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Perseverance Essay: For all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Odd as it may sound, there is truth in this saying. Virtually, there is nothing that man cannot do. Only what he has to do is to keep doing and doing without being demoralized. Success will come some day or other, though it may apparently be the conception about something that it cannot be done.

The task that is easily done at the first attempt is undoubtedly very easy. But the reality is that man's success depends on whether he can do the toughest tasks successfully. It is because our life is complicated and tough. And to succeed in this tough battle perseverance and hard-work is a must.

Perseverance is a unique precondition to success in life. We can substantiate this fact when we look at the reality of life and the history of man's success. Perseverance helps us do what we otherwise would consider impossible to do.

What the world-famous scientist Sir Issac Newton had done by twelve years' incessant hard-work was burnt out by his pet dog. But that could not demoralize him a little. He was able to do it again through years of hard word and perseverance. It is only for his undefeated perseverance that we have been able to have many inventions and discoveries.

Columbus has left us an adventurous story of perseverance. He went through thick and thin to reach his destination after months of the strenuous voyage on the sea. He discovered the way from Spain to America and offered the world a new route of communication with America. This outcome of his perseverance will be generated by the world forever.

The bold king of Scotland, Robert Bruce, has left us a thrilling example of perseverance. Once, after being defeated several times by the English, he was forced to hide himself in a temporary exile. But he in no way gave up the intention to beat back the English from his motherland.

One day, while in deep meditation about how he could wage a successful war again, he found that a spider, having made attempts to make its web six times and failed, was eventually successful at the seventh attempt. On seeing this the king learned a lesson. He applied that experience of the spider in his own life and was successful. He attacked the English for the seventh time and was able to defeat them and dominate his power on his motherland.

All the great men in history have written their names in golden letters by dint of perseverence. Their success will always remain as perfect examples to us.

At present, there are seen the games of the excellence of perseverance all over the world. At the root of newer and newer inventions and discoveries of science, and of the possibilities of innumerable things yet to be invented, there is an uninterrupted flow of efforts, that is, perseverance. It goes without saying that this modern world of ours is an outcome of thousands of years of perseverence

In this connection, it should not be left unmentioned that by dint of the long nine month's assiduous hard work and perseverance we have been able to free ourselves from the ferocious clutches of the marauding Pakistani army. Now we are a free nation. We ourselves, as well as the whole world have much to learn from it.

Work without perseverance may not lead us to any good or the expected results. Hence the importance of it. In the words of a Bengali poet:

Try a hundred times if you fail once, And never say it can't be done.

We must do what we need to do; we are supposed to do it. The success of life is to be able to achieve its goals. But is anything ever possible without perseverance? It is unquestionably true that perseverance is to success as success is to live. By the strong aegis of perseverance, we can defeat all obstacles and win in life.

Though this life is not exactly a battle, it is at least a tough game. And the heart of any game is competition. But can any competition be won without hard work and perseverance? Never. Moreover, in the modern world, there are competitions in education, economy, politics, science, and even friendship building. Therefore, whatever our goals are, the only means by which we can achieve them is perseverence.

It is obvious that perseverance is needed not only at the individual level but also in the social and national level. If we all are perseverent in whatever we do, we are sure to stand out as a successful nation in the near future.

Essay on Perseverance-2

Perseverance Essay - Introduction: Perseverance means to attempt again and again for doing anything with a view to gaining success. Success in anything needs untiring zeal and efforts with concentration. The successful figures have achieved success by dint of perseverance.

Necessity: None can achieve success in the world without perseverance. Hence it is essentially essential in worldly life. There is hardly any sector or sphere in life where perseverance does not play a significant role. All the beautiful, useful and beneficial things have been gained by virtue of it. So it is a key to success in the advancement of human civilization. Man's life on earth is not a bed of roses. There are dangers at every step. Man can overcome these obstructions and difficulties through perseverance. Since life needs success likewise success needs perseverance.

Perseverance in student life: Great is the importance of perseverance in student life. An idle and inattentive student cannot gain an education. Even a common student by dint of perseverance can acquire education better than of an inattentive talented one. A maxim goes." Don't give up anything for future but try once again." If a student fails to memorize an essay at one time, he should read again and again to memorize it without being nervous or faltered.

In case of a farmer: A farmer can achieve success in producing crops by virtue of it lest he should be unsuccessful. Perseverance does not indicate to undergo a hard labor. It stimulates a man to attempt for a work as a rule with regularity.

In national life: Perseverance has no alternative or substitute in national life. It is necessary for an individual life as it is in national life. Its necessity can under no circumstances be ignored. The citizens of a nation must be active, diligent, hard-working, painstaking and regular working for the well-being of themselves and the nation as well. The citizens should be energetic, enthusiastic and stimulant to work in a very united way for the betterment of the nation.

Perseverance and merit: Merit and perseverance are not the same things. These two things are found in two different judges. Many a time, these two things are reciprocally related. Merit without perseverance can do little in the field of success. But perseverance without merit can do much.

Newton, the great scientist commented." There is no word being merit. It can be overcome or surpassed with regular labor and perseverance." A plan can be planned, a profile can be prepared by utilizing the brain but the plan and profile cannot be materialized or implemented without any further attempt.

So it is learned that merit is abstract and perseverance is practical. So a frequent trial for doing anything brings success or a positive result.

A man of perseverance: The mother of success in life struggle is perseverance. An instance can be cited here – King Robert Bruce was defeated about a few times in the battle. But he did not lag behind or give up hopes and aspirations. He did not lose heart. He made frantic efforts again and again and following the example of a spider in climbing the roof, he got stimulated and fought with unswerving determination and courage. Just at the seventh time, he succeeded.

Napoleon presented an excellent instance of perseverance. Rabindranath Tagore, Nazrul Islam, A.K. Fazlul Huq, and Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose succeeded in both national and individual life by virtue of perseverance.

Without perseverance: No great work can be done without perseverance. A man having no perseverance can succeed in any work. His ruin or destruction becomes a must. History does not bear his name. He is not remembered by anyone even in his lifetime or death.

Conclusion: Perseverance brings success and makes a man of perseverance ever memorable. A proverb goes, "God helps those who help themselves." It is a noble virtue that leads a man towards success. Hence we all should be the men of perseverance.

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