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Honesty Essay: For All Class Students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Honesty is the best policy—this old adage by Franklin has reminded mankind of the importance of honesty for ages. But with the dramatic increase of population in the world and with the consequent increase in man's busy-ness and complexity of earning and survival, the concept of the importance of honesty has diminished much. Yet the world conscience regarding honesty an important policy declares from time to time,

"Honesty is still the best policy."

Honesty is the objective ideal characteristic of man's belief and conduct which is realistic, chaste, well-known, widely honored, and hit-proof. It is the volition of the individual not to aberrate from the right way. It is the effort of keeping oneself from vices and helping others to keep away therefrom. We observe its outburst in various behaviors of ours such as speaking the truth, doing good to others, not deceiving others for temporary gains, preserving others' interests, not interfering with others' personal affairs or not misappropriating others' wealth.

It is said that thousands of years ago man's main policy of life and peace was honesty. It was in the "Satya-jug." Gradually, the ages of 'Treta' and 'Dapar have passed by, and now we are in the 'Kali'. With these changes of time, honesty has lost much of its appeal to mankind. Now honesty is limitedly followed and practiced by a few people.

Maybe this allegation is not fully untrue. Because our observation reveals to us much of this. Day by day the battle of life is becoming more and more complicated. Man's survival has confronted many obstacles. Consequently, he can not but have recourse to dishonesty, forgery, deceit, power-play, and other offensive activities.

This plight has been more severe in third-world countries. In those countries, many people live by, stealing, committing robbery or murder, adulterating food and other consumer goods, etc.

honesty essay picture

honesty essay picture

There are, however, some elite people in our society who always boast of their blue blood and dynasty. These people exert influence on our economy, politics, sociology, culture, and religion. Most of the time they work under the disguise of noblemen, but their actual nature is known to few of us.

They not only involve themselves in dishonest activities for amassing wealth and gaining power but also lead others astray so as to gain more from their followers' illegal gains. They are always up to something illegal, on the lookout for befooling others to ensure their personal gains.

When such people are leaders, they prove to be oppressors; when they are pious, they prove to be dangerous. Though this is hard to believe, this is the reality. These people actually take advantage of the weakness of society.

There are others who, however rich or poor they are, must follow unfair means to lead their life. As far as these people are concerned, it can be said that. " black will take no other hue" what they really deserve is exemplary punishment.

These people who " fish in troubled water" or create troubles to gain something are day by day destroying our economy, values, and political balance. But it is a great regret that those very people most frequently utter the slogan " Honesty is the best policy".

Whatever the reality is, we need to change it. We are human beings. There is nothing we can not do. So, that we should accept the reality is a weak and unscrupulous notion. We should try to do what we should do, instead of rationalizing what we are at present bound to do. And it is to be borne in mind that the best and ultimate reward comes from within the self. But that is not all.

An honest man is always honored by his family society and even his country. Sometimes his fame and greatness may influence others and thus help to establish a good peaceful world. If honesty is there in the society, there is peace, fraternity, friendship, confidence, cooperation. The whole society becomes an undivided family where happiness and pleasure always exist.
In the words of a Bengali poet:

Where's the heaven?
And the hell?
They'rs among us men
I must you tell.

And we live in this heaven or hell in this very world, when we lead an honest or dishonest life, respectively.

Honesty has no alternative. Here reference can be made to a wise word by the Mahatma Gandhi: " During the last forty years' experience of my life, I have realized that the world can be conquered only by honesty and love. The glow of honesty remains bright forever." Only honesty can revive the world's purest peace in this age of business and clamor. With this view in mind, we had better look back in the history and follow the examples of the venerated great men.

Honesty Essay

Introduction: The overall activities of an honest man are combinedly known as honesty. It is a bundle of honest acts that indicate the habit of speaking the truth. Therefore, nothing else pays so much in life as honesty does. So honesty is such a virtue that makes a many really honest to the penny.

How to gain honesty: To gain honesty needs regular practice, well control, a clear thought on a topic, self-determination etc. Honesty can be achieved by hearing tales about an honest man, by observing things, by thinking etc. A man can be honest by coming in touch with honest men. But everybody should shun non-sense honesty. Potom

Virtues of honesty: Honesty has many virtues. It brings reward and praise for an honest man. It commands confidence in others. Even an enemy can blindly believe an honest man. Honesty makes a man popular, confident, responsible, trustworthy accountable etc. A man finds his unique and dignified position in society by virtue of honesty. Honesty is rewarded by Allah, no doubt. So goes a proverb, "Honesty is the best policy." future

Importance of honesty: Honesty has great importance in a man's life. No other virtue brings such a reward as it does. Honesty leads or lifts a man to the top level. It is a serious weapon to bring anything under control. A dead enemy bows down his head before honesty. If honesty is not found in anybody, he is not respected and personified by any member of society. The people of the developed countries have also established honesty in their words and deeds. An honest nation has domination over other nations.

The best example of honesty: There are so many examples of honesty. All the great men like Hazrat Muhammad (sm), Bara Peer Abdul Quader Jhillani and the preachers of other religions were the men of honesty. They also maintained honesty in all respects and aspects of life even at the cost of their lives.

Bara Peer Abdul Kader Jhillani did not hesitate to speak the truth before the gang of robbers while he was on the way to Baghdad. Hazrat Muhammad (am) did never deviate from the path of honesty ever in risking his life Observing the prophet's true and real honesty all the Arabians believed him blindly in one voice and called him Al-Amin. Not even a single man in Arabia dared call the prophet's honesty in questions.

The nature of an honest man: An honest man never tells even a lie even out of fun. He always speaks the truth come what may. Truth embraces him but falsehood and dishonesty leave him forever. He exhibits honesty in all respects. An honest man may be a humorist but never tells a lie out of humor. His thoughts and ideas always center round honesty.

A dishonest man / A liar: A dishonest man is always dishonest both in his word and deeds. He fails to speak the truth, maintain honesty if he intends too. No people even his wife and children do not believe him at the measurement of a mustard seed. People want to fight shy of him in their daily life. His local shopkeeper is reluctant to sell goods to him even in cash. He has no social status and position. People regard him as the root of all evils and misdeeds. His mind always remains filled with evil thoughts, harmful and criminal policies.

The influence of honesty: Honesty has its influence on everything. A dishonest person fears an honest man. To him, an honest man is a terror. It has an invaluable price. An honest man speaks less. It makes a man avoid speaking or telling the lies. A robber turned Muslim or became honest following the lofty idealism of Bara Peer Abdul Quader Jhillani. Many men surrendered to the prophet (sm) and became honest following the dictates of the prophet (sm) and his idealism.

Conclusion: The habit of speaking the truth is honesty. To talk about a thing exactly is the truth. Everyone should be determined to speak the truth and lead the life in an honest way. Honesty is a blessing while dishonesty is a curse.

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