For this, there are some important reasons for drug addiction. Frustration, association, availability of intoxicant, tobacco unemployment, beastly mind etc are the causative factors of drug addiction. Many a time, the unemployed people become restless.

To them, life becomes a burden. Then they take to drugs as they think it will remove their tension, burden etc. The young generation becomes drug addicted to frustration, unemployment, poverty, lack of love, sympathy, and disappointment. negligence of youngsters, increasing gross materialism and selfishness among parents are other important reasons for becoming drug addicted.

Harms: The fate of the addict is serious. Many a time he is to depend on others. Drug-addiction leads many other evils and abuses, such as telling lies, cheating, committing to theft, robbing passers-by of their goods, pick-pocketing and other anti-social activities. He can, under no circumstances, refrain (himself) from taking drugs. He by any means tries to have it in due time at any cost.

A drug addict also does something in the family that ruins the peace and order. He falls out with other family members for money. Even the steals ornaments, jewelry, money, utensils, clothes and what not to manage money with a view to buying drugs. The other members of the family remain in tension for his harmful activities.

It helps him see strange things that have no existence at all to him. Everything under the sun seems to look yellow like the thing in the jaundiced eye. He dies a painful death losing character crown and glory, money, health, family reputation, aristocracy, and good-will. A drug addict can commit suicide at any moment. He becomes a burden of society, a big blot and a curse to parents, family. society and the nation.

Some drugs: There are some drugs. They are the chorus, ganja, heroine, brown sugar, phencidil, uphium, morphin, pethidrine, cocaine etc.

Remedy: The drug addicts become inactive soon. So its necessary remedy is urgently needed. To remove young generation from drug addiction the govt. the educated and considerate people should come forward with necessary steps. The victims should be made conscious of it by creating awareness among them. The strict watch should be kept on the borders wherefrom drugs are smuggled in the country.

A great awareness should be created among people of all classes through mass media like radios, television, newspaper etc. Public meetings, corner lectures, audio, and video shows should frequently be held to warn the addicted people against the drug-abuses / legal drug selling, Drug importing should be banned with an iron hand. The drug vendors and drug sellers should be given the exemplary punishment for its open sale.

The addicted people need to be rehabilitated, guided, controlled and looked after. Besides, more and more anti-addiction centers can be opened in cities, towns and villages, Strong preventive and curative measures should immediately be taken. Both penalty and fine should be imposed upon the addicts.

Drug-taking places: Drug addiction is an acute problem in Bangladesh. Our young generation has involved themselves in laking drugs. They are habituated of or accustomed to drug-taking and do anti-social works sitting or standing at the corner of the streets or in the slum or in any secret place or room. The police and the vigilant teams should be debuted on the drug-taking places for its prevention.

Conclusion: Drug addiction is a curse that causes fatal diseases. So more and more people, govt. and non-govt. agencies, social groups, conscious youth organization, and other corporate bodies should come forward to fight against it.

Essay on Drug Addiction-4


Essay on Drug Addiction - Introduction: Youth is the golden season of everyone's life on earth. A man harvests the yield of seeds what he shows in youth the best period of life. The mind remains fresh in youth. It also contributes to the growth of a nation in the most effective manner. The energy in youth can channelize for building up a pure heritage and nation for sustaining its growth while drugs refer to intoxications. A drug-addicted youngster becomes a terror to himself, to the nation and to the land.

Causes: Many reasons are there behind taking or being addicted to drugs. When a young person comes in touch with an addict, he gets drugs for the first time and thus enjoys their unenjoyed influence. The usage for a single time leads him to drug addiction. The desperate one gets the touch of drugs from suspicious drug peddlers and they organize gangs in all the cities and towns. Suffering from frustrations, unemployment, pauperism, association, disappointment, exploitation, injustice, scanty earning and other unsolved problems a youngster become drug addicted.

Young and drugs: Youth and drugs are not closely related but have opposite wings to remain. Luminal, maudrax, alchohol, banned medicines, heroine, wine, uphium, morphin etc are regarded as drugs. The youngsters take smack, brown sugar, and other contraband drugs which are spoiling their lives day by day. Drugs have a permanent effect on the mind because a drug addicted person cannot escape (from) it for life.

The young mind stops thinking positively. His body becomes lethargic and he strives to remain under the effect of drugs. Drugs lead the addicts to behave abnormally for his psyche becomes very sick. In our country, some boys are the wage earners of their families. Being affected extremely they fall victims to drugs and lead the families to extermination.

Likewise, some girls being addicted to drugs lose their character, morality, women virtues and virginity. Young boys having failed to manage money become terrorists, kidnappers, rulings, miscreants and indulge themselves in inhuman, anti-social, unlawful and public nuisance acts. While the young girls finding no legal ways roam about in search of their preys. Their chastity or virginity becomes deflowered for sexual abuse or fornication.

The place where drugs are available: Drugs are available in metropolitan cities. The dishonest businessmen, the smugglers, and other blockers deal in drugs secretly. The drug sellers use the young chaps to get their purposes served. A young boy or girl once caught in the intricate racket, he/she can never get out of this.

Reports say that the USA is a haven for drug peddlers, despite All administrative efforts for controlling this menace. In India, drugs are smuggled from across the border through airports and sports. The customs officials seize record amounts of heroine and other drugs but many consignments escape their watchful eyes.

Demerits: Drug is a dangerous thing. It spoils the young generation of the country. If the youngsters get addicted, it is hard to save them. It is a social and national curse. Kidnapping, robbery, burglary, hijacking, infanticide, genocide, matricide, terrorism are increasing by leaps and bounds all over the country out of drug action.

Remedy: The ready for the drug problems among the youngsters is a crying need. It mainly depends on the will force/willpower of the addicts. They must stop taking them and allocate more time to studies, sports, and career-building. The govt. should establish Drug Rehabilitation Centres all over the country. Police personnel should be deputed to keep their watchful eyes over addicted youngsters.

Medical treatments and psychological counseling facilities should be made available. They should be dealt with deep love and affection. The family, friends, and relatives must extend all sorts of co-operation. They should remove the frustrations from them. They should be advised that a drugged youth means a drugged nation which has no future at all. The social organization and the NGOs can play vital roles in this context.

Conclusion: Drug menace is assuming a very dangerous turn. It will spoil the nation's future. It must be eliminated so that the country may become a better place to live in.

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