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Essay on The Profession | To choose your best profession

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  • May 21, 2024
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The profession of teaching is one of the oldest and noblest professions in the world. The teacher or the guru, in the ancient world. always enjoyed not only the patronage but also the reverence of the king or state. Teachers exercised a powerful influence in building up the mind and morals of young men. But in those far-off days, the profession was not organized. It was an affair of the individual.

The learned man would invite and attract pupils who would live with him in close and personal contact and learn from him through his example as much as by this precepts. He would impart to them what he knew as the inheritor of his wisdom. He was poor in the worldly sense, but his intellectual life was rich beyond measures.

Modern teaching: The art of teaching in modern time has undergone a thorough change. It has become highly specialized. It has to be based not only on scholarship but also not in the right methods of teaching. It must seek not only to put into the mind of the pupil, items of knowledge but also draw out the learner's mind. The teacher should try to come down to the level of students and the learners should try to catch up with the teacher and thus there should be established a half-way house.

Hence teaching nowadays is both a science to be acquired and art to be practiced. The medieval pedagogues was a severe task-master; he would continually thunder instructions over the heads of his pupils, and enforce them by a free use of the cane. Where books were scarce and laboriously produced by hand, memory has an important function. But that is not a modern method. The teacher today guides, explains and demonstrates.

His highest function consists not so much in imparting knowledge as in stimulating the pupil's mind. He must not only instill his own opinions into the receptive mind of the pupil, but he must also teach him to think originally, to form opinions. His approach must be human and sympathetic. The great teacher seems to be a rare phenomenon.

He is, so to speak, born and not made. He is divinely gifted. He is the creator of men. The disciplines of a great and real teacher have left an indelible stamp on the human mind which proclaims the greatness of their master.

Training institution: It is very important to have educational institutions for training the right type of teachers, they must teach not only the theories and methods but also arrange practice teaching for mastering the art of teaching. Vidyasagar realized this a hundred years ago and he founded 'normal schools and guru training institutions for teachers.

Hence the greatest emphasis has been placed on having well-trained teachers as a prime necessity. The success of such a system depends on attracting the right types of young men to devote themselves to the art of teaching. Unfortunately, today the teacher in our country does not enjoy the honor as they did in the past. It is forgotten that teachers are the architects of nations. It is impossible to imagine ancient Greece without teachers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Therefore, in the new order that prevails in advanced countries, it is the state that has taken upon itself the duty of keeping the teacher free from tensions, anxieties, and worries. It is recognized that the teacher must be assured also of leisure. besides monetary solvency, to add to his knowledge continually. For he is the best teacher who is always learning and a man learns as he lives.

But scientific innovations are now changing the methods of teaching. Tape-recorded lectures of eminent teachers have started replacing what falls from the lips of the teachers in the classroom. Such devices may some time deprive the students of the heart-warming subjective contact of the teacher.

Present conditions of teachers: Most teachers in developing countries are to fight against all sorts of crisis. They are ill-clad and ill-paid. Considering their conditions they should be provided with a handsome salary and gazetted status. They cannot concentrate on teaching for unlimited wants and lack of other facilities.

Teaching as a profession is really dignified, no denial; but this dignity is lying in oblivion for wants and monetary insolvenciés. They will have nothing at the time of retirement. So they have no future at all. The conditions of non-govt. and private educational institutions are being worsened.

Conclusion: No other profession is as dignified as teaching. So this profession shall have a bright prospect to build up a pure and educated nation.

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