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Essay on Life In A Village; For all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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In the early stages of human civilization there were no towns per se. In those times people lived in villages: in the proximity of Nature. This meas that they had not raised any differentiating wall between their way of living and the way Nature influences their lives. They were simply the children of Nature. And even today, though in a much developed way, many people live in villages.

The village life is characterized by many features. In the village, people do not have, unlike those who live in the town, brick-built streets and buildings, electricity, automated transportation facilities, newspapers, and the like to any great extent. In some villages, nowadays, they may have these facilities, but to a very limited extent undoubtedly.

On the contrary, they mainly directly make friendship with Nature. They live by cultivating lands, fishing and raising cattle. Most of the time they make their homes with mud, bamboos, and planks and leaves of various trees. They live amongst trees. They get up early in the morning at the call of birds.

They feel warm when they listen to fairy tales and legendary stories. Ancient myths and folk-tales govern most of their belief. They live a simple life. They tend to retain and cherish the tradition that their forefathers have handed down to them. Consequently, their beliefs attitudes, and reactions to reality tend to remain unchanged or change at a smooth, slow pace.

Happiness lies in simplicity. As far as village people are concerned, this saying has proved true. The manner of living of the village people is simple. They are also very simple in social relationships and thoughts. They simply love one another. In times of danger of one family, other families rush in with a helping hand.

In villages, unlike in towns, almost everyone is personally known to everyone. But that is not all. Normally, any villager has direct or indirect blood connections with many others living around him. This enhances the unity they generally have among them. As a result, life becomes easy and peaceful for them.

There is another dimension that strengthens the appeal of the village life: their direct and humble relationships with Nature. In a sense, Nature nurtures them with her own affection and gifts. The view of the wide wild fields edged with green blue horizons, the flowing rivers teeming with tiny golden waves with glistening reflections of the sun, the soothing shadowy paths, the flora, the fauna, the green paddy fields--all these together form the beautious panorama of scenary of a village.

Consequently, life here gets filled with poetic simplicity. People easily get the flavor of heavenly bliss everywhere. They take in fresh air from the tonic atmosphere. In a word, the village people find around them the charming creations of God.

But, with all these heavenly gifts, the villgers most of the time live a miserable life. Since they mainly depend on Nature for their living, they are remorselessly flogged and tormented by her wild forces. Floods, droughts, cyclones, tidal waves, over-rain-all these wreck havoc on their lives every year. Poverty and diseases dominate them.

They suffer much for lack of communication and transportation facilities. What is more, they are often cut off from the other parts of the country and the world. They are not able to reap the benefits of the gifts of science. Most of them being illiterate, they can not go with the changing world. Inevitably, therefore, they lag behind culturally, economically, and socially. The venomous fangs of superstition eat the bright sides of their lives away.

Fatal though the problems are, they are not unsolvable. If initiatives are taken by the government, and other non-governmental institutions to solve these problems, life in the village can be of great pleasure.

These initiatives may include making village-people conscious about family-planning, ensuring the right price for the crops they grow, providing them with financial and technical assistance for the improvement of their cultivation process, establishing institutions to literate the senior illiterate people and encouraging them to learn to read and write, rescuing them from superstitions and all sorts of old beliefs about diseases calamities and other phenomena of life by giving them the right knowledge and information and so on.

It can be strongly believed that if most of the fatal problems are removed, life in the village will be more comfortable than living in the town.

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