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Essay on Freedom of Speech | For All Class Students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Freedom of speech means to express the opinion of citizens in a democratic state. Democracy always nurses the freedom of its citizens as it is defined as, "the government of the people, by the people and for the people." The citizens of a democratic government can protest against any violation of the "democratic rights of people. They can safeguard democracy by voicing against it. So freedom of speech is a universal right of every citizen granted by the democratic regimes of the world.

Real meaning: Freedom of speech in its wider sense does not mean to criticize the existing government for nothing, to use rough words whimsically and to embarrass anyone with impolite and improper languages. Freedom of speech refers to a rightful voice against injustice and oppression. Man is a talking animal. He has the liberty to express his mind or give out his opinion on anything reasonably. It means to voice, the constructive criticism in a constructive way.

History: History gives silent evidence that in the 19th century the slaves had no franchise and freedom of speech. Women got the franchise and democratic rights in the 20th century. In the light of the definition of 'democracy' freedom of speech can be considered as the index of true democracy of a country.

Powerful instrument: Nowadays, freedom of speech has become a powerful instrument of reformation and grievance redressal in most parts of the world. Satellite television has provided worldwide access to the suppressed and repressed people to voice their sufferings and grievances on various forums. a dumb person or a block headed person is to bear with oppression, exploitation and social injustice. silently. His intellectual maturity does not allow him to voice his protest against them.

Importance: In a democratic country freedom of speech has an important role to play. It helps establish a fair government and its fine governance. An eminent political scientist says," Freedom of speech is man's birthright. It is an asset of the governed." So a fair government and social system are not possible without the guarantee of freedom of speech to all citizens or members of the country or society.

Interests of citizens are bound to clash. Unless the aggrieved has the freedom to express his grievance and complain to the law enforcing agencies, he cannot protect his legal rights and safeguard his interests. Freedom of speech is also enshrined in the constitution of all civilized and democratic rights of the world.

The NGO's role: In the present world, organizations for the protection of Human Rights have been set up. Many nongovernment organizations (NGOs) are engaged in creating / spreading awareness of civil liberties and empowerment of women I and other weaker sections of the society.

In collaboration with national and international organizations monitoring the status of its Human Rights, these NGOs have made an into the backward and of the citizens who are still under the soporofić influence of ignorance.

The savage and common people of Bangladesh are becoming aware of their civil and democratic rights by dint of the influences of these organizations. The amended constitution of the country never ignored in the past, ignores at present the rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement within the country etc.

Women's rights: The rights of women have been paid great importance in all respects. They can now establish all sorts of their rights in the form of the court. They have, after all, their womanly rights. They can give free voice to the opinion and problems and mobilize society or community and approach legal and executive agencies to sort out the thorny issues which have eluded solution so far.

Many women are now found leading the governing body. Freedom of speech is used in obtaining and ensuring basic human rights. Whenever people are taking initiatives to liberate themselves from repressive political order, they are getting moral support of the people from the free countries. It is hoped and expected that proliferation of human rights and freedom of speech of people will enforce the liberty of man throughout the world.

Conclusion: Freedom of speech refers to the expression of people's mind on establishing fair governance for all and sundry in a democratic state/country.

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