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Leisure Time Essay- For all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Leisure is that sweetest of moments when a man has nothing specific to do. When he is his own master and can dispose of his spare time at his own suit will.

Meaning of leisure: Leisure does not refer to idleness or laziness but it refers to relief or relaxes for a short period from the monotony of daily routine. It is not a non-activity but it implies an activity which is meaningful, potential and enjoyable: It is for its own sake as it is a period of personal fulfillment and pleasure. It is, so to speak, freedom of monotony, boredom, and drudgery of life.

The present time is a time of automation, better standard of living and longevity has further broadened and liberalized the real conception of leisure. The strange and wonderful invention of science and technology has also reduced the hour of working and consequently man has now found a lot of time to enjoy leisure at his suit will. In fact, very few people are aware of making the proper utilization of leisure.

Different people spend it in different ways, They have no proper sense or idea of it due to their ignorance, whim or uncared habit. To many others, leisure is a time to make creative and aesthetic pursuit and inner fulfillment.

Today's leisure: Today's leisure is spent in various ways People are rightly found in spending their leisures, watching T.V. The craze and popularity of TV is increasing day by day. A great part of their time is spent not in manly thing but in viewing programs in the idle box.

Such a craze and popularity of T.V. has created many socials, psychological, physical, family, individual and mental problems. That's why, leisure spent watching TV, enjoying cinema shows, and other lengthy interesting things may marginalize towards reading, social activities, and outdoor habits/hobbies to a great extent.

Source of enjoyment: Most men, therefore, find a life strenuous business. This is the tragedy of life, work and worry— both are equally unavoidable yet both are equally tiresome. The continuity of this chain has to be broken now and then to enable man to recover his freshness, to take mind off on a holiday. Leisure breaks upon the monotony of existence with a touch of variety.

Man's life is usually bound by routine; leisure affords an opportunity to escape out of the compulsions of routine and breathe the fresh air of freedom. This is, therefore, always a source of joy whenever it comes. Life on earth is not an easy affair these days. The mere task of keeping the body and soul together strains resources to the utmost limit.

To live well one has to be incessantly toiling, just to earn the extra bit of money. Hence the problem of having a workfree period is difficult to solve. The best way to do it is to have a socialistic society where work is a rationed in term of social needs.

The enjoyable leisure: Truly speaking, leisure is enjoyable in relation to one's work. After a day's hard and toilsome work, one needs to enjoy leisure the most. In absence of work, no leisure can truly be conceived. Leisure is a kind of diversion which pre-supposes work and labor. Rest is much sweeter than honey and money after exertion and exhaustion.

Totem Our life: Our life is now more free and leisurely than our forefathers. Now people have found out to spend their leisure time. There are interesting serials, spicy films scientific music, dances, shows, plays various types of information weather forecasts, different types of interviews, analysis of events, happenings and Incidents and many other things at twenty-four hours of the day. There are many sources of channels to choose from.

Necessity: Man is under the necessity of leisure. After a tiresome work a period of leisure makes a man fresh, energetic, and stimulates him to finish the unfinished work. One can spend leisurein taking snacks at a restaurant, tea, cofee and other edible things At leisure one can engage oneself in meditation and religious practice. The great men all over the world in the past and even at present spent and now spend their respective leisures in meditation in pursuit of knowledge, constructive ideas, benevolence for the well-being of mankind. Leisure in man's life is as essential as food but its proper utilization in the fruitful way is wanted. The happiest man is, of course, he whose work is leisure, who finds a perpetual joy in the work he has to perform. To such a man work is never a soul killing drudgery.

Conclusion: Man cannot continue to work for all day long, He needs rest, race and leisure, for regaining energy, stimulation, and concentration for the next works.

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