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Punctuality Essays for Students of All Classes

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Punctuality means being on time and meeting deadlines. It's important for success in school and work. Below are essays on punctuality for students of all classes, highlighting its importance and benefits.

Punctuality Composition ( 1000 Words)

"Seize the day", cried Horace about two thousand years ago. But time and tide wait for none. Time passes and passes. Nobody can stop time's ever-busy frigate for even a second. It passes away throwing everything into the dark mysterious cavern of the past. Yet, it can be made full use of. And only punctuality can ensure the proper utilization of time.

To think more concretely, life, be it long or short, is limited by a specified period of time. It is made up of time, so to say. For this reason, though life does not mean just a collection of time, we are apt to measure life by the yardstick of periods and moments.

As a matter of fact, life is a small event left at the mercy of the never-ending current of evanescent time, both the beginning and the end of the event being imprisoned in the cage of time. Life is ruled by time.

As a result, time always passes by, what only remains is what is done during this time. Therefore, the life in which there has been no killing of time, and only important works have been done, is not bounded by the physical limits of time.

On the other hand, the life that has killed away time in various ways is virtually shorter than its predetermined length measured in time. Therefore, to make life success punctuality is a necessity, and punctuality means doing the right thing at the right time, thereby ensuring the least possible wastage thereof.

What it all goes to mean is that punctuality means keeping pace with the real world of necessity, or in other words, going with the time. Punctuality means growing the flowers of life's achievement by disciplined efforts in the desert of the futile 79 time. Punctuality means, in a metaphorical sense, binding time in works and achievements.

The man has many responsibilities in the society. His achievements and success depend entirely on how he carries out these responsibilities. If every moment is made good use of in view of the necessity and the stage of life, then it becomes a success. Thus, punctuality is doing the right thing at the right time, not postponing today's work till tomorrow, and not wasting away a single moment of time. Thought from this point of view, it becomes clear that discipline is a precondition of punctuality.

Another characteristic of punctuality lies in the restriction that no two works should be attempted to do at the same time. Making such an attempt may result in the failure of not being able to do any one of them well. And it is in this regard to be borne in mind that, man is under the subordination and domination of time, but time itself is a part of work. So, time is to be won over by meaningful works and achievements. To be more dramatic, punctuality is following the principle of " there is no time to waste time."

The importance of punctuality can hardly be overemphasized. In the absence of it time has no value. The time that has brought nothing to life has taken much therefrom and got lost in the mysterious past. Therefore, punctuality is to success as success is to life itself.

If we want to be great in life, we at first must consider time the most important asset. Life lies in work, while idleness means death. The success of any work comes from the doing thereof at the right time. If it is not done in its right time, even the greatest hard-work can bring about no good results.

The fruit that ripens before the season, rotten when the right season comes. Likewise, the work that is for tomorrow should not be done today, and vice versa. If this is done, then the work of neither today nor tomorrow brings any good results.

For example, the precocious students who stoop to the studies of the next class slighting away the works of the current classes, cannot get well marks in the exams of the present class, nor can they do will the next year, since they are not well-equipped with the knowledge of the previous stage. But why does it all happen? Not that they have not worked. They have, but why this failure? The answer is easy. The use of time without punctuality is useless.

But punctuality does not always mean working and working incessantly. Rather, it implies the systematic combination of work and leisure as well. Proper leisure is a part and parcel of proper work. In the words of a poet, "leisure is to work as the eye-lid is to the eye.

" Therefore leisure must be there after every work. As a matter of fact, the man works to enjoy his life, and leisure ensures him the enjoyment of work. But if the issue is analyzed more minutely, then it becomes obvious that "leisure" is a relative term. When overwork is tiresome, then leisure means the relief from work and perhaps taking rest physically.

On the other hand, when worklessness or idleness becomes tiring, then leisure means getting rid of that inertia by undertaking the burden of work. If the inter-relationship of work and leisure is well-woven with the thread of time and given a disciplined character, it can be called punctuality. It is to be remembered that the leisure which is recognized by the rules of punctuality is not necessarily any idleness.

To be time-conscious.To divide time in past present and future, and then plan works for the present and the future in the light of the past experience.

To engage time in works and to surrender the right work to the right time.

To measure time by work done, rather than by minute, second, hour, days and etc.

To learn from each moment successfully and unsuccessfully spent in the past and apply that knowledge to life.

If we obey these rules of punctuality, then we can be sure that we will be successful in life. At last the wisest words of Nepoleon the Great can be remembered, " I have defeated the Austrians, mainly because they failed to discern the value of a time period of only five minutes".

Punctuality Essay (500 Words)

Punctuality Essay - Introduction : Punctuality means to do something in time. To finish any work at the right time is punctuality. Time and tide wait for none. So we must acquire the habit of punctuality that means the habit of doing our duties at right time. The man has a lot of duties to perform in his short span of life. But how can he expect to finish them all unless he attends to them in their appointed hours?

Importance: Punctuality prevents needless waste of time. The success of both an individual and a nation depends on the proper use of time. Its importance should be realized in different fields of life. If a man gets up late, he has to hurry through his works and the result is that he gets nothing done well. He remains ever restless and ever hasty. He may be a man of talent and he may have many other virtues, but all these cannot save him from failure or ruin.

An unpunctual man: A unpunctual man does not do anything in time. He is a curse to himself and the nation. An unpunctual man keeps others waiting and fails to keep his own appointment. The merchant who opens his shop late in the day loses some of his customers. an employee who is late in coming to his office gets black-listed and may even get the sack. The doctor who does not keep his engagement punctually not only loses his practice but also cause his patient's death.

Similarly, the lawyer who fails to turn up in the court to defend his client may lose the case. If a train starts late, it may lead to a disastrous railway accident. Unpunctuality in military affairs is attended with dangerous results. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo simply because one of his marshals was a few minutes late in arriving at the battlefield.

A punctual man: A punctual man is a blessing for himself and the nation as well. He never lags behind unsuccessful anywhere. A farmer working regularly and punctually can finish his agricultural works. He can enjoy the fruit of his punctual labor. A monsoon can build a wall putting one brick after another punctually.

The student who is regularly irregular in attending his classes loses some of his lessons every day. On the other hand, a student who is punctual never misses any lesson. He follows his routine of studies carefully and prepares his lessons long before the examination and he comes out of it successfully.

The western people: The habit of punctuality is almost natural with the western people, and it is one of the reasons that has made their nations great.

Conclusion: Punctuality is of great importance in life. It is a virtue. Everyone should be punctual to shine in life. The man who does not obey the rules of punctuality can never prosper in life. He is a neglected figure in society. Nobody loves him. He cannot accomplish any work on time. He leads a very charmless life

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