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My Hobby Essay for Junior Level Students

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I have a hobby. It is collecting books. I developed this hobby as a child when my parents recited stories from the storybooks to me. They regularly bought storybooks for me. The stories enchanted me and I began to treasure those books. At that age 1 listened to stories from “Thakurmar Jhuri' and 'Alif Laila' and got lost in the imaginary (Peau) world of those books. The beautiful pictures of the books also charmed me very much. This fascination with books continued till I got admitted into primary school. At one stage my father bought me a beautiful bookcase. I began to put my collection of books in that bookcase. My parents continuously gifted me with good books Gradually my library began to get enriched. When I grew up I also bought many books about my taste. My library is a source of great pleasure and joy to me. This hobby has made me a better person.

My Hobby Reading Book

My Hobby Reading Book

My Favourite Hobby Paragraph

My Favourite Hobby Paragraph - Hobby is the favorite work of a person that he likes to do in his leisure time. It is not one's occupation. It does not bring money. It gives one joy and removes the monotony of works. I am a student. My favorite hobby is reading books. Whenever I get time, I read the books of my choice. I like it because of some reason. I know that books are your best friend. Reading books helps me to gather much knowledge. It removes my monotony. It broadens my outlook. I read different kinds of books such as storybooks, novels, poems, essays, detective novels, etc. I spend at least two hours a day on my hobby. It gives me much pleasure. Therefore, everybody should have a hobby that gives him pleasure and knowledge.

Your Favourite Hobby Essay (Essay on My Hobby)

Topics : (Introduction, Kinds, Description, Why favorite, Conclusion)

Essay on My Hobby - A hobby is a man's favorite occupation other than his main business. A man may find time after his usual daily work. He may spend that time in doing something which gives him special pleasure and adds to his knowledge. It is called his hobby. Many great men of the world took to hobbies to relieve their mind from the monotony of their main business. Alexander, Washington, Napoleon, Tolstoy, Rabindranath, Nazrul- all had their hobbies. Life becomes dull if there is no recreation.
“What is this life full of care
If you have no time to stand and stare?”

There are various types of hobbies. Some people may like to spend this time in gardening, collecting stamps, drawing pictures, playing some games, catching fish, hunting birds or taking photographs etc. I have a hobby which is befitting for me. My hobby is photography.

Indeed photography is a thrilling hobby. I have a small Yashica camera. It is absolutely automatic. I like to take snaps of the members of my family, relatives, and friends now and then. I am the lover of nature. So, I am especially interested in taking pictures of various flowers and sublime natural scenery like the scenery of Sundarban which is very charming. I can not acquire immense pleasure from any other hobby than photography. Photography influences my mind profoundly. This hobby occupies my mind so much that no evil thoughts can disturb me.

Photography is a valuable hobby. If I wish, I can make it a profession in the near future. Moreover, I can preserve the present situation for the bright future by photography. Even on important occasions like marriages, birthdays, receptions and farewells can be preserved through photography. Photography will remain as my constant companion.

Photography is a great source of pleasure for me. It removes the troubles, worries and monotony of life. It teaches me the purity of thoughts and actions. Life becomes dull and meaningless without a hobby. One gets much pleasure from having a hobby. So, every man should have a hobby of his own.

Short My Favorite Hobby Essay For Juniors

Essay on My Hobby - Introduction: A hobby is that work which a person does not for financial gain but for the fulfillment of his/her aesthetic desires; that is, only for the sake of pleasure. Every man has a hobby. And so do I.

My hobby is gardening. There is a small slice of land in front of our house. I have turned it into a nice flower garden. I work for a while almost every day when I find some spare time.

I may be asked why this hobby. In that case, the answer is very unambiguous and simple. Gardening is at the same time a process and a result. It quenches the aesthetic thirst of the mind. When I work in the garden, I have a different taste of work. It gives me an opportunity to work physically, which keeps me active and helps me feel cheerful. I consider this work as play. That is why I am never bored by such work. Besides, the time I spend working in my garden proves to be prolific. When the plants give nice odorous flowers, my heart gets filled with a sense of achievement. I can easily see before my very eyes the fruits of the efforts I put. This gives me immense satisfaction. Most importantly, I like this hobby because what I do in my garden ultimately takes the form of enjoyable eye-catching beauty. And who does not want the consequences of his work and efforts to be beautiful? To repeat what I said earlier, a hobby should be there for everyone, and as far as I am concerned, gardening attracts me the most for the above-mentioned reasons.

Maybe in this connection, I should give a brief description of what I do in my garden every day. Early in the morning, alter saying my morning prayer, I water my garden. At that Selected Essays time, I pick up any flowers that have withered away and remove them from the garden. My little sister, by the way, take them to make wreaths every day. Her hobby is making wreaths out of those flowers and playing with them. Anyway, I work in the garden again in the afternoon. Then I water it again. After doing that if I find that some plants have outgrown others making them look awkward and unbecoming, I trim them up. Then I clean up the garden. Occasionally, however, I remove the plants which die or become incapable of giving flowers and in their place plant new ones. It must be mentioned in this regard that all through the year I am always on the lookout for collecting new flower plants that I do not have in my garden. Very often I am offered such rare or coveted flower-plants by my friends and relatives. Now a good variety of flowers adorns my garden.

I have already told out how my gardening activity benefits me. But how the garden itself benefits me needs to be mentioned too. I benefit much from it. When, after my day's work, I sit down on the easy-chair in the veranda attached to the garden, exhausted. I take a full breath of relaxation. The beauty and enchanting smell fill up my mind with pleasure and ease. A sweet gust of wind sweeping away the smell of lively flowers touches me from all sides and hugs me most dearly. Then I feel as though I were in a realm of dreams. Then my joys know no bounds. Another important benefit that I derived from the garden is that it adds to the beauty of our house, it is in front of the house, clearly seen from the street. There are hardly any people who pass by our house without taking a brief look at the garden.

As a hobby, gardening is the most attractive to me. I love it

Essay on MY HOBBY (Reading Books)

Essay on My Hobby - Introduction: A hobby is something that we do not do to earn a living but to please ourselves. We engage in a hobby to refresh our mind after hard work. Without a hobby, it is difficult to enjoy our leisure.
Description of My Hobby: I have a bobby. It is collecting books. I developed this hobby as a child when my parents recited stories from the story books to me. They regularly bought storybooks for me. The stories enchanted me and I began to treasure those books. At that age, I listened to stories from “Thakurmar Jhuri' and `Alif Laila’ and got lost in the imaginary world of those books. The beautiful pictures of the books also charmed me very much. This fascination with books continued till I got admitted into primary school. At one stage my father bought me a beautiful bookcase. I began to put my collection of books in that bookcase. My parents continuously gifted my good books. Gradually My library began to get enriched. When I grew up I also bought many books about my taste.

Benefit: My library opened the doors of my mind to the outside world. My library has stimulated a love for reading books also. I have collected books on a wide variety of subjects. Every day, after finishing my lessons, I pass some time with the books of my library. Thus I have come to know a wide range of things reading the books in my library. My reading has helped me in many ways. It has enabled me to think clearly and articulately (গােছালােভাবে). It has also improved (উন্নয়ন সাধন করেছে) my collection of words, use of language and writing skills. My academic result has always been good and the key is my library.

Conclusion: My library is a source of great pleasure and joy to me. This hobby has made me a better person.

My Hobby Essay for 10th Class Students

Topics[Introduction, Kinds, My hobby, Description, Benefits, Conclusion]

Essay on My Hobby - Hobby means one's favourite occupation, but not one's main business. It is very important in human life. It has a great influence on our life. It removes our monotony. There are different kinds of hobbies, such as gardening, painting, stamp collecting, kite flying, picture drawing, fishing, coin collection, picture collecting, reading books etc. So, hobby differs from person to person. Everybody has a favourite hobby. Hobby differs from person to person. Everybody has a favourite hobby. I have also favourite hobby. My favourite hobby is gardening. Some people consider it a mere waste of time and energy. But I do not think. I spend one or two hours daily in my garden. But I think that it is not a waste of time. Every day I do work in my garden. My garden is in front of my reading room. Whenever I find the time, I work in it. I make the soil loose with a spade weed out the grass and plant flower plants in it. I sow the seeds of some plants and water them regularly. I have also put a fence around my garden. It keeps away cattle and naughty children. Various kinds of flower bloom in my garden. They make our house beautiful. I have cultivated the rose, the hasnahena, the marigold, the sunflower etc. in my garden. I find great pleasure

The benefits of the hobby, beggar description. We know that the success in life depends on work. But only to carry the luggage of work is not man's work. He also needs entertainment side by side work. Hobby is an important source of entertainment. It removes our monotony of works. It helps to form a sound mentality. Before I made this garden, I was a sick boy. I lost my appetite and became very weak. But when I started this garden and worked in it for some time, my health improved. Now I am quite a sound young man both physically and mentally. A hobby plays the important role to make our life enjoyable. It is a great source of health, wealth and pleasure.

Hobby essay-1

Essay on Hobbies - All through our life, we are always busy with work. And, to be truthful, most of the time we are burdened with what we do; this is, perhaps, because we have to do it even if we don't take delight in doing it. Such work helps us earn our bread. That gives us financial support but for which we would not be able to sustain. But, unfortunately, since such work is obligatory, we become tired of it sooner or later. And for this reason, during our leisure time and having our financial requirements fulfilled, we want to do something which would give us not financial assistance, but pleasure-pure pleasure with the immense possibility of the satisfaction of the thirst for creativity and plain curiosity. This leisure-time work, which we do not for living but for life, is called a hobby.

To go back to history, all great men and women that we meet in history had some hobbies. Of these, some were most peculiar and strange. Such hobbies include collecting pens, and antiquities, fiddling, just looking at the sky, and even killing flies. And in the present day too, almost every person, great or common, has his/her our hobbies. For example, some like to collect stamps, some book, some others pens, and so on. Not only collecting things explain hobby very much; there are other activities too. For instance, we see that gardening, photography, painting, singing, reading, writing all these have been found to be taken as hobbies by many people. Every person, indeed, choose his/her own hobby according to the time available to him/her, his/her peculiar temperaments, and creative impulse.

The importance of hobbies needs no mentioning. It is our hobbies that best explain what our inner beings are like. Man's compulsory work establishes him, but what expresses and nourishes him is his hobby. Only in hobbies can he exert the full strength of his creativity with full freedom. It makes him curious and satisfied at the same time. Since, as a rule, the man demands no material benefit from hobbies, he usually gets from it what he does not greedily and consciously wants. Thus he gets more than he wants and a bliss of satisfaction overwhelms him.

Therefore, we can say that hobby takes a man through the exercises of how to work without being worked by; how to keep away from selfishness. Hobbies, thought of in this point of view, have undoubtedly a magic touch with which they enliven us both internally and externally. Moreover, hobbies save us from being involved in any illegal or harmful or meaningless activities which could easily entice us taking the opportunity of our leisure time. And this is a great benefit, indeed.

The selection of hobbies, however, poses some responsibilities on us. That is, before selecting any hobby, we have to be certain that it in no way harms or irritates others. Again, since some hobbies demand the spending of much money, we have to be sure that the hobby that we choose does not go beyond our means in terms of financial expense. And what is more, we must check that hobbies do not consume up all our time and make our valuable work-hours futile. Yet another point which is no less important is that we must, as far as hobbies are concerned, take care that they do not become our addiction.

It is sometimes said that hobbies are luxuries of the rich. But that is not true. Every man--poor or rich-can have a hobby that suits him. The complaint, however, draws our attention when we see that people are inseparably addicted to and obsessed by hobbies at the cost of their essential activities of everyday life.

What hobbies should we select from the perspective of Bangladesh? This is, though having hobbies necessarily needs no criticism, an important question to answer, as far as we remember that we are all citizens of a poor country like Bangladesh. But the answer could be given with some slight touch of suggestions. In this developing country of ours, it would be prudent of us to select such hobbies that could help our societies advance or in some way or other introduce our country to the other parts of the world. Keeping these objectives in mind, we could choose such hobbies as working for the eradication of illiteracy, gardening, photography, and others.

Rabindranath said a man should have some hobby whatsoever. He was right. The only hobby makes us work without leaving us tired. Hobby refreshes us, entertains our mind, and enhances and sustains our creativity. The hobby has no alternative, so to say.

Hobby essay-2

Essay on Hobbies - Introduction: Hobby means one's optional occupation but not one's main business. It is a favorite pursuit followed as an amusement. Man does not live on it but it is not less important.

Kinds: Hobby is of many kinds. They are gardening, kite flying, stamp collecting, angling, painting, collecting of autobiography, beekeeping etc. Personal or individual hobby differs from man to man (person to person/individual to individual). Different people have different tastes, likings and so their hobbies are different.

A great man like Rabindranath Tagore, Count Leo Tolstoy, Bernard Shaw, Alexander Pope, Napoleon Bonaparte also had their own hobbies.

My hobby: As a man, I have the main business to maintain the family. Despite a world of infinite pain and suffering, I think it better to spend my leisure in some delightful activities. So my mind is scared like the flower. No sign of any kind and category could touch me even today. Among all hobbies, gardening is my liking. To me, no other hobby is exciting and interesting as it. I want to have relaxed by working in the garden. I am favored with a standardly sized plot of land for gardening in front of my reading room.

Reasons for choosing this hobby: Choosing a hobby depends on a personal affair, personal taste, personal capacity and time suitable for the age. Since flower is the symbol of holiness and purity. I like selecting and taking up gardening as my hobby. Ono

Time of working: To work in the garden I have found out a timetable. I work in my garden in the morning and evening. I plow the plot of land. I make the soil loose, weed out the unwanted grass and bushy plants which harm my garden. I have put a strong fence with bamboo and herbs around the garden so that the naughty boys and harmful animals can do no harm for it.

Planting flowers: I have planted many flowers in the garden. I have in my garden planted the rose, the marigold, the Beli, the maloti, the Shefali, Kamini, Gandharaj, hasnahena, Chameli, Champa, Palash, Jui etc. In another portion, I grow vegetables like carrot, Amarnath, cabbages, cauliflower, lalshak, colokeshia. brinjal, okra etc. Each flower has its scent and color. The vegetables I have planted have grown well and can meet up our need.

Source of joy and income: The garden is a source of joy and income. When the flowers are in full bloom, the garden looks smiling. Sweet scent spreads from the blooming flowers. The garden with its blooming flowers has made my house look very beautiful. Each flower has its sweet scent and fragrance. When I look at the garden, my heart dances out of joy. My joy lies in giving my friends flowers. During festivals friends, relatives and neighbors send for flowers. Vegetables also grow in plenty in my garden. I sell both flowers and vegetables in the market and earn a good amount of money. This is also helpful for my family's expenditure.

Usefulness: Gardening provides us with both joy and income. The modern age is also beset with innumerable problems. If we make ourselves mere slaves of a routine, we shall find life very much boring, monotonous, dull and cheerless. But we can avoid or remove the monotonous life to find a lot of funs. When I fall a victim to monotony of life, my garden provides me an immense pleasure removing it. It promotes my health both physically and mentally. When I work in the garden, I feel fresh, tensionless, and very fine. I think I am helping in the work of creation. Gardening stimulates me to learn my lessons. Because it removes my day's boredom. "Work is worship" — goes a wise saying. I find the maxim quite justified in gardening. Working in the garden saves me from coming in touch with a bad company both in the morning and in the evening. My mind seems to be filled with good thoughts. Ho Hobbies in other countries: Hobby differs from one country to another. What is a hobby in our country may be an important business in other countries In Europe, the hobby is a popular occupation with the spread of education. Most civilized countries have realized hobbies and their significant aspects.

Conclusion: Hobby many time becomes an important business if special attention is paid. My hobby gives me pleasure along with the feeling of interest in studies and other works.

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