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Essay On Internet- Important for all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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The total combination of numerous tiny networks is called the internet. It is the main media of telecommunications system that spread out all over the world. Receiving and sending various types of information are the main function of the Internet.

During early 1980, public agency National Science Foundation (N.S.F) of U.S.A. added all supercomputers of the country for the convenience of the scientists, research fellows, and students. Consequently, the exchange of data of the computers becomes easy. This network of N.S.F is the foundation of the internet or is working as the backbone of it. Various powerful telephone lines, laser, satellite, optical fibers etc. are combined with all sorts of tiny networks and thus have created the internet.

The consumers spread all over the world are the owners of the internet. Those who bear the expenses of the internet that is N.S.F can be called the real owner of the internet.

Communication of data and storage of data are the foremost facilities on the internet. It is cheaper than any other media, so it is popular to all. It is not time-consuming and in some cases, its utilization is very easy and attractive. It may be called the greatest encyclopedia of the world because of its vast storage of data.

A person can see anything according to his wishes such as the book list of American Library of Congress, the present and the future activities of NASA or can collect new software game of computer through the internet. E-mail and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) are the two most significant subjects of the internet. A person can communicate through E-mail and IRC. Thus the utilization and popularity of internet are increasing day by day.

Data move through the internet in packet form. The destination and address are involved with these packets and accordingly, these packets reach the destination. By this time, these packets pass through the mid-level or regional network. E-mail is used to send information to any other computer. E-mail is a function based on servers. To operate the internet at first an operator has to connect the local server. This is done by his telephone adjusted to the computer. Then his news is transmitted to another server in any part of the world. Thus the link is set-up.

The Internet has opened a new dimension in our communicating system. Our T.N.T. Board has already introduced VSAT in our country.

Though the internet has been introduced in our country, it is still costly. So, the Govt. should take necessary measures to improve the internet system within a short period for the benefit of the consumers. The learning of the internet system will positively bring good result in the fields of our education and business. We hope all will enjoy this wonderful fruit of modern science in the future.

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