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A village doctor paragraph and Composition For Different Class Students

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A Village Doctor Paragraph: A village doctor is a person who gives medicine and treatment with his little knowledge to the village people. He is very popular and familiar figure to the villagers. Though he is quack, he is very important in the village. He is not a well-educated person. He may pass the SSC or HSC examination. He generally gathers experience by working under a qualified doctor or in a medicine shop. He does not keep valuable medicine in his dispensary. He keeps some common and necessary medicines. His chamber is usually seen in the market. A few chairs, a table, an almirah and a few benches are seen in his chamber. He is very active, punctual and dutiful. He gets up early in the morning. Generally, he opens his dispensary early in the morning and begins to attend to the patients. He tries his best to cure the patient but takes little fees from them. He leads a very simple life. A village doctor is an important figure to the villagers because they find him whenever they call him. Actually, he is the best friend of the villagers.

A Village Doctor Paragraph

Topics: [Introduction, Qualification, Service, Importance, Conclusion]

A Village Doctor Paragraph: A village doctor is a very important person in the village. He plays an important role in the life of the villagers. He serves the villagers taking little fees from the patients. So, everybody respects and loves him. Generally, a village doctor is not well educated. He may pass the SSC or HSC. He has no minimum medical education. Sometimes he gains experience working under a qualified doctor. He acquires practical knowledge in treatment. He takes a short training from any institution and then comes back to his native village and opens - a dispensary and begins to practice as a physician.

A Village Doctor in Bangladesh

A Village Doctor in Bangladesh

Having little knowledge, he often cannot identify patients' diseases accurately. For this reason, he is called a quack. A village doctor serves the villagers sincerely. He is very helpful minded. He is a very active, energetic, punctual and dutiful. He keeps his dispensary open from morning to evening. If anyone calls him, he goes to the patient's house. Sometimes, he starts walking through the village with a bag full of medicine. He tries his best to cure patients but takes little fees from him. At the time of the epidemic, his duty increases. He stands beside the patient and serves them. For all these reasons, he is very popular among the villagers.

The importance of a village doctor beggars description. Villagers get close him in their rainy day. Sometimes, he serves to the poor villagers free of cost. Villagers can also buy medicine from his dispensary in credit. Villagers go to him for advice in all matters. Even villagers get him calling late night. Poor villagers cannot take treatment due to poverty. But their only reliance is the village doctor. Because only the village doctor serves them free of cost or little fees. A village doctor is a guardian of a village. His service is very valuable. So, the government should take the necessary steps to train him so that he can provide better treatment to the villagers. In fact, on the rainy day of the villagers, he is really a blessing.

A Village Doctor Essay

Topic: (Introduction, His education, His dispensary, His position in the village society, His importance,
His pro
blems, Conclusion)

A Village Doctor Essay - A village doctor is an important person in the village. He is a private practitioner for the helpless villagers. In a word, he is a useful and influential person in the village.

A town has many qualified doctors. Some of them are even specialists, but it is a matter of regret that there is no qualified doctor in a village. A village doctor works for a long period as a compounder or as a salesman in a pharmacy or under a qualified and experienced doctor. He is known as a quack. Afterward, he comes to the village and begins to serve the sick villagers.

A village doctor has a dispensary either at his home or in the marketplace. It is furnished with some chairs, a table, and an almirah. His dispensary is simple. His stock of medicine is poor and consists of a few common and cheap varieties.

He possesses a remarkable position in the village. He is the trusted friend of the villagers.
A village doctor is a very active man. He rises early in the morning and takes his simple breakfast. Then he goes to his dispensary and examines the patients. When he goes outside to visit a serious patient, he carries a bag full of medicines. A stethoscope is hung from his neck like a necklace. He goes from place to place on his bicycle or on foot. He is so sympathetic that even at the dead of night, he is available for consultation. He is kind to his poor patients. He does not demand any large fee. Consequently, the poor villagers are highly benefited by a village doctor. :
The problems of a village doctor know no bounds. His knowledge is limited. Sometimes he prescribes wrongly and the patients die. He cannot buy all the medical instruments and medicines because of his financial constraint.

A village doctor is kind-hearted and is a friend to the villagers. He is, so to speak, a pillar of the village. Though he is not rich, he is loved and respected by all. He is looked upon as a god by the villagers. So, the authority and the public should try to improve the working condition of the village doctors.


A Village Doctor Essay - Introduction: A village doctor is a very important person in the rural areas of Bangladesh. He is a great friend of the poor villagers. He is well known to everybody in the locality
Qualification of a Village Doctor: Usually a village doctor does not have any medical degree. In most of the cases, somebody working in a drug store or as an assistant to a doctor turn up to be a village doctor. Some of them have short medical training courses like L.M.A.F. degrees. The educational qualification of a village doctor is never sufficient for severe cases. Yet, he is the only resort for the villagers for any type of diseases as a qualified doctor in the rural area is very rare.

Description of the Chamber of a Village Doctor: A village doctor usually practices medicine from his own house or sometimes from his dispensary in the village market. His chamber is, very often, a shabby place. It contains a table, a few chairs and racks full of emergency medicine. Here he examines the patients as well as sells drugs. His chamber lacks insufficient medical instruments. In most cases, his chamber does not have any significant and he does not need one. His patients know him for years and know his chamber.

Life of a Village Doctor: A village doctor leads a busy life. He visits a lot of patients every day. Still, he cannot earn much. As the villagers are very poor, the village doctor usually charges very little to his patients. In many cases, he does not take any fees. He examines his patients in his chamber. Sometimes, he goes to visit the patients at their residences. He does not have any specific working hours. Whenever the villagers face any trouble they go to him. In emergency situations, his patients even wake him up at midnight. So, his life is a tough one.

Conclusion: Though a village doctor has the shortage of medical qualification, his service is indispensable for the villagers. He is a trusted and honored person to the villagers.

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