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Happiness Essay-For all class students

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  • May 21, 2024
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Happiness means peace that lies in mental contentment. Everyone under the sun seeks happiness. It lies one's remaining satisfied with what one has. Man's happiness has been here since time immemorial. Even a mad finds happiness, let alone others.

Elements of happiness: Wealth, good health, men and money, contentment, peace, comfort, tensionlessness, etc. are the elements of happiness. These can combinedly bring happiness. Good health is essential for happiness. If the body of a man is not healthy and sound, he cannot find peace to work. One should discharge one's social family and personal obligations out of enthusiasm. Happiness always increases by sharing it with others.

We cannot be happy unless we share it with others. We should be industrious and active to be happy. We should remember that the whole world is a family and we all are brethren. The holy scriptures guide us to real happiness, peace, and contentment. And work is a great boon and blessing and must willingly be done in the best possible way. Lack or absence of any one of the elements cannot bring happiness.

Men's different views: Different people consider happiness from different paradoxical points of views. They have different ideas and conceptions about it. Most people are very ignorant of the nature of happiness and ways by which it can be obtained. Many people mistake pleasures for real happiness and hanker after it all through their life.

They run after it and are prepared to do anything either in the absence or in presence of anything or being. Means of pleasure, convenience, luxury, comfort etc. cannot make a man really happy. In that case, the kings, the princes, business tycoons, the rich and the wealthy people of the world would have been the happiest persons.

People can be rich overnight by means of dishonest way. To be rich overnight needs deceiving others, adopting unfair means, setting up underground means of a great avenue and resort to such other immoral means. Hence goes a saying— "Unhappiness lies on the head that wears a crown."

People's notions: People always regard money and wealth as an end. Money regarded as the means of buying things can buy comfort, convenience, and services but cannot buy character, health, and happiness. So it is difficult to define happiness as it is abstract. The ignorant and the uneducated think that prosperous people are happy. It is a man's wrong impression that riches and wealth are the passports of happiness.

Because wealth is just a means but not an end in itself. Some men may become the owner of a vast wealth and a great asset by exploiting the poor ruthlessly. As a result, the poor are victimized by lying, dishonesty in the deep dog, slavery, flattery, and anti-social activities.

Money has only a purchasing power or capacity but it can under no circumstances purchase happiness to anybody. It can lead people or the rapacious to dishonesty, corruption, blackmailing, and immoral activities as it is the root of all evils. Money begets money but not happiness.

A moneyed man cannot be happy while a street beggar can be. Lord Baden Powel said, "Happiness does not come from being rich, nor merely being successful in your career nor by self-indulgence. But the real way to find happiness is by giving happiness to others. Try to live in this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happily feeling that you have done your best."

Duration of happiness: Happiness is transitory and short existed. It is like bubbles of water. It rises out of satisfaction, gratification, and contentment of senses. It has no permanency in man's life. Even a happy man cannot definitely tell how long his happiness will last. Happiness has a relationship with money.

It is difficult to earn money as it is like a muck taint for everybody. Money is a good servant but many a time it comes as a naughty one. A happy man is always truthful, honest, active and moderate in everything. He is really a good man for goodness is another name, mark, and sign of happiness.

Conclusion: Happiness is an abstract thing that can be found in contentment. Sharing, proper working, and fine sentiment. The man who thinks that he is happy should be satisfied with what he.

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