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Journey by Bus Essay – Suitable For All Class

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  • May 21, 2024
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Normally, we most of the time believe that, as far as sightseeing is concerned, a journey by boat is the most pleasurable, because such a journey generally allows us to enjoy the natural scenery with ease of mind. But a journey is concerned more with feeling than with observation. And much can be enjoyed and felt when a sense of motion is combined with the process of observation and enjoyment. The dimension of motion, indeed, can add new elements of pleasure to a journey. Looked at from this angle of view, a journey by bus can be thought of as a source of immense pleasure and experience. And undoubtedly it is. Now I would like to give a specific account of such a journey I took several months ago.

It was the month of Agrahayan. We decided to go to my maternal uncle's home at Bagerhat from Rupsha.

Instead of going there by train, as usual, we this time decided to enjoy a different experience of going there by bus. It will be a good journey, we thought and will be enjoyable, therefore. We bought four tickets for a luxury bus service. One morning my parents, my younger sister and I set out for the journey.

Our bus started for Bagerhat at nine O'clock in the morning. It was a bright sunny morning. Our bus was running along the well-paved smooth road at an alarming speed.

Speed gives man a different type of pleasure—a mixed feeling of adventure, smoothness, tension, and briskness.

In the beginning, I was afraid suspecting any danger that might be caused by the horrible speed at which the bus was running. But after some time I was accustomed to it. Not only that, I must frankly say that the speed was giving me some amount of intoxication. I got a seat by the window. So I could easily see things on one side of the road. On each side of the road there were thousands of trees of various kinds so close to one another that their shadows covered the entire road. It seemed to me that all those trees, houses, fences and other things that stood on each side of the road were all moving backward. I could not look at anything for long. But that was no regret of mine . Taking a mere birds eye view of many things at a time, especially of natural scenery, gives much pleasure.

All the way I enjoyed my time. There was natural scenery; there was music as well as songs. All seemed very interesting to me because seldom had I taken such a journey before.

We reached our destination at 2 p.m. On reaching Bagerhat, I though I would find a seat by the window of the other side during our return journey.

Essay on A Journey by Bus-2

Topic: (Introduction, Occasion, and preparation, Description, Destination, Conclusion)

Many vehicles are the invention of modern science. The bus is one of the gifts of science. Nowadays, a bus journey is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is always a pleasure for human beings.

We live in the port city of Chittagong. Nowadays we feel bored in the noisy atmosphere of the town. We want to enjoy the pleasures for a while and we have decided to spend a weekend in a pleasant surrounding for a change. One of my friends proposed to us to go to Cox's Bazar for the pleasure trip.

We four friends, with the permission of our guardians, booked ourselves for the trip. On the fixed day, we reached the bus terminal at 7 a.m. The bus would start there at 7.30 a.m. The passengers were limited. We got comfortable seats.

The time was the summer vacation. The weather of the day was suitable for our journey. The bus started punctually. We crossed the Shankha Bridge'. Then our bus began to run through rural areas. We enjoyed the charming scenery of the paddy fields in the country-side. The bus ran at a stretch without stopping for about two hours. Then it stopped at Amirabad. There was a restaurant by the wayside. We took some light tiffin and all the passengers also took their tiffin. Then the bus started again at full speed. Sometimes we had pleasant talks with our fellow passengers. There were several passengers of our age. They sat beside us. Some of the passengers were sleeping and some of them were busy reading newspapers or magazines. But the natural beauty was so attractive and charming that I could not turn (take) my eyes away from it.

At about 11.30 a.m. we reached our destination, Cox's Bazar. The bus finally stopped. We got down from the bus. The Bay of Bengal and the beautiful sea-beach came into view.

Thus our journey by bus came to an end. To me, that journey is an unforgettable experience in my life. In fact, it was a pleasant and enjoyable journey for me. It will remain ever fresh in my memory.

Essay on A Journey by Bus-3

Introduction: Bus is a wonderful invention of science and technology. On many an occasion, I made a journey by bus. The journey I am going to describe is an exceptional one.

Occasion: I had no definite or particular occasion to make this journey. One day while I was amidst a gossiping with some of my friends, one of them put up the case of a divine Fakir named Azahar. He talked much about his miracles and fakirism on credit. I made up my mind to visit there. At an auspicious hour on Saturday, 2003 I went to Postagola Bridge over the Buriganga. The bus staff was shouting Fakir Bari. It was an Isapura bound bus. I got into it and somehow managed my seat by the window. I had never gone there through this route,

Description of the journey: With the signal, the bus started slowly, I kept casting my eyes at the things through the window. The zigzag road runs through the villages up to Isapura, my destination, and the bus ran along it at a speed of not less than 30 km per hour. The trees, houses, fields, markets and all seemed to be running backward. When the bus was on the bridge, the houses below it looked little. Many land vehicles were running along the rugged road from the opposite direction. The bus, where was loaded with mostly unknown passengers. The hawkers in the bus attracted the passengers' attention towards their hawking goods. Some passengers bought goods from them. With a very dramatic art, each hawker appeared before the passengers. I could not help buying two pieces of chocolates. When the bus stopped at the stoppages, a few hawkers were hawking goods. They flattered many lady passengers with a dramatic shouting.

Scene outside the bus: I saw many things outside the bus. I saw men and women working together in the field. Children and young boys were seen bathing, swimming and playing hide and trick in the water. Cowboys were tending cattle. The day was sunny. The whole field was full of green grains. I saw a brick-field beside the road through which the bus was going/running. So far as I could collect data that all passengers would go to Isapura.

In the bus: The bus danced up and downplaying along the ragged and zigzag road. In the bus, some passengers were killing time in reading newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. Some passengers were gossiping, some were under the soporific influence, some were vomiting etc.

A heart-rending sight: Suddenly the bus stopped and the driver got down. To our surprise, we looked through the window. There was a small gathering of the crowd a little far ahead. I went there with some other passengers. I saw a capsized truck beside the road and à dead body lying mashed on the heap of blood. He was a van puller. The scene was very heart-rending. When our driver found a scope he drove the bus. The bus went on running towards its destination. The bus took a turn to the left. We saw a vast potato field around us. The green leaves of potatoes looked greener. It charmed us very much. The bus crossed the potato field and there was our destination.

Destination: We also saw many patients on the way to Fakir Bari. When the bus stopped, we got down. And thus my bus. journey came to an end.

Conclusion: A journey by bus is both interesting and pleasing. It is not so costly. It is the speedy vehicle on the land. People can go to their goals so easily by bus. It is a blessing of science. However, the impact of the journey will remain ever fresh in my mind.

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