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  • May 21, 2024
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Sex has become a taboo. Many people consider it as holy or unclean, set apart as such. It is one of the four ends of life like religion. wealth, sex, and liberation.

Sexual Superstitions: Parents, teachers and other superiors or elders feel embarrassed to deal with sex before children and students. The present day is a day of science and technology but there are sexual superstitions, prejudices, myths and much ignorance of sex in our country.

Our people are God-fearing, shy, illiterate, ignorant, and shameful in this regard. Lack of scientific knowledge and understanding of procreation and its physical aspects, the adolescent and children suffer a lot in most cases.

Our people are unable to develop a healthy attitude towards sexual affair or sex and suffer from many sex-related misconceptions. Our young boys and girls feel sexually excited and get stimulated but they fail to cope up with the situation for dogmatism, prejudice, wrong impression, or for want or lack of sexual education. So they are to suffer from various sex-related complexes or complexities.

Aims: Sex education does not mean a direct way to allow people to meet up a sexual appetite, it also means to impart constructive sexual knowledge to them in an unorthodox manner. This education aims at giving people the exact conception of sex so that the target people can be healthy or can have a healthy attitude towards it without being misdirected.

In our society. children are scolded, threatened and in many cases caused or punished if they are found discussing sex with their contemporaries, When they become more eager to know more about sex without any discussion, they gain knowledge about it from doubtful, ill-informed sources, friends and books are written on sex.

This also gives rise to obscene books, pornographic literature, blue films (BF) and other trash materials belonging to this nature. Many married couples suffer a lot from sex-guilt and think love-making as something a social obscene and undesirable to be indulged into the darkness of their bedrooms at night.

Demerits: The unscientific and unhealthy attitude towards sex is responsible for gender-bias, sex-abuse, prostitution, homosexual, rape, unnatural sex, and undesired pregnancy. The rapid increase in the case of AIDS is the outcome of ignorance about sex and the reproductive process. Our youngsters know or hear about western culture in western countries where free love and sex prevail.

Many of them probably expect such a culture prevailing in our country. There are many satellite channels of T.V. They watch this type of scene or scenery in an unnoticed manner of their parents and guardians. Then the knowledge about sex they gain from watching T.V. is not enough. Sex is a very sensitive subject that needs to be handled with care and caution, lest it should create another type of serious problem. oba

Problems from lack of sex-education: The children need to be taught sex scientifically, naturally and as one of the school subjects, many of the evils and complexes related to sex can be removed. Many people suffer seriously from syphilis, gonaria, AIDS, STC for lack of sex knowledge and education. If sex education is imparted to them by the experts, specialists, doctors, gynecologists etc with the help of models, charts, slides, illustrations etc, they will get rid of these diseases.

In our country, many young men and women fall victims to sex-evils because of their poor, smattering, little, unscientific sex knowledge. Consequently, they face sex abuses, sex exploitation, and evil sexual designs. There are many cases of unwanted mothers, children and pregnancies found here and there in the country especially in rail station terminals, uncared areas, slums etc.

Sexually transmitted diseases: The findings in a study conducted to ascertain the level of awareness among the adolescents of the country on matters of safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases show that majority of the growing children are in the dark about these. But there is no scope to learn them academically or from other approved sources.

The study undertaken by the population council involving over 6 million adolescent students of about 14000 secondary schools came up with the results that 3,5 million male students have little or no idea about it, only 13% of unmarried adolescents knew what STD meant, about 50% had heard about AIDS as a fatal disease but did not know how it is caused, transmitted or, how it can be prevented, only 34.6% of the unmarried adolescents knew that using condoms can prevent transmission of STDs, HIV, and AIDs.

The experts' opinions: Experts have rightly observed that sex education was imperative at such times as the whole world including Bangladesh has become venerable to kill diseases like HIV, AIDS. In the present context when STD, HIV, AIDS, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, high rate of infant and maternal mortality, reproductive health, unbridled population growth, and related poverty, etc are the subjects discussed regularly in many forums all over the country.

The lack of basic knowledge among the adolescent population only indicates that we are not going on the right track. It is surprising that the national academic curriculum grossly overlooks this vital subject and as a result of which the growing boys and girls remain ignorant and become a subject to misinterpretation and exploitation in the long run.

We can well imagine the state of the population control program and the general health of the people with about 25% of the total population, the adolescent remains in the dark about the important issues.

The govt.'s advocacy: The govt. can advocate sex education in higher classes in schools on more than one occasion by assessing correctly the need of the hour in a rapidly changing social scenario. Whether the dogmatic people like it or not, the govt should discard many old and superstitious beliefs and make rooms for the new.

Importance: Sex education has become an integral part of health, therefore, it is a need for our growing people, if we expect them to lead a healthy life. Sex-education makes people alert and conscious of leading a fine life. It helps people meet up a sexual appetite in a very suitable and pleasing way.

Conclusion: There will be no ad-hoc or half-baked thing in imparting sex education to people. Both men and women entrusted with giving sex-education should really be well qualified mentally, psychologically and educationally. Imparting sex-education should be suggestive, imaginative but of practical value based on scientific studies and attitudes.

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