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Essay On Freedom of Press-Best for all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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A press is the symbol of a free people. An independent well-informed press is a powerful check on arbitrary governments and irresponsible administrators.

Reasons for their freedom: Newspapers and journals make a very good contribution to the nation and the land so that they may function well either effectively or efficiently. Hence, they deserve freedom in their realm of work within specific eithcs. As related and identified with newspapers, the press wields an immense power in a democratic country.

Meaning: Freedom of the press means to speak about all concerned. Even a general citizen can enjoy this freedom. He may express his opinions and constructive ideas through the newspaper. Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to the news media. It means freedom of all sorts of opinions and writings from all corners.

If the freedom of the press is undervalued books written on religion, politics, sex, etc. may likely be prescribed. Personal art, doctrines, isms are not subject to any moral or immoral barrier. If this happens to them, they will remain at the bottom of people's oblivion.

The press is customary: The press forms and elicits opinions creates legal movements and controls all policies publishing well-formed criticisms. In a democratic state, the press is a customary symbolizing a free people through making the existing government and governance transparent, responsible, and accountable.

It always keeps a watchful eye over the administrative functions all over the country and checks all sorts of corruptions, misappropriations, and malpractices of the authority vested with administrative power. The freedom of the press always makes frantic efforts to bring all corruptions, unlawful activities, and malpractices to the notice of the people.

Newspapers also act as a constant vigilance in this regard. So the freedom of the press can fly like a butterfly and stings like a bee, if necessary.

 Party's influence on newspapers: A newspaper is generally owned by the business magnet which makes it compelled to voice his own views. Almost all political parties have their own newspapers which work as their mouthpieces. Such newspapers cannot but publish news, views, reports, opinions, etc in the Interest of the parties.

In such a situation the press loses its freedom. A newspaper, if published under the influence of any political party or an individual rather than a professional journalist, its freedom is considerably controlled like a caged lion or a man put in chains. If we look around the world, we find that the great newspapers in America are in the hands of powerful financial syndicates; in America or the USA.

They are in the care of the capitalists and in China, they are in the hand of the existing government. So, freedom of the press depends on the way it reflects. Considering this as a proper vigilance Napoleon once uttered, "Your hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets".

Hence arises," A selfish person vested with authority is as dangerous as the sharp weapon in the hand of a child". Such a dangerous thing may likely happen to the newspapers published under the brutal influence of a party or an individual.

Real freedom: Real freedom of the press can exist only where free people can function freely in a free democracy. It is saved right which should zealously be promoted. The Government owes it to itself to guarantee it from all arbitrary interferences.

Editors owe it to the public to maintain an honest attitude in favor of the people against the party or class interest. In an enriched democratic govt. a newspaper is widely free like a flying bird in the sky to express and spread public opinion. rows

Role of the Legislative body: How to ensure the freedom of the press has become the crux of the question. The legislative body can ensure the freedom of the press by preventing any interference. Only the independent-minded editors should be allowed to publish newspapers freely considering the legal rights of the common people. No newspapers should be allowed to publish baseless news, false news, ill-propaganda, influencing news, scurrilous abuse, distorted news etc.

Conclusion: Freedom of the press should be a valued privilege. The govt. should zealously come forward to encourage the newspaper to publish news and views in a free and fair way against any party and class interests.

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