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Days come and pass away again from our temporal life. But in this short span of life, all the days are not equally memorable. Yet there are some days or events which leave their everlasting impressions upon our mind. My first day at college is such a day and this is the day as I still remember most virtually. In fact, it is a memorable day in my life.

Admission test: The result of my S.S.C. Examination came out. Then I appeared at a tough admission test at Dhaka College. Fortune favored me to get a chance to study there.

Why memorable: The day is still memorable for various reasons. From my school days, I heard a lot from my elder brother about college life and formed a romantic impression about it. At last, the coveted day came. Wearing a new dress. I started for the college at 9-30 a.m. As soon as I entered through the main gate, the thrill of attractive college buildings greatly charmed me.

It was, in fact, a sensation of new life, a feeling of exciting youthful vitally. Despite that, I felt lonely as they all were unknown to me. After a little later, I met one of my school classmates. Then we both went to the notice board and took down the routine from it facing the rush of new and unknown faces. But from it, I became highly astonished to see that I would have to change my classroom at the end of each lecture. Besides, there was an interval between the classes.

First period: With the ringing of the bell. I was moving madly to find room No 7. Following other students, I entered a big and broad room. There were many other students sitting. We were looking at one another with great curiosity. It was an English class. After a while, a good looking young man entered the class.

Standing before the desk he called over the rolls and started delivering the lecture on English literature in a very simple, elegant and clean language. His speech was so attractive that I gave him a patient and a mindful hearing.

Other classes: On that day, I attended some other classes including Bangla. No less thrilling were those classes to me. The Prof. of Bangla literature spoke in an attractive and polite way. Hart of cutting jokes and making us laugh highly charmed me. All the professors and lecturers on different subjects seemed to be bor qualified, polite and friendly. I also realized that a single teacher teaches on a single subject on which she or he is expert and experienced

Common room and library: During recess, I peeped into the window at the common room where I found a care-free atmosphere There were newspapers, periodicals, carom boards, chess boards. table tennis, ping-pong sets etc. Some were reading newspapers, while some others were busy playing games. I also entered the library and was greatly surprised at the sight of hundreds of books arranged in bookshelves and almirah.

The other rooms: Curiosity drove me from one room to another room. I peeped in at the Principal's room. He was of middle-aged and seemed to be very smart. I also found some professors gossiping on some topics in their room. A visit to the science laboratory was a thrilling experience. I saw pigs and rabbits there for the first time. The day was, indeed, a day of exploration.

Impacts on mind: The day put lots of impacts on my mind. All the teachers were more well-versed than the teachers at my school. Their presentations were more thrilling. The entire environment of the college was friendly. The day also opened a new chapter in my tender mind. Previously I heard "College provides knowledge." I could find its reality on the first day. The environment made me forget about going back home.

Returning home: However, on that day, when the class was dismissed, I came back home direct in the afternoon with vigor, happiness, experience, and freshness.

Conclusion: Still the memory and impact of that day hunt me like a passion. In fact, it was a day of observing and experiencing new things. A great sense of responsibility and new burden laid on me. To speak the truth it was the most memorable day of my life.

Memorable Day Essay-2

A Thrilling Experience of Your Life:

Human memory is very short. Every day numerous incidents hit on it to get a place, but few sustain. Thousands of events and interactions come in contact with our memory every day, but of them, only a selected few endure. And all through our life we thus continue to collect innumerable records in our memory. But truth to tell, only a few appeals to us the most.

Now I would like to describe a day of my life which is associated with such an outstanding event.

I was only nine then. I went to my aunt's home with my father to spend the summer vacation there. My mother did not go with us. My aunt's home was about eight miles away from ours. On that southern region of the Khulna district in those days, there were only one means of easy communication- launch or boat.

So we got on the launch at around four o'clock in the afternoon and reached there at around seven. But as soon as I stepped on the premises of my aunt's house, I had an alien feeling; everybody seemed to be too peculiar and undesirable to me. Though they received father and me cordially, they seemed to have treated me somewhat indifferently. I knew nobody.

It was the first time I visited their home. Besides, never in my life had I lived a single day without my mother. Therefore, just then I was missing her the most. And after some time I grew so desperate that I made up my mind to flee stealthily from there and return home to my mother. And so I did.

It was about 8 p.m. when I ran away. But how to return now? There was no launch or boat at night. So I had to start walking. I did not know what way to walk to return to our village. I was scared. But suddenly an idea came to my mind: there is a big road along the bank of the river through which we came here by the launch; I might well follow that way.

So I started walking as fast as I could along that road. On my way home, I met many people returning home from the nearby village market. Their unattended presence saved me from getting frightened. But as ill luck would have it, soon the road was lonely. A weird silence occupied everywhere. Time and again gusts of wind flew above the wide endless field creating an unfamiliar whistling sound.

At times small whirl-winds splashed the water in the river at my right side. It seemed that I was awaiting some undesired event. And this kept me in such suspense that at times I was startled at trifling sounds floating around me.

All of a sudden I stumbled on a heap of mud. The whole inner self shook in me. I was paralyzed with fear, expecting some huge-bodied ghost standing before me. I hardly dared to lift my head up. But after a while, feeling nothing around, I got up on my feet and resumed my walk.

I can not clearly remember how I crossed the open field and got to the nearest locality. Perhaps I was in a paroxysm of some strange feeling that was eating into my nervous system. But as far as I can remember, I always thought about my mother.

As I was walking along the boulevard of the locality, I found it more difficult to advance as fast as I did before, there being very scanty moon-light. The road-sides were crowded with hedges and trees of various sorts which seemed a frightening reservoir of uncanny darkness.

Night-birds and wild animals were rustling in the bushes, and hot-headed dogs were barking at unidentified sounds. Their sudden harsh barks caused quakes in my timid heart. Many a thorn and sharp-edged thing got stuck into the flesh of my leg.

But there was no time to pay attention to it. I did not even have the mood to scrutinize whether there was bleeding in the legs or not. At last, I arrived, God knows how at the "kheyaghat". Now I was happy as a lark. Only to cross the river, and I go to me

Memorable Day Essay-3


Introduction: Last day at college means the last class of the college. It happens to every college going, student. The day is deeply felt by the students as it gives them the last signal of holding the last class of the prescribed course. It remains ever fresh to all and sundry. It is full of memories of college life.

The last day: The last day at college is a very busy day to all students. There remains nothing to be done. Such a day I had at the college. The results of the Test Examination were published. I was very busy but had the reasons to be happy as I had done well in all the subjects in the examination. I along with a host of my classmates had been to the college to pay fees for the Final Examination.

My works: On the last day at college I had to get a clearance certificate from the Hostel Superintendent, from the library, and from the laboratory. Records had to be hunted up. The other students who stayed at the college hostel had to procure the same. Our business took a lot of time but tempers were not lost. We also behaved amiably with all the students who were reading in the college except us. Most of us were readily made allowances, and so, at last, the task of depositing fees was over without many troubles.

My feeling: When the busy day came to an end, I felt the sort of vacuum in mind. I passed two years of life in the college. My mind seemed to be filled with many memories. The unknown faces whom I was to leave with the passage of academic course became known gradually. With a very heavy heart, I passed the corridors with two of my classmates recollecting the incidents we realized how passionately we had come to love the old institution.

There were teachers who genuinely took an interest in us and rendered us a direct help in difficulties when we had made an approach towards them. The principal of the college in his tum seemed so forbidding from a distance, but whenever we approached him, he was prepared to listen to us all that we had to say and do something to help us.

The clerks at their tables in the office were on the whole very helpful for us. The bearers particularly known as the 3rd class employees became more friendly with us. Even the rooms of the college had become an unforgettable charm of association. Truly speaking, our minds were filled with nostalgic recollections.

Impacts of the last day on mind: The last day at college plays a very important role in each and every student's life forming the main theme of recollections of incidents occurred in college life. The first day was a day of new experience as everything was quite known and unfamiliar. The unknown place became more familiar and the last day compelled us to remain grave. Our words failed to condole the studying students.

We failed to express ourselves out of plenty of recollections. The students reading the college gathered in a common hall under the direct guidance and taking care of the teachers. There remained a pin-drop silence. The college environment also assumed an indifferent appearance. Nature put forth quite a recollecting appearance.

The teachers and the principal whose love and affection made us bath in it seemed to be showering over us as a divine blessing. They could not help shedding tears. We remained dumb for the day. Our hearts also pined for losing something. We felt nature became puzzled and unmoved as a ship drew on paper.

When the parting time came, we all were sad. No wonder, we felt that we were leaving behind a precious part of ourselves. As for myself, I listened patiently to the advice and encouragement from the teachers. I resolved to follow the advice to the letters. In the midst of thinking so, my recollections from the first day up to the last day took me here and there around the college.

Each recollection began to be deeper and deeper but had no alternative way to forget it. The parting day was quite a new experience when I experienced unexpectedly. All the students talked to me individually and opened their hearts to me. I failed to gratify them but realized that my mental situation was filled with strong fellow feelings.

When I stood to address in the hall, I could hardly express myself. The past incidents and sincere association led me to backward but I did not know why. The parting period pinched the soft corner of my heart. It also got extended by itself to make more rooms for the students.

At the end: When the parting meeting ended, all the students got out of the hall. I advanced following the zigzag path through the faded green grass in very slow motion and found a future lying ahead before me.

Conclusion: The last day at college seems to be parting not only from the present world but also advancing towards the next one in the hereafter.

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