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Mass Media Essay; For all class

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Mass media, or media, according to dictionary definition, includes the newspaper, telivisoin, and readio which are used to communicate with the mass of the people. These are, generally, controlled and governed by the government of the country. They are the most frequently and effectively used nedia devices both for informing the public as a whole and for entertaining people of various classes and ages.

Why Mass media: As has already been told, mass media are essential for the government to keep the people informed. What is going on outside countrywide and worldwide must be known by people. Otherwise, their consciousness about the development of science, politics, and civilization as a whole would remain immature. In today's world of rapid change and much activity, people need to be kept informed. And hence the need for the media.

Another reason why mass media is an essential device is the fact that it is the most effective weapon of the government's propaganda and circulations. The government tells the nation as well as the whole world about its national and foreign policies throuth these media. Sometimes it builds awareness among people toward some desired courses of action throuth these media.

But in the modern age, the media have not been being used as only a means of informing people. They have a close connection with entertainment. Various cultural and recreational programs preached through the media are very entertaining to people. In today's world, we can not even conceive of a day when we do not come in contact with a television or radio program or read some columns of some newspapers. Mass media, virtually, have become a part and parcel of our modern life.

The uses and abuses of mass media: Until recently the mass media were fully owned and controlled by the government. The programs were designed selected and propagated by the government itself. But recently there has been a revolution in the mass media world. Now it has caught on as a vast opportunity of business also. Consequently, in many countries except Bangladesh, the mass media have been privatized.

The consequences of this privatization, however, have not only been good, but bad and harmful too. On the one hand, the privatization of the media has increased competition and helped the betterment of the quality of programs and the authenticity of information, and on the other, it has encouraged the propagation of morally insane programs also. Recently, especially in our country, there has been much controversy over this issue.

As far as our native culture and values are concerned, we can aver that the influence of the western media has, to some extent at least, proved to be detrimental to our society. But it is also true that keeping all other things in consideration, we can not expel that influence completely. What we can at best do is acclimatize ourselves to the western styles of life and tradition as well as keep our own tradition and identity intact by taking necessary measures.

Conclusion: We are living in a fast changing environment. Everything old is being removed by the mighty gust of remorceless change. If we, for relevant reasons, want to survive and advance, we must keep up with the gorgeous procession of change toward ameleoration and development. To speak frankly, we have to utilize more fully the potentials of the media in our country. To do this, we may have to think about privatizing our media and at the same time keeping some amount of control in the hand of the government.

Essay on Mass Media-2

Introduction: Mass media are invaluable agents of propaganda and circulation. They are powerful ways of spreading news, views, advertisements of goods, and what not.

Mass Media: Newspapers, radio, television, internet, e-mail, and cinema are regarded as mass media. They have brought the world near our hearth and home. With the invention of mass media, the world has become altogether a smaller place than it is used to be.

Newspapers: Newspaper is the means of circulation of all things of the government and the non-government organizations. It comes to our door at breakfast time with all sorts of news and views happened within twenty-four hours. Hence it is the store house of knowledge, a current history, and a literature in hurry. We can know the news and views of home and abroad from a study o the newspaper at a very cheap cost.

The newspaper keeps nothing concealed from us. It publishes all news, reports, and notes in a short but attractive way. People of all occupations can know the conditions relating to their respective businesses. General news, business news, sports news, political news, discovery news, manufacturing news are published in the newspaper.

Reports of natural devastations, terrorism, the baby boom, hijacking, kidnapping, cheating, drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, acid throwing, cocktail charging, slaughtering, firing, legal separation between husband and wife, tender notice, market reports etc. are the daily and regular contents of newspapers.

Radio: Radio is one of the mass media. It also broadcasts many things. It is largely used for propaganda by the govt. The idea of state control is developing. The function of the govt. is no longer to protect the people from drifting into anarchy, but to inform people what they should or should not do. Under such conditions, the radio acquires importance of its own beyond its wartime use.

Great thinkers, great scientists, great poets often speak to us through radio and bring out the significance of the written word by spoken comments. And in times of crisis or grave, emergency statements or political leaders explain their policies to a listening world. In this busy age, when one has hardly the time to go through one's daily program of work, one saves some amount of time by listening to the radio while having one's breakfast.

Television: Television is another means of mass media in which people not only hear a man speaking but also see the speaker, audience, the event described in a mini scale reproduced. It has also superseded the vogue of radio. The government and the political leaders can proclaim the emergency sides of the country and people can be aware of it then and there. 2190 kW

Advantages: Mass media have more advantages. People can learn or can be aware of the state politics sitting at home. They can judge the policies, circulations, propagandas according to theirintellectual maturity. They can express their support or objection through these media. If any circulation is adverse, people can raise their protesting voices for rectification. Mass media also help the government in circulating, advertising, publicizing, expressing and publishing its opinions within the shortest possible time. These are the blessings and boons for the govt.

Disadvantages: The govt. cannot keep anything concealed from the knowledge of the common people. To maintain the secrecy of the state policies becomes difficult. Expressing false and baseless circulation, mass media create problems and chaotic situations.

Importance: Despite all disadvantages and demerits mass media have a great importance in both the govt. and public life. Had there been no mass media, it would be very very difficult to express policies, opinions etc.

Conclusion: Mass media are the powerful ways and means to make people aware of everything at a very cheap cost within the twinkling of an eye.

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