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Essay On Flood: Best for all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Flood is nothing but a caprice of nature. It is a natural calamity. It visits our country almost every year. The floods that occurred in the years 1954, 1960, 1968, 1970, 1987 etc. were terrible. But the flood of October in 1998 was the most devastating and dangerous in the history of floods in our country.

It is caused in many ways. Sometimes rain falls heavily for days together. The rainwater of mountains flows down the river. Sometimes the river can not contain so much water. Then the water overflows the rivers and inundates the adjacent lands. Unplanned highways and embankments without proper outlets of water cause floods. In a word, a sudden rush of water overflows the banks of rivers or canals and causes the flood.

Untold sufferings and damages are caused by the flood. It takes away. life and property. It sweeps away from villages and towns. It destroys crops, houses, trees, cattle heads, and other domestic animals. Many people become homeless.

The sufferings of the people know no bounds. Cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhoea break out in the epidemic form. There is a scarcity of pure drinking water. Many people die of starvation. The price of daily necessities goes up very high.

Immediate relief is needed for the flood-stricken people. Money, food, cloth, drinking water, medicine etc. should be distributed among them. The Govt. and the people of the country should work together for this.

Immediate effective steps should be taken to prevent the effects of floods. Some of the banks should be raised and embankments must be made strong. Dams should be made to store the excess water of these rivers.

Flood is a serious problem. But it has some good effects. It makes the soil fertile. It also washes away all impurities of land. Still, we never welcome a flood in a terrible form. We should co-operate with our government in controlling floods. The sooner it is done, the better for the people of Bangladesh.

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Introduction: Like a cyclone or an earthquake, flood is a natural devastating calamity. It, sometimes, lasts for days together, even for a month. Floods are the common phenomena in Bangladesh.

Causes: There are several reasons which cause floods. Heavy rainfall is the main cause of floods. When the rivers fall to hold the water of heavy showers of rain, they overflow their banks and embankments and thus cause floods. Apart from this, floods are occasionally caused by earthquakes, cyclones, tidal bores of the sea or the melting of ice of mountains.

Floods in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is not only a riverine country but also a low -lying land. During the monsoon, it rains heavily. So the rivers and canals are full to the brim. Again, there is a heavy rainfall in the mountainous regions. Much of this rainwater flows down through the different rivers and the:in tributaries of our country. Then our rivers cannot hold more water. As a result, they suddenly overflow their banks and cause the flood. Moreover, sudden tidal waves or the melting of ice and snow also caused it here.

Recent floods of Bangladesh: Flood hasă become an annual affair in Bangladesh. Most of the floods that occurred in the years of 1954, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1987 and 1988 were very fearful and disastrous. But the flood in 1998 broke all the previous records. Many men and cattle were killed. Many people were rendered homeless the flood was most devastating and unprecedented. They attracted the attention of the world people. Most of the villages, towns, and districts went under water. Those floods caused also great damages to the life and property of people.

Bad effects: Floods cause great damages. It brings untold suffering to the people. Many people and cattle die and many men are rendered homeless. It also damages standing crops and property. Communication is cut off and as a result, normal life remains suspended. During the last few years the floods that occurred in Bangladesh, caused much harm and miseries to the people. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the world. If we fail to prevent floods which cause a huge loss every year, our development plans and programmes will be scattered.

Good effects: Floods has also a bright side. They are, indeed, a mixed evil. The silt carried by them makes the soil fertile. They irrigate the hard and fallow land. Besides, they wash away the accumulated waste-materials which are the source of diseases.

After - effects of floods: Floods are followed by deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid waterborne disease etc. Damages of crops cause famine and scarcity of drinking water also causes misfortuneș. Many men die of lack of proper food, medicine, and sanitation.

Flood control measures: Considering the bad effects and damages caused by the flood, the people / we always think of its remedy or preventive methods. The flood damages need an immediate controlling. Proper and effective steps should be adopted . to control floods so that they cannot cause a huge loss. The irrigation system should be introduced in some places where floods occur too often. Some rivers should be dredged periodically so that they can hold more water. Besides, obstacles to the natural flow of water need to be removed so that excessive water may flow easily. Again suitable dams and barrages should be erected to control the overflow the rivers. Some of our rivers come down from the Himalayas. So our government should take active steps to reach an amicable settlement with India and Nepal for the prevention of floods.

Conclusion: Since flood is a devastating calamity, people of all classes should be conscious. The govt. should take necessary steps to control flood. If the flood can be controlled, we can hope to get rid of it.

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