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Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science

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At present we are living in the age of science. Everywhere we can see the wonders science has done. Now science has changed the way to look. It has changed our lifestyle dramatically. For instance, once upon a time, people had to cover long distances to give and receive messages, which took even months. Now we can send and receive messages with the help of telephone, telegram, fax, and e-mail. Once things like flour, paper, cloth etc. had to be made with manual labor. Now cloth, paper, pen, pencil etc. are made in machines. Seeds are sown, crops are harvested and husked mechanically.

Science in Everyday Life

Science in Everyday Life

Wonderful Inventions: The present civilization is literally the wonder of modern science. Some of the remarkable contributions of modern science are as follows-

  • Electricity: Electricity is undoubtedly the most important invention of modern science. It is the biggest improvement of modern civilization. With the invention of electricity, our life has changed radically. Electricity is a great source of energy. It has stimulated the invention of many other things based on its power. Modern civilization is, indeed, indebted to electricity for its progress.
  • Helicopter and Aeroplane: Helicopter and the airplane are important inventions of modern science. They have provided mankind with wings. Now man can fly to other places in helicopters and airplanes. Helicopters and airplanes can cover great distance in a very short time.
  • Telephone Mobile Phone, Wireless, and Videophone: Modern science has brought about the revolution in the field of communication. Now one can contact another person in any corner of the world within seconds with the help of telephone, mobile phone, and wireless. The videophone is one step forward where we can both hear the voice and see the picture of the person we are talking to.
  • The radio and Television: Radio and television are two wonderful inventions of modern science. We can hear the voice of the speaker from any part of the world on the radio. Television goes one step forward. With the help of television, we can not only hear the sound and voice of the
    speaker but also see programmes and events.
  • The computer and the Internet: Computer is one of the most significant inventions of modern science. It has opened the door to endless possibility. Nowadays the good influence of the computer can be found in every aspect of our life. The computer has made all kinds of difficult calculations and processes much easier. Internet, which is essentially a network of computers and was developed based on computer technology, has started a new era in the field of
    communication, interaction, and transaction.
  • Nuclear Technology: Nuclear technology has given mankind an unthinkable source of power. This power can be used both for peace and destruction. If used for peaceful causes, it can be used as a substitute for fuel and for generating electricity. If used for destructive purposes, it can kill millions of people and destroy a city in an instant.
  • Artificial Satellite and Space Travel: Artificial satellites are used for communication and weather forecast. Science has reached mankind to the age of dream by enabling space
  • Inventions in the Fields of Medicine, Agriculture, and Education: Science has brought about numerous inventions in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and education. Important inventions in medicine include vaccines, X-ray, ultrasonography, eco-cardiography, CT
    scan, chemotherapy, plastic surgery etc.. Biotechnology has caused the revolution in the field of agriculture. Scientific inventions such as the computer, internet, television, calculator etc. have also improved the quality of education to a great extent.


Conclusion: Scientific inventions influence us in every step. Now we cannot live a single day without science.

Essay on Blessing of Science

Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science - Thousands of years ago, the primitive man was a slave to Nature. His life was played by the eccentric hands of various malignant forces of nature. He was helpless. But that helpless cave-man, at last, stood against the wayward Nature. He began to learn the techniques of protecting his own existence. He used his brain; it developed little by little. He used his hands, legs, eyes and other limbs of his body; they all developed and got stronger.

He used his mental faculty against the mighty attacks of Nature and was eventually successful. He was able to tame the wild forces of Nature and use them for his own comfort and convenience. This man went on inventing new techniques and discovering new realities and using them in the proper way.

Now man has a wide reservoir of various techniques, knowledge, and experience, which we call science in a word. So, the advancement and progress that has taken place in the human civilization so far have only been possible by dint of science. Truth to tell, the modern civilization is a gift of science.'

Science has made life easy and comfortable for the man. Our every-day life is full of the contributions that science has made. ln, the morning we start our day's work after taking a bird's eye view of the newspaper which is a gift of science. We consume the benefits of electricity, electric fan, radio, television, pressure cooker, air-conditioner and thousands of other things every minute, every day.

We talk to people of far-off places through the telephone. We communicate with people from other parts of the world or far-off places through fax, E-Mail telegraph, and other devices. Now we do not have to walk upstairs or downstairs in a ten-story building and get tired; the lift is there to carry us up and down in the twinkling of an eye, so to say.

Now we have cars, buses, trucks, trains and such other facilities for transportation and communication. Almost anything that can be said to have made our every~day life easier and more comfortable is a gift of science-be it a tiny-shaped stapler or a big refrigerator.

Inventions in the medical world have changed our life almost altogether. Now we do not have to suffer from diseases unattended and helplessly. Various medicines are there to prevent as well as cure various diseases. As a result, the death rate of the population in the present day has decreased dramatically. Some diseases like malaria and smallpox have already been driven away from the earth, so to say.

Science has eased our life by providing us with various luxurious goods like perfumery, air-conditioner, entertainment instruments such as radios, televisions, cinema, and such other things. Many of these things are nowadays considered essentials of every-day life. Now we can hardly think of a day without a cup of tea or the soothing wind of the electric fan. We can not even think of a single day when we do not enjoy the entertainment programmes on the TV or on the Radio. Many such things have enriched our life.

Science is the most important book on earth. It has made possible for us what earlier was thought to be unimaginable and impossible. No doubt that it has created a number of fatal problems, but those problems can be solved with the help of science, and our earnest intentions to live better and happily is enough to solve them. In the modern world, science has no alternative. We cannot do without it.

Essay On Importance Of Science

Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science -Introduction: Ours is an age of science. Present civilization is, In fact, the gift of science. With the help of power given by science. The man has been inventing new things to acquire greater and greater power to make life more enjoyable.

Electricity: It is the greatest and most wonderful invention of the science of the 19th century. Now city or town - dwellers can hardly imagine their life without it. It lights our houses and streets and cools us in the hot summer. With its aid, we operate T.V., Radio, V.C.R., refrigerator, elevators, mills, and factories etc.

The telephone, Telegraph, Teleprinters, and Mobile: The Invention of these are the important wonders/blessings in our life. News, messages, and views are communicated through them from one place to another. The mobile phone is another invention for communication with people within a second.

Radio: Radio is another remarkable wonder/blessing of modern science. It has made communication quick and safe. 'It provides and entertains us with recreation, best songs, dramas, plays, radio reports, stories, autobiographies, and world news. Through it, we hear the human voice from the farthest corner of the globe.

Television: It is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. It is the most up - to - date means of communication, instruction, and amusement. Through it, the members of a family can watch it with profit and pleasures in their own houses. In it, we not only hear the voice but also see the picture of the performer. Without it, modern civilization cannot be thought out.

Rudder: The invention of the rudder is another wonder/blessing of science. It is used in detecting the direction and range of aircraft, ships etc. Besides, the meteorologist can collect weather report and ascertain people the approach of storms and cyclones.

Rocket: It is another wonder/blessing of modern science. With its help, the conquest of the moon has been possible. Scientists even think of human habitation and colonization on the moon and other planets.

The computer: Computer is the best and most wonderful invention in the fields of arithmetic, printing etc. It has brought about a revolutionary change in most fields. They have simplified the complexities of modern men. Besides, It is used in the fields of trade, commerce, and medical science.

Robot: Science has invented robots to use it for various purposes. The robot can do any hard work.

Nuclear energy: The release of nuclear energy is the greatest wonder of modern science. With the help of this energy, man can take an atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb, the missiles etc. and other destructive war weapons. Man can also use this energy for peaceful and constructive purposes.

Education: In the field of spreading education, the role of science is very remarkable. Papers, pens and other instruments for education are the gifts of science. Book printing, bookbinding, scripts scanning are the blessings of science.

Communication: Science has brought about a revolution in the system of communication. Trains, buses, steamers, ships airplane etc. are the blessings/wonders of modern science. They make traveling quick and easy. We can cover hundreds of miles within a short time.

Agriculture and Industry: The invention of tractors power pumps, fertilizer, insecticide etc. has made agriculture to get maximum yield in exchange for minimum labor. Machines are working day and night to reduce human labor and save time and money in the industry."

Modern treatment: The wonder/blessing of science in the field of treatment is worth - mentioning. The microscope, the Xray, the radium, the ultra-violet rays and all these have come as a blessing to humanity.

Mobile phone: Nowadays mobile phone is widely known to all. Even an infant in its mother's lap knows about it. It is also a blessing of science. People can easily communicate with others through mobile phones.

Demerits: Science has some drawbacks. It has made people unemployed by inventing working machines. In most sectors, manual labor is less important. The working machine helps increasing more production. Devastating weapons have been made for war. Scientific inventions like an atom bomb, nuclear bomb, heavy weapons have done great harm to mankind. A man can destroy a long distant established by dint of scientific invention sitting at his drawing room.

Conclusion: In fact, science has done all things for us except creating life or ensuring immortality. It has made our daily life comfortable and easy. So scientific invention should be applied in useful works but not for harmful purposes.

Essay on importance of science in our life


Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science -Introduction: This is particularly an age of science. Science has completely changed the nature of human life lessened the distance, made uneasy easy, impossible possible and unthinkable practical. Even a hundred years ago, the condition of a man roaming in the whole world at the mercy of the mighty forces of nature, was miserable of not pitiable. Then he had to suffer from the vagaries of weather and the far greater attack of diseases.

Life and science: Life and science are related to each other. It is only science that has relieved human sufferings greatly; especially in the case of medicine and surgery. Apart from fighting against diseases science has made life much more comfortable with various amenities. The sufferings of our ancestors who had to walk for days together in the sun and in the rain through dusty or muddy roads to reach a distant place have been lessened or made comfortable by science.

The man has invented science and hence science has an ever link or relation with man. But today we can go to the end of the earth by jumbo jet incredibly faster. In olden times, if anyone went out or on a long journey, he usually despaired of returning safely or in safety. Life in the pre-scientific age was ruled by accident manner which was explained as destiny. Traveling by land, or sea or air has become a pleasure. The ordinary day to day business of living has become much more smooth and easier by dint of science.

Blessings of science: We are not under the cover of darkness, nor do we sweat in the summer heat as our ancestors did. Science has given us air-coolers, air-conditioners, fans, electric power-driven vehicles and what not. The operation for patients was so painful that more victims died on the very table. But today most diseases are yield to treatment, many of them are checked by vaccination or by many kinds of micro-surgery.

It is now possible to conduct an ultrasonic treatment and transplantation of limbs and organs. So science has greatly saved/relieved men from the untimely death. Life for the western countries is more comfortable than it is for us. The average home in America is quite different from us. There are many labor-serving devices to give tired housewives more leisure and more comfort.

A housewife can have an electric oven, washing machine, and calendar. But in towns and cities of our country, these have been arranged for some of them. The housewives in the western countries at present can get their things done by

Printing line: In the realm of printing, science has become the hand-maiden of culture. Book printing and production that was a very costly thing in the last century is now very cheap, comfortable and plentiful. Writings were done on the leaves, barks of trees and stones. Books written with hands were very costly and remained beyond man's buying capacity.

For students: The students are not deprived of its blessings. He can do everything with the help of science. He can enjoy facilities for reading and writing in a comfortable library for conducting experiments in the laboratory which his forefathers could not dream of. The lecture in the class is now aided by the apparatus and the microphone.

In the office: To the men in offices and factories also, science offers all sorts of pleasant amenities and facilities. If it is too cold, the office room can be kept warm with the help of a heater. 11 too cold, the air conditioners can keep it warm. All heavy and unpleasant works can be done with the help of machines.

In communication: First men did not believe in science and its discoveries and inventions. In the field of communication man, nowadays, is not lagging behind. He can easily communicate with all by dint of science as it has given us telephone, telegraph, wireless, mobile phone, fax, internet and other media of communication. We can talk to the people of the far end of the world within a second.

In agriculture: Agriculture is related to a man. Science has not left agriculture untouched. Adopting a scientific method people are increasing production in plenty in all respects.

Peoples' benefit: Science has blessed people with a lot of blessings. It has not made any distinction between the poor and the rich. No man, so to speak, under the sun is deprived of the blessings of science. But city dwellers reap the advantages of science much more than those of the village people.

Conclusion: Science is man's invention and its blessings are for mankind. Since the dawn of invention of science, it has given its all sorts of blessings for mankind. Hence its relation to life is perennial.

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