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Essay On Friendship – Suitable for all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Friendship is one of the noblest expressions of human relations and instincts. It is a relation existed between heart. Since sincerity and loyalty are the foundation of friendship, it is a boon and divine gift. It is an intimacy or an acquaintance existed between two similar minds and like-minded persons. Confidence, love, sacrifice, fellow-feeling, mental state, and other relevant aspects belonging to this lead a man to develop or establish a friendship.

A true friend: A true friend is really a friend as it is rightly called an alter ego. A true friend is one who helps his friend when help is needed. He is more precious than any other relative. He acts As one's shield when one is attacked by hostile circumstances and as one's sword when one faces a sworn enemy.

Everybody needs a genuine and sincere friend for there is nothing like a true friend. The merit of a true friend is inestimable. True friendship generates mutual trust, co-operation, tolerance, sacrificing sense, devotion, self-control and the spirit of living lets let live. It is one of the crowning glories of mankind. A true friend keeps nothing concealed from his friend.

If you have a good friend, more than half of life's battle can be won. Everybody craves friendship. Even kings, princes, great warriors, and conquerors wanted to have friends to enjoy the blessings of friendship. Friendship brings to mind another famous saying, "Birds of the flock feather flocks together." To quote Bacon again, "The worst solitude is to have no friends," A true blend pays rapt attention to his friend's problems than his own.

Example of true friendships: True friendship is rare but a few examples of it are found. Fredrik helped Carl Marx with money in order to make him devote his energy exclusively to his writings and to the building up of the institution of the Communist International.

The friendship of Krishna, the king of Dwarka, and Sudama, the poor Brahmin and childhood student companion is a good instance of a true, ideal, and genuine friendship. Again the friendship between Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R) can be cited as the same type of friendship. Francis Bacon rightly said that the world is but a barren field without a friend. Similarly, Vein Cicero declared centuries before him," They take away the sum from the world who withdraws friendship from life."

A false friendship: A false friendship is not rare. He is not available during painful periods. He is found remaining beside his friend in palmy days. In fact, friendship without any fortified foundation is a mere pretension, a hollow and a useless relationship. False friends are in fact more dangerous than the real enemies.

Many people pretend to befriend just to have their private or self-interests served especially in the garb of a true friend. They are found only in palmy days, prosperity, happiness, and cheerful circumstances. In the time of need, they never come up with any help or assistance. Such people are regarded as fair-weather friends, thieves, cheats, and flatterers who rob us of our precious time and money.

They generally disappear very quickly when there prevails any adversity and misfortune. The imaginary story of two friends' going through the jungle bears well the betrayal of friendship. Because the selfish and fair-weather friend at once climbed up a nearby tree for his own safety leaving the other in lurch or

Demerits: The developing of friendship is easy but hard to preserve and maintain it. A miser or a self-centered person can never expect to enjoy a true and permanent friendship. Adversity always presents the litmus test of friendship. White fragile and opportunistic alliances break down during adversity. So goes a wise maxim- "Prosperity makes friends, but adversity tries them."

Conclusion: In the life full of uncertainties, the steady affection of a friend is the greatest support that one can obtain. Near friends and relatives feel envious of our achievements but true friends rejoice in them for their total identification with us. Making a true friend is no less than a veritable extension of one'self and enrichment of one's being,. Love and sacrifice are the hallmarks of friendship.

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